Uýra, the tree that walks

(OMTimes | Maria Cecília Costa) The exhibition “Uýra, the tree that walks,” is the alter ego of the artist Emerson Munduruku, will be in display at São Sebastião Visual Arts Gallery, in Manaus Center. Uýra Sodoma is a drag queen character who uses her acting as a tool for sensitizing riverside populations to defend nature and develop/accept social and environmental sustainability. The exhibition is curated by the filmmaker and visual artist Keila Serruya; Visual communication is by Balaclavo and Mendes Auá.


Uýra is presented as “an entity, a cross between an animal and plant” whose process of transformation is mainly rendered with organic materials, making a synergistic appearance with the natural surroundings.

“Uýra exists in the city, and she frequently visits me from time to time. When I say ‘come to me’ it’s because of I ‘monster’ myself as Uýra. When I am in the communities, with the young people, it’s usually me, Emerson. But then, suddenly, the Uýra appears,” says the artist.

The Artist, Emerson Munduruku is a biologist, with professional passages by scientific broadcasting, who works today as an art educator for adolescents and young people from Amazonian riverside communities: “Using their stories [Riverside people] and the forest as inspiration, we create art,” he says.

The exhibition’s collection is made up of videos, photos, and installations that rescue the history of Uýra as expressions of her gaze on the city of Manaus and the Amazon rainforest. The main proposal is to call into question the concept of “natural,” encouraging one to see the beauties of everyday life. The works will be accessible to people with hearing and visual impairment, with audio description and translation into Sign Language.

In addition to the collection, the exhibition has other activities in its program, also at the Largo Arts Gallery: the “Art, gender, race and periphery,” a conversation wheel and the “Morphose” Makeup workshop, which will feature the presence of Keila Serruya of The social educator establishment, Maria Morais. All activities are free.

Although officially focused on the “Largo Gallery,” the exhibition will be held simultaneously by Manaus, reaching the River Ports, fairgrounds, and other passengers’ terminals. In these places, will be pasted versions of the photos from the collection in a straightforward format, points out Emerson.

The exhibition is held by the producer manauara “Picolé da Massa” with support from the Amazonas Culture Secretariat and resources from the Rouanet Law.

Source: OMTimes

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