Adventurmentalism: Ecotherapy for Suicide Survivors (2016)

(Films For Action) Adventurmentalism is a 35-minute interpersonal documentary which records a 400-mile kayak expedition from Haines, Alaska to Wrangell, Alaska. This is not a sports film, but rather a personal perspective on suffering from Post Traumatic Stress-Disorder (PTSD) and suicide in varying degrees.

The “internal monologue” style of production creates an emotional story line of two suicide survivors after their reclusion to Juneau, Alaska in retreat from traumatic events. As an Army Combat veteran, I chose to create this film in hopes of sparking a new awareness for understanding PTSD treatment and the important role that conserving nature plays in modeling modern health.

Adventurmentalism: Ecotherapy for Suicide Survivors from Luke Holton on Vimeo.

About the Documentary

We are excited to present the production of our first, full-length, Independent documentary “Adventurmentalism”. Available in 4K Resolution, this film aims to capture the beauty of nature while documenting the power of self-healing. We have captured moments to take your breath away, and lessons to help you breathe again. Help support the millions who can find hope and healing outside of conventional venues by joining our list of sponsors. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to check out our latest updates on the production at

Source: Films For Action

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