Nature therapy: forestry with natural sounds

(Films For Action) Nature therapy is a video project to bring the serenity of the natural world into the home or healing environment to provide a more tranquil experience.

We strive to use fewer camera cuts and movements to support a soothed and relaxed experience, all while engaging focus through vibrant colors and organic sounds direct from nature. What makes Lil Bodhi videos so unique is that they are developed to experience the serenity of nature and the environment from a child’s point-of-view.

Nature therapy

A message from the film-maker

This is my action, this is my film. Something in me a year ago just told me to go do what was calling me. (Before Shia Labeouf was screaming it in front of a green screen) Something to give back. Something that could bring the NATURAL environment closer to home.

So, I have spent a week in the woods filming a nature therapy video that looks and feels NATURAL. No new age music, no one speaking over the footage. As everything is shot from the ground level, my hope is to provide a more grounded nature video. Just something tranquil, serene, organic and relaxing.

I still never had an end game for the video, all I knew is that something was pulling at me to make it and hope someone could use it to relax and enjoy.

We only save what we love. I hoped this video would contribute in a small way to help ‘feel’ that love for the environment. Hopefully that love would start to guide decisions and as we all know, decisions and actions beget REAL change.

Hope you enjoy it and that it helps your viewers see what’s worth saving. Glad to give back to the community,

Thank you for sharing. -Jason

Source: Films For Action

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