5 Reasons winter isn’t as unhealthy as we make it out to be

(Collective Evolution | Mark Denicola) Generally when we think of winter in relation to our health we tend to see it in a negative light. We think of the countless coughs, colds and flus that both we and those around us have suffered from already this year. For those of us that live in the northern parts of the world, we feel that bone-chilling winter air and think to ourselves that there is no way that this is good for our body.

As much as the winter can shoulder at least some of the blame for the ailments that we may experience, it really isn’t as bad as we make it out to be. In fact, here are some of the surprising benefits that the winter can have on the human body:


Cold weather can help burn calories

In a small study conducted in 2012 and published in the New York Times, researchers found that being cold could in fact cause significant calorie burn. The specific fat that the study found to be impacted by cold weather is commonly labeled as ‘brown fat,’ a fat that operates similarly to muscle but when stimulated can help to burn unwanted white fat.


Cold air communicates valuable information to your body

Our bodies are powerful vessels capable of adapting to the best of their ability to much of what we throw at them. The winter, is definitely one of things that many of us throw at them annually. By exposing your body to fresh cold winter air everyday you allow it to receive and communicate valuable information to your genes. This information includes the necessary internal adjustments and increases in demand your body needs to make to continue to function optimally throughout the entire season.


 Strengthens your immune system

As long as you are properly bundled up, being outside allows us all -but especially children -to develop a stronger autoimmune system and resistance to allergies. Combined with some degree of physical activity it can actually be quite a fun way to strengthen your body.


 It’s most likely the cleanest air you can find

The main stomping ground for viruses, such as the flu or colds, is in closed environments operating primarily off of circulated air. Therefore the more time you spend inside, the more likely you are to expose yourself to something that you are hoping to avoid. Outdoor air is almost always properly circulated naturally and is most often the easiest for our body to handle.


Cold air and bugs tend not to mix

Insects, bugs and pests tend to thrive in milder climates. That being the case, many do not dare to brave the northern winters making the outdoors a largely bug free zone -something that could be quite refreshing in comparison to what many summers tend to offer.

I never have been and still am not the biggest fan of winter, but these 5 benefits helped give me a greater appreciation for the season. For those of you that are currently hampered down by an illness here is a helpful article we posted back in 2012 to help combat the seasonal sore throat. It recently helped me overcome a cold and sore throat and hopefully it can do the same for you. Please feel free to add any other helpful remedies you may know of through the comment section below.

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