Health benefits of sea cucumber

(OMTimes | Paul Haider) Sea Cucumber is a animal that lives in the sea and has many great health benefits.

Health benefits of sea cucumber

Sea Cucumber contains Chondroitin sulfate which is found in many over the counter arthritis formulas and works well to combat the pain of arthritis naturally.

And new studies show that extracts of Sea Cucumber has the ability to kill cancer cells, especially pancreatic cancer cells.

Sea Cucumber contains lots of fatty acids that are great for wound healing — fatty acids such as palmitic, oleic, and stearic, and many more.–plus vitamins A, B’s and calcium and iron.

Sea Cucumber is great for gum disease… and a 3 month study those that using Sea Cucumber toothpaste healed much faster from gum disease than those who did not get the Sea Cucumber toothpaste.

In Asia, Sea Cucumber is used for impotence, kidney and reproductive problems and in the states Sea Cucumber is used in cosmetics because of it’s great skin healing qualities.

Sea Cucumber is very high in protein… even higher than egg whites and studies show that upping your intake of protein can lead to a lowering of cardiovascular disease. And Sea Cucumber eggs are very high in protein too and considered a great delicacy in Asia.

Sea Cucumber is also a good antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent too.

And there’s great promise that Sea Cucumber will make a powerful protectant against the common cold.

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