This Doctor believes love is a crucial part of healing that medicine is missing (video)

(Collective Evolution | Jennifer Sodini) Dr. Nitin Ron is a neonatologist (aka: baby doctor), and associate professor based out of New York Methodist Hospital.

An innovator in his field, Dr. Ron believes in teaching his students the importance of love, compassion and kindness as a supplemental means to practicing medicine. He teaches this, not because this is something he merely just feels is necessary, but also because it is something he has experienced as necessary as well.

In the INKtalks video below, Dr. Ron explains the stories of baby Bruce (his personal hero) who he believes to have been saved by love, and beautiful baby Tia, saved by the innovation of medicine.

Baby Tia (beginning at 7:08 in the video) was born 28 weeks into her mother’s pregnancy, with a birthweight of 800 grams. She was unable to breathe on her own, so she required a breathing tube. After many unsuccessful attempts trying to get Tia’s lungs strong enough to not require the breathing tube, the medical team decided to use a VDR, a machine so huge it occupied half of the room in the neonatal unit. Also, this particular machine was typically only used on adults, so this innovative attempt was extremely bold.

Surprisingly, after a few days, her lungs began to breathe, and after 2 weeks she was off the respirator, and the breathing tube. Tia continued to thrive and was eventually discharged from the unit. She is now 5-years-old and an extremely happy child. Due to the advancements in science, medicine and thinking outside of the box, this little girl is alive today.

Source: Collective Evolution

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