The use of floral medicine for emotional healing

(Humanity Healing) All healers that work with alternative healing know that a disease is the crystallization of a mental or emotional attitude and will treat this attitude until the sickness ceases.

Healing with floral medicine

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”


The disease is not a material thing, but energy, and the drama of any disease tends to unfold itself inside of our energy field. Therapeutic healing actions are usually designed to influence the energy field, relieving the emotional body of the debris created by our daily lives which we are usually unable to rid of any other way.

Dr. Bach, with his research on alternative ways to treat illnesses, found that the dew and sunlight together can awaken the vibration of flowers and from there; he developed the sun steaming method that is used for the preparation of flower essences. Dealing with emotions without being sabotaged by them is one of the major challenges faced by those who wish to live with fullness and tranquility and balance.

Bach flower essences and the chakras

Bach Flower Essences balance emotions with great subtleness.

Base chakra

Relates to the adrenal glands and feeds spine and kidneys.

Color: red

Located at the base of the spine.

Internal Appearance: Sense of reality.

Bach Flower Essences: Crab Apple, Oak, Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Elm, Hornbeam

Positive aspect: safety, good self-image, feet on the ground.

It is responsible for the physical well-being.

It is the energy center that experiences the sense of fight or flight.

This chakra represents the individual consciousness in the human form, the physical birth. Negative: insecurity, at the whim of gravity.

Sacral chakra

Relates to the gonads/ovaries and nourishes the reproductive system.

Color: Orange.

It is located two inches below the navel. In men it is located in their testicles.

Positive aspect: Emotion, Sexuality

It is linked to emotional tides, humor, and feel good. Food, sleep, and sexuality must be regulated and balanced in order to achieve peaceful and harmonious state of body and mind.

Flower Essences: Beech, Chicory, Holly, Pine, Vervain, Vine

Negative: too emotional, possessive love.

Solar plexus chakra

Relates to the pancreas and nourishes the stomach, liver, the gallbladder, spleen and sympathetic nervous system.

Color: yellow

It  is located at the waist

Internal Appearance: Personal Power

Flower Essences: Aspen, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Mimulus, Rock Water, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Walnut, Willow.

Positive: flexibility openness to change.

This center governs the freedom, power, control, self-definition, intellect, acceptance and vision. It is the headquarters of the fears, anxieties and hatreds.  It includes karma, charity, good and bad Company and service to others.

Negative: knotted, fear of letting things manifest themselves.

Heart chakra

Relates to the thymus and nourishes heart, blood, the vagus nerve[1] and the circulatory system.

It is the center in which we feel love, the impulse to give, to relate the acceptance, personal and universal love, and detachment.

Color: Green

It is located in the middle of the chest.

More developed heart chakras produce a combination of green and pink colors, as it expands and upgrades its geometric patterns.

Internal Appearance: Love

Flower Essences: Aspen, Centaury, Holly, Walnut, Willow, Wild Rose.

Positive: compassion, intuition, loving, giving. The attachment and detachment scale, forgiveness, not blaming attitudes.

Negative: flinty heart, closed, despair, apprehension.

Throat chakra

Directly related to thyroid and bronchial system, and vocal apparatus feeds; the lungs and the alimentary canal.

Color: Light blue

It is located in the throat.

Internal Appearance: Communication and Will. Center of expression and communication on the manifestation aspects: what is spoken happens. Understand nonverbal messages listens intuition.

Flower Essences: Beech, Cerato, Gentian, Gorse, Larch, Heather, Rock Water, Scleranthus, Wild oat

Positive: reason, logic, flexibility, verbalizing wishes for the world. Headquarters of abundance and prosperity, the way we act in life. Through this chakra we learn to be receptive and let things flow without creating conditions that would prevent you from enjoying the experience of life.

Negative: rigidity, prejudice, rejection of the point of view of others.

Brow chakra or third eye

Relates to the pituitary gland and nourishes the bottom of the brain, left eye, ears, nose, and nervous system.

Color: indigo blue

It is located between the eyes.

Internal Appearance: Intuition, Inner Will.

Flower Essences: Beech, Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Mustard, Olive, White Chestnut, Wild Rose, Vervain, Vine.

Positive: brotherhood, creative thinking.

It is the chakra of authority and command.

The experiences and ideas serve to clarify the extra sensorial perceptions,

The feeling of unity and oneness with the Cosmic laws is experienced. Here we consider and embrace our spiritual nature.

Negative: the desire to control others, selfishness.

Crown chakra

Relates to the pineal and feeds the lower brain and right eye.

Colors: White or violet

It is located at the top of the head.

Internal aspect: spiritual search.

Flower Essences: Gorse, Holly, Water Violet, Wild Rose, Star of Bethlehem.

Positive: unity with the whole cosmic understanding.

Symbolically means the system integration with God.

Sense of confidence of being guided by the universe.

It governs the deeper inner experience which translates the Wisdom of the soul. It represents the inner light that connects us to the heavenly Father.

Negative: no feelings, alienated from the life.

using the Floral Therapy

The key to prescribe Bach Flower Essences is precisely recognizing how the person is feeling and check which essence corresponds to the state of mind described. This is the most important step to balance the emotions. There are many reports of patients who, when using the Floral Therapy as an auxiliary therapy with energy treatments, are able to control their feelings and began to enjoy life more.

The general indication is to take at least four drops of the remedy under the tongue four times a day. The frequency determines the success of treatment, the resource goes for those facing emergencies or for those who want to start a process of transformation and are willing to embark on a long-term therapy.

The responses begin to appear after three weeks on average. It is very important to pay attention to our emotions during this time and if possible to keep a journal.  Because it is a long-time healing strategy, it is not unusual to experience several healing crisis. They affect the balance and can trigger several ailments such as ulcers, gastritis, panic or depression.

[1] The vagus nerve is the longest of the cranial nerve. Its name is derived from Latin meaning “wandering”

Source: Humanity Healing

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