Using reiki for karma clearing

(OMTimes) Reiki is a well-known form of energy healing. Even if timidly, it also finds space among friends and people searching for a better life, spiritual evolution, or new healing forms.  But amazingly enough, many people are unaware that we can use the Energy of Reiki Healing to relieve and even clear Karma and some Karmic patterns in our lives.

Reiki and karma clearing

The essential idea that Karma works on is a perfect balance, where nothing negative happens without an equivalent positive response. This is the action that always makes you return to balance.

We also have here one of Reiki’s necessary foundations. There must always be a balance between energies and their flow through an individual’s body. And this is where Reiki can converge with Karma and its balance.

To understand how Reiki can help, you must also understand what is meant by Karma, since many people use it without even thinking about what concept they are really talking about.

Understanding karma and Newton’s law

From a scientific point of view, Karma is a concept similar to Newton’s law, which states that there is a reaction as an answer for every action.

We can see that the Universe always tends to seek balance. If you try to force something, it naturally responds by pushing in the opposite direction.

The word “Karma” itself also means “action” in Sanskrit, an idea that arose long before Newton himself in ancient observations.

It is no coincidence that there is so much talk about Hindu philosophy’s cultural and spiritual wisdom, within which there is a way to see Karma as the “swinging of the ego.” Everything the ego does is reactive in the Universe around it.

Karma is nothing more than the search for balance or forced balance.

It is the Universe directing the effects of its actions so that it somehow returns to its origin.

There is a more profound way of looking at Newton’s law. The result of your action (or someone else’s) will not resonate in a random reaction. Still, much of the consequences are going away from you at first and falling on others – but will return regardless of how long it would take. This is just the path created by the cosmos.

Even if you don’t realize it, everything you do is regarded and will surely return in equivalence for you – be it good or bad. It is peculiar to the Karmic trait, which acts as an act of ownership: the action will always go back to its creator.

Reiki as a resource for karma clearing

After understanding how Karma works, it is easier to understand how Reiki can help you heal, cleansing, and balance the process.

Traditionally, Karma’s cleansing occurs naturally, according to its natural maturation and manifestation in our lives. When we experience all the ups and downs of life, so if you have the opportunity to let it return to you naturally, like flowers in bloom, whether with good or bad results.

The problem with this traditional method is that it can take a long time to close Karma’s cycles. As we saw earlier, the trajectory traversed by Karma can be very extensive. It can sometimes take more than a lifetime to complete.

Karma effects and manifestations can be healed by the dispensation of grace.

This is the case for those people who experience many misfortunes throughout their lives without really understanding why. People who suffer from some very debilitating illnesses may, in some cases, be going through a process of karmic cleansing. In this process, Reiki can act, providing a kind of “shortcut,” and on some levels even bring concrete relief.

Reiki will allow you to use the higher power channel, administered by enlightened beings, to help us. Reiki helps us to be better conduits of compassion. We are not the object of power.

We all can connect with these supreme beings of Light. Suppose we are all part of the same universal energy flow. In that case, we have a chance to communicate with anyone in the Universe, including enlightened beings. As long as we are open-hearted and able to enlist their help, we will be awarded healing abilities and superior wisdom.

Reiki will allow communication with these enlightened beings to be established by sending energies. We can divide this healing process into two stages.

Healing connection

First of all, you must choose a specific enlightened being – it is to him that you will send your energy and request. Several beings can be chosen, such as Buddha, Mother Mary, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Krishna, and Saint Germaine. Just study a little about each one and select the one that has the most affinity. Even some of the great archangels can be chosen.

Having chosen your enlightened Being, we must work an energetic relationship with them. We do this by sending Reiki to one of them. You must do this as a form of meditation and practice it every day.

Those who are still at Reiki Level 1 will use the simplest form of energy. Those at higher levels can use some Reiki symbol that they feel well oriented to use, such as Hon Sha Ze Sho / Sei He Ki, for instance.

Every time you enter a state of meditation and send your Reiki energy, remember to say a little prayer specific to your chosen enlighten being. This serves to further strengthen the connection between you and facilitate your healing process.

It is important to understand that you are not merely taking medicine. We have a long treatment and healing application here. Repeat the process daily. If you can, always reserve the same time when you are most relaxed. You will likely have to repeat for several weeks until you feel that your connection is getting stronger.

As this becomes something tangible, it will be possible to even feel the presence of the enlightened Being during your day, which will undoubtedly be a revealing experience.

Those more advanced in Reiki will likely feel a palatable presence. Those who are at beginner levels should notice something more subtle. But don’t worry because the important thing is that this connection exists because loving energy always endures and matures naturally.

Healing power of reiki

 After you have completed and established a stable connection with the being enlightened of your choice, it is time to actually seek their help. Your Being will become your “healing partner.”

Now it’s time to meditate on what problem or situation you will ask for help from your enlightened Being. There is no rule for this. You are free to choose anything in your life that does not seem right to you and may be related to Karma – be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

Once you have made your choice, it is time to start sending Reiki to your enlightened Being (Healing Partner) with the real intention of that specific cure. Again, we leave the suggestion to use some Reiki symbol, like Hon Sha Ze Shon Nen.

Visualize the enlightened being deeply and your Reiki being sent to him. The most significant difference here is that you will envision a healing request instead of just creating the connection.

Be sure to include a prayer request, but now containing a request for that being to assist you in your process of healing and cleansing Karma. Ask him to help rebalance and recalibrate your Karma, showing that you have already learned the lesson of your duties and the consequences of your actions.

This meditation with Reiki and prayer does not have to be very long, but it should be done in at least 7 or 8 cycles, lasting at least 5 minutes. The Reiki connection and healing request make up the first part; Now, all attention should be turned to the problem mentioned on your request and for which you seek help.

It is a simple process; just send your Reiki to the problem. Those using a symbol like Hon Sha Ze Shon Nen will do it. This second part should have a duration similar to the first, between 5 to 10 minutes.

If you are comfortable, continue sending your Reiki to help you with the problem. Ask me to help you finally balance your Karma and show you how to learn your lesson and achieve peace.

Continue this protocol for another 5 to 10 minutes. Keep an eye out for any energy changes in your life during the process.

Sometimes, an unexpected release of energy or a sudden shift in consciousness can be a manifestation of the lesson you have been waiting for. This Is a karmic clearing. This can occur during the Reiki session itself or even possibly through a dream.

Understand that this lesson does not have to be fully conscious. We are multidimensional beings, so often it comes through a change in consciousness and behavior. It can be something subtle, but it reflects positively on your life.

Anyway, you don’t have to stretch too much. Suppose you have been following all the steps. In that case, your karmic Reiki session for healing Karma can be suspended as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Just be sure to say a final prayer when you are enlightened in the form of thanks. Show gratitude for all the help you are receiving at the various levels of your Being.

Be sure to practice healing with Reiki every day; this is a process done in stages and continuously. It is your commitment, your personal practice, your open mind, and your constancy that will help you with the results.

Also, notice that, if, by chance, you managed to reach the release. At some point, your problem came back. It does not mean that the healing process has failed. But it means that another part of your Karma (a deeper part) is emerging and needs your attention and dedication at an entirely new level.

Karma is formed by layers and the consequence of different actions. Each of them will reflect individually and affect us in different ways. New problems are just new layers of Karma surfacing. Sometimes a healing crisis is necessary to bring to definite and perfect healing.

If this is the case for you, just continue with the technique and, with the help of your chosen enlighten being, persevere until your path is complete. All parts of Karma have been healed.

It will be very brief for some people, but for others, it can be a lifelong process.

Cleaner Karma means a more harmonious, peaceful, and happy life.

Source: OMTimes

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