Cymatics: bringing sound to life – music has never looked so good

(Educate Inspire Change) The idea that sound is visible is something that will baffle many people, but the more we come to understand this realisation the better we can understand the entire universe.

Cymatics: bringing sound to life

Cymatics is the process of visualising sound, by creating a medium – such as sand or water. Cymatics is a magical tool, a looking glass into a hidden world, and through the numerous ways that we can apply cymatics we can actually start to unveil the substance of things not seen. The list of it’s applications is growing everyday, for example in oceanography a lexicon of dolphin language is being created by visualizing the sonar beams that dolphins emit, which could mean we could gain a much deeper understanding of how they communicate with one another.

Consider for a moment that sound does have form, and we’ve seen that it can affect matter and cause form within matter. Then take a leap and think about the universe forming and think about the immense sound of the universe forming… If we ponder on that, then we can think, well perhaps cymatics had an influence on the universe forming!

In this music video the experiments we see are not accompanying the music, rather they actually form its basis. What we see is what we hear…

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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