Fia | Come back to love

(Earth Matters) Fia Forsström is a singer-/songwriter from Sweden who with a unique, soultouching voice , exquisitely beautiful melodies and heart opening words inspires and supports us in being and expressing our authentic selves.

Come back to love

Anchoring divine wisdom and sharing it in a clear and powerful way that goes straight to the core, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds or stories. Fia’s songs guide us back home to ourselves and each other.

Tune in and let yourself be moved by these soundscapes. Accept the invitation to open up, embrace and surrender to all that is…finding that what we are looking for is already here and that we ARE worthy of life’s gifts and treasures, remembering that in any moment we may choose to open our hearts and receive the love we are yearning for in abundance.

The moment we stop running from the demons in our heads, and instead we choose to love them, when saying yes to life, both shadow and light, our suffering is done and we come alive”

— from the song ‘Shedding Skins’

Source: Fia

Earth Matters

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