Rose McGowan: Planet 9 Rx for healing

(OMTimes | Liane Buck) Rose McGowan is an American actress, activist, author, model, and singer known for her contribution to independent film. In 2017, Time Magazine recognized her as one of the Silence Breakers, the magazine’s Person of the Year, for speaking out about sexual assault and harassment. Rose McGowan shares her latest project, Planet 9.

An interview with Rose McGowan: Planet 9 Rx for healing

Rose Arianna McGowan is a writer, director, music artist, former actress, entrepreneur, founder of #ROSEARMY, and feminist whistle-blowing badass activist who had held lead roles in films such as The Doom Generation, Scream, Jawbreaker, and Planet Terror. She starred on the hit series Charmed from 2001 to 2006. Her directorial debut, Dawn, was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Liane Buck: How did you embark on this path, on music as a pathway to connecting people and bringing them to a realization of themselves?

Rose McGowan: I started creating Planet 9 five years ago so I could have something to listen to that made my mind and spirit feel better. I wanted to give this music to others as I knew it could help them as much as it helped me. I tested Planet 9 on different groups of people of all ages. My favorite ‘experiment’ was played the album for three children around age ten. When asked afterward how it made them feel, they each took turns answering. One of the children said the music made them feel safe, one said home, and one said free. Quite possibly the best review I could get for my album.

Liane Buck: Through the years, you have developed a unique identification with the Personification of the Divine Feminine. Through your voice, you empowered the transformation and co-creation of reality for many women. What is the Vision, and what do you believe to be the role of the Divine Feminine in our Society today?

Rose McGowan: The Divine Feminine is something that has been twisted and hurt for centuries, and I wanted women to wake up to their own power. People tend to think of femininity as weakness, inherently hated by so many men who sadly have been told to hate that part of themselves, but the opposite is true. By learning to respect femininity in ourselves, we can help restore the power imbalance. All of us count, all of us matter. I believe the role of the Divine Feminine changes, sometimes it needs to roar; other times, it can be a delicate thing. By coming to love and respect our bodies, minds, and spirits, we are honoring the Divine Feminine and changing social structure.

Liane Buck: No doubt, you are a multimedia artist and one of the most multi-dimensional celebrities of our time. You have been a symbol across the spectrum of religion, spirituality, health, and personal growth. How do you keep the delicate balance among the many sides of your creative process?

Rose McGowan: Thank you very much for saying so. I don’t consider myself a celebrity, I consider myself a notable public figure and artist. I try to keep my creative balance by giving two hours a day to each discipline I practice. I deeply believe in personal growth and expanding minds, whether it be through my book, Brave, my music, video art, or music. Brave is the other component in my Planet 9 project, they are separate entities, but since I wrote my book and crafted the album simultaneously, they are the flips of each other. Brave is for thinking differently, and Planet 9 is the healing for doing so.

Liane Buck: Do you follow any routine for songwriting? How do you get inspired?

Rose McGowan: I need to be inspired by the music first in order to write a song. I’ve got to be inspired by the rhythm and sound in order to let the lyrics flow. I truly love the songwriting process. The songs Lonely House, Sirene, and We Are Free poured out of me in two hours, the lyrics just flowed. That’s when I know I have something special. I listen to those songs, and I can’t believe I wrote them, especially my most personal song, Lonely House.

Liane Buck: On your new Music Project, Planet 9, Rx for Healing, you bring to life a landscape from an intimate and eerie contemplative state. How did you fuse the language of the Universe, with music and poetry? Tell us a little about this experience.

Rose McGowan: Poetry is one of the great gifts we humans possess. It was very important to me to know when to sing, rhythmically speak or be silent, letting the music dictate where the placement of the voice. One of my songs, Rise, is instrumental with no vocals. I kept hearing it with no lyrics, so I didn’t write lyrics for it. At that point in the album, I wanted people to experience the emotion of sound without my voice. At the end of the day, what you don’t do is as important as what you do. Listening to what the music wants is very important.

Liane Buck: Your new music creation is really fascinating. I think it is what you are doing, that you are creating with your music a harmonic feeling of transcendent connectedness, as opposed to alienation. How does your world view play a role in your music?

Rose McGowan: Great question. My world view is that we can all feel that connectedness if we tap into that frequency. I wanted to make music that says something important, but also gives the grace of transcendence. My opening song, Canes Venatici, starts off with ‘What’s so good, why do you stay, for fear, for love, for commonplace,’ and that’s about challenging why we stay in a power structure that doesn’t serve us. If our reality is an illusion, let’s change it to vibrate on a higher frequency, and that’s what Planet 9 is about.

Liane Buck: We all have witnessed your bravery on standing up for Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence and bringing them a voice. In your music “Sirene” (a Song for Courage), you make clear this is a song for Survivors. Can you tell us a little about that?

Rose McGowan: What I love about Sirene is that it has this driving beat but hidden in the music are deep lyrics about a survivor’s rage, the lies society tells. I sing ‘lose yourself to death, you’ll find yourself in life,’ and what I mean by that is shedding our hurt selves, which is a daunting process, but ultimately it frees us to be the awesome 2.0 version of ourselves that we can become.

Liane Buck: You have had so many different and eclectic experiences in your life. You have changed lives, influence cultures, and build bridges. Do you consider yourself a fearless person?

Rose McGowan: No, bravery requires fear. Changing the World is a scary endeavor, with many pitfalls and hardships. Feeling fear is a necessary component of being brave. Instead of getting overwhelmed, I channel that fear anxiety into action. Righteous anger is also something that’s taken away from omen on the whole, but it can move mountains and give us the strength to change our lives if we harness that fear and channel it into action. I don’t have many fears left as I’ve had to work through so many of them in order to achieve what I want to achieve. When you mess with the power structure and the status quo, they fight back, and that can be scary, but even when you’re ankles shake, we must stand tall, or they win.

Liane Buck: Would you define yourself as a Soul Activist or more of a Social Zen Warrior (or both)?

Rose McGowan: I would describe myself as a Soul Warrior. I battle for all of us because of our strength and softness too often get stolen by those I call spirit thieves. I am soulful, but I am a warrior in this life, it doesn’t always make it fun, but in this life’s incarnation, it has been who I am since my earliest memory.

Liane Buck: Tell us a bit more about your next creative projects and how people can follow you and learn more about your events since the current pandemic seems to be an issue for many?

Rose McGowan: My next creative project is working on teaching bravery to others, a healing skincare line I’ve created as an answer to the beauty industries toxins. I’m developing an immersive Planet 9 tour with the visuals I’ve filmed and great sound. I want to bring art out of galleries and museum walls. You can find the links to my book Brave and Planet 9, as well as for instructions for its maximum effect on my site or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter under Rose McGowan.

Liane Buck: Do you hold a Mystical / Cultural Vision for our World? What would you like to see manifested in our collective reality now?

Rose McGowan: I’d like to manifest a better, healthier reality. What is interesting about the pandemic is that we all have a chance to use this time to dig deep into who we are at the core and reintroduce ourselves to the World in a fresh way. If you are fortunate enough to use this time to reflect and grow, we will come out of this with a new reality, our own.

Liane Buck: Tell us a little bit about your book, Brave, and the inspiration behind its creation. Do you have plans for publishing more books?

Rose McGowan: Brave is raw, unflinching, funny, adventurous, but most of all, I use my stories to push at thought boundaries. It’s a Trojan Horse of an autobiography, really a hybrid of a story of a big life, motivational book. I pull back the curtain on Hollywood and media to show what is being done to our collective mind, and how we can take it back. The last lines in my book are, ‘I know you can change the World, just by being brave. My follow up will be a How-To book on bravery.

Liane Buck: This leads to my next question. When you sing, one can feel your perfect connection with the Divine Feminine. What is it like, and how does it feel like to share this connection with others?

Rose McGowan: Thank you for saying so. Someone told me the other day that Planet 9 is feminine, but I see all of us, men, women, transhuman, as beings who have a right to explore the softness and strength of femininity. I used primarily French musicians on the album, and it’s a different sound to what Americans bring, which is typically a bit harder. Planet 9 is made for soothing anxiety, dancing, and, most of all, feeling free. Sharing my life’s work with others is extraordinary, I love getting messages about how people are reacting to it. All I can say is that Planet 9 works in mysterious ways, and I’m happy to share it with you all.

Source: OMTimes

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