This Chinese couple solves depression through ‘rural shuffle dance’ and it goes viral

(Educate Inspire Change) The extra time provided during quarantine has inspired millions to rethink their habits, heal internal wounds, and express their creativity. Most importantly, it has helped people shift their perspective from being mindlessly busy to mindfully still. In this example, a beautiful Chinese couple shows how they used time in stillness to shake off depression while inspiring the global neighborhood.

The shift from depression

In a fun video compilation, the couple is seen shuffling to an original choreographed routine in front of grazing cattle, rural farmland, and their home. The shift from depression to joy shows the power in community and finding inspired movement through the sounds of a worldwide stillness.


“I was afraid to sleep alone. I was just scared,” Fan Deduo shares with the South China Morning Post after experiencing a traumatic car accident. “I needed to sleep with people surrounding me on the same bed.”

His wife, Peng Xiaoying, felt inspired to brighten his spirits and overcome dark moments through structured movement. Just as some may find practicing yoga or going for a run helpful, Peng asked her husband to learn a few routines.

Through dance, the healing unfolded.

“When the music starts, my mind goes empty and I feel totally different,” Fan mentions as he shares the daily dance journey they embraced.

The couple still tends to their land on a daily basis. However, whenever the music is turned on they both stop what they’re doing and tune into the medicinal effects of dance.

More than 1.8 million followers have joined in on the “rural-style shuffle dance” and continue to inspire others to share their videos. The joy emanated from their face is enough to get you dancing along with them. Fan and Peng are a beautiful reminder that love can reach the hearts of many even in the darkest of times.

source: Educate inspire change

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