How to “Tune In” to the power of your intuition!

(Global Heart | Kara Johnstad) Intuition: We already own it, and carry it with us every day. We have intuition our possession 24/7. It is one of the most powerful tools we could ever wish for, and it comes free of charge. It is also here for the taking.

We can “Tune In” to intuition anytime

If we are clever, we will listen to it before making a move. It is like our very own, built-in “intuitive positioning system.” So, what do we need to do to understand it and use it to guide us in our business and our lives? It is this simple: Tune in to your intuition!

Various methods to “Tune In” to intuition

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.”

–Albert Einstein

In this ever-so-busy, multi-tasking, modern-day world, we may find your intuition to be one of our strongest allies.

There are a few simple methods that help us to start tuning in:

First, intuition has nothing to do with supernatural powers. Intuition is simply an extension of our natural self. Just relax, be open, and listen to our inner voice.

With some focus and practice, our intuition will become clearer and stronger. Whenever we learn something new, it is helpful to practice it every day to become skilled and confident. Simply start by paying more attention to that quiet whisper in the back of the mind that nudges us in a direction.

Honoring the quiet voice deep within

Next, we might start honoring that quiet voice deep within by voicing it, writing it down in a journal, or speaking and recording it with any audio program. Most smart phones today have an app we can use. If we receive a great idea in the middle of the day, we can simply use the audio memo to sing in the melody or record the message we hear. Then, when we get home those important notes can go into a journal, for example.

Too often, we put these important instincts or messages “on hold.” When we postpone these intuitive messages, we can lose or forget them between ‘here’ and ‘there.’ Be sure to make note of them in a way that works best.

“Tune In” to try on a new perspective

The Japanese call it “stomach art.” We normally just say, trusting your gut instincts.

We normally just say, trusting your gut instincts.

As an artist, it is impossible to build anything sustainable if there’s a “should” at the foundation. There are moments when we might silently want to kick ourselves for the times we did not let go of an idea. We get hung up on how things were “supposed to be,” and instead could have tried on a new perspective that served the longings of our heart.

“A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants.”


Tune in to intuition every day

Following our inner voice and intuition is not some “airy-fairy” concept that has no place in our lives and our business. It is the exact opposite! Well, it is if we are interested in making a difference in this world and running a successful business as a heart-based entrepreneur.

Many of us learn the hard way that the time it takes to “tune in” to intuition every day would save us much more time and energy. It may sound like a lot of effort to invest, to mindfully set time aside for meditating or keeping a journal every day. But, this is time and effort spent wisely and the returns are many.

“People with high levels of personal mastery cannot afford to choose between reason and intuition, or head and heart, any more than they would choose to walk on one leg or see with one eye.”

–Peter Senge

Trusting our alignment with core values

When we allow ourselves to be guided more intuitively, we are clearer on where we apply our energies. We know which projects to invest in and which ones are not in alignment with our core values. As an artist, writing and performing comes from a deep flow, and this is true of people in many professions.

Many clients who take part in my Voice Your Essence™ program, enthusiastically tell me of changes they encounter in their lives. Once we start tuning in regularly to our “inner voice,” we often change direction. It may be work-related, relationships, or some other area of personal growth that we realize.

Once we begin to acknowledge where we really want to be, from the depth of our being, we can move beyond walking in circles and being overwhelmed. Strange as it sounds, when we make very close friends with our inner voice, we feel like we are on target. This feeling of being in tune makes us automatically shift away from “should” and into “eureka!”

About Kara Johnstad

American singer-songwriter, Kara Johnstad has lived in Berlin, Germany, since the 1980s. Kara has an outstanding reputation as a world-class performer, recording artist, and producer. Her performances on five continents have left fans breathless, and the media eager to offer their praise.

She is a voice expert, spiritual guide, published author. OMTimes expert, recording artist, radio show host of “Voice Rising” and founder of the “School Of Voice”. She is also known as a creative voice visionary and mentor to voices changing our world.

Her New Age, Pop, and Jazz music has charted within the top ten on numerous Indie charts and receives worldwide play on AM / FM radio stations and professional, high-quality online radio stations.

As a transformational catalyst with a powerful voice in this time and age of transition, Kara empowers audiences worldwide via concerts, lectures, masterclasses, and private coaching. Her signature Voice Your Essence™ Training programs are developed to support luminaries, healers, independent artists, and visionary voices to heal their voices and bring their powerful messages into the world. For more information or to connect with Kara Johnstad:, Facebook Karajohnstad.official, Facebook voicerising, OMTimes iom Voice-rising, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify.

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