Would getting serenaded at a red light make your day?

(Educate Inspire Change) Traffic is something many of us have to deal with on a daily basis and quite often it can get us down.

Serenaded at a red light 

That’s why Mark Gagnon and his friend Ryan decided to set out on the streets of their local city and serenade people in their cars with their favourite love songs.

The video starts out with Mark driving his car on his Monday morning commute.

”There is so much traffic right now… I swear my Monday commute is the worst part of my day. It is boring, it is dull, it is unromantic… it’s the worst.”

The Mark suddenly hops out of his car dressed in a smooth looking suit… and he hits out with

”But not today, because my friend Ryan and I are going to be heading to a red light and serenading strangers with their favourite love longs and that’s because this…. is Red Light Serenade.

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Source: Educate Inspire Change

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