Live with intention

(Green Renaissance) Live with intention: We’ve all been there… “If I just move, get a new job, find new friends… then my life will be perfect.”

Live with intention

While these changes may give you a fresh start, before too long, if you haven’t dealt with the issues that made you unhappy in the first place, they will eventually rear their ugly heads again. Sadly, you can’t escape them. Because, wherever you go, there you are. It is impossible to escape yourself.

Problems are meant to be solved, and if you have the courage to face them directly, then you’ll realise this life-changing truth: “You can’t run away from your problems. They will just chase you and get bigger and bigger. If you stand and face them, they will shrivel and disappear.” – W.H. Fordham

Filmed in Suurbraak, South Africa. Featuring Sarah Beckett. 

Who is Green Renaissance? We are Michael and Justine – passionate filmmakers, living off-grid and dedicating our time to making films that we hope will inspire and share positivity out into the world.

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