Twins don’s know that they have born yet – Newborns mimicking in the womb

(Spirit Science and Metaphysics) This video is too beautiful not to share.  These two newborns are shown mimicking life in the womb as they are taking a bath, not realizing they have already been born.  Life is so precious.

In this video posted by a French nurse, the newborn twins can’t seem to stop hugging right after being born. As beautiful as this video is, the funny thing is that the nurse Sonia Rochel actually filmed and posted it to display a new bathing technique for babies, not knowing she would capture something to aw-inspiring. As Moms points out, “They’re already born, but they might not know it yet. This video of a unique bath is offering an amazing look at what life must like for twins in the womb, with the babies cuddling and embracing as if they were still in their mom’s belly. Hundreds of thousands of babies are born each day, yet for some reason the event of birth never seems to get less miraculous.  Life is such a gift.

This video was originally featured on Huffington Post

Source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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