Waking up through dreams

(Super Consicousness |Kimberly Knapp) 3 simple steps to interpret your dreams.

I am a psychology instructor at two colleges, and I teach how to record, interpret, and understand dreams in the classroom. The students have a wonderful time analyzing their dreams, and we usually maintain an active discussion filled with curiosity.

Dreams are our communication with our inner mind, and allow us to understand ourselves through the use of symbols called the Universal Language of Mind. We are all connected in subconscious mind, and that is where we dream when we go to sleep at night. We can know ourselves through self-exploration by interpreting our dreams daily. When we interpret our dreams on a daily basis, we are creating a dream circuit between the outer (conscious mind), and the inner (subconscious mind). The dream circuit is continuous communication between conscious and subconscious mind that allow us to receive dream symbols each night by building our relationship with our inner Self.

Dreams are so important to understand because they allow us to become conscious of beliefs and attitudes we are unconscious of. When we become conscious of our beliefs and attitudes, we become aware of them so we can create change. When we create change in our thinking, we are waking up to the inner Self understanding the true essence of who we are! What a great path to take for self-discovery!

Here are 3 easy steps you can take to interpret your dreams:

1. Have a dream journal that is only to be used to record your dreams.

2. Once you have your dream journal, you will set the intention to remember your dreams before going to bed at night. Example: You will write the following night’s date, and then write, “I will remember by dreams.” You can also say this phrase out loud after you write it out in your dream journal. It will look something like this:

2/13/2015: I will remember my dreams.

Then you will record your dream here. Even if you only remember a small portion of your dream, still write it down so you can stimulate the dream circuit, and your subconscious mind can know you are serious about becoming friends!

3. Now, you will interpret your dream. If you have dreamed of a car in your dream, a car will symbolize your physical body. People in your dream will symbolize aspects of yourself, and a house in a dream will symbolize your mind. A dream you may have had may be, “I was running from a man who was chasing me. It felt like he was going to kill me. I didn’t know who he was. You would interpret this dream as the unknown man is some part of you; death symbolizes change, and the dream means you know you need to change but are avoiding the change. If you need further assistance with how to interpret your dreams, you can find more symbols in The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condron. This book can be purchased online at www.som.org, and there is also a free app that you can download online.

Source: Super Consicousness

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