5 Free self-care remedies to treat yourself when you need a reset

(Educate Inspire Change) Whether it is a feeling of burnout from work or stress that comes from our current global transition, self-care is an invaluable component in filling our internal cup.

Self-care rituals and remedies

The options to care for oneself range from enjoying a mindful cup of tea to indulging in a full-on spa day. However, self-care remedies can be as simple, accessible, and affordable as you wish them to be. Looking after ourselves is an act of love. It is not something that can be marked with a price tag.<
The more you put into your self-care rituals and remedies, the more you receive from it. Maybe this means making something with your hands or one of the options from below.

Draw yourself a bath

This is a classic option that can be enjoyed through various perspectives whether it be a full moon cleansing ceremony or a way to wash away the day’s stress. In ancient times, bathhouses were seen as a place to relax and socialize. While it is not the social norm to bathe with a crowd, some of the older practices found in relaxation still apply. Draw a bath and add any flowers or oils you feel called to. Imagine the water pulling out toxins from your body and anything you wish to release.

Be of service

It is true. You can’t fill someone else’s cup when yours is empty, but sometimes being of service to someone in need helps in providing perspective. When we are giving to others our hearts expand. If you feel you need a reset, think of how you might be able to help by volunteering to teach children or feed the homeless.

Create something

Sometimes all we need to do to reset is create for the joy of it. When was the last time you painted a picture or started a new hobby? Allow yourself to enter the flow state by immersing yourself in a craft. If it turns out to be something you feel called to gift to a friend, even better.

Find a new spot to watch the sunset

Nature does miraculous things on a daily basis. From the sun rising to the blood pumping through our veins, we often take these wondrous instances for granted. If you need a reset, take yourself on a peaceful walk or long drive and try to find a new spot to enjoy the sky. After all, a new perspective can do wonders for the soul.

Create a playlist

Music heals from so many levels. Whether you’re feeling stressed, tired, or anxious, creating a playlist to dance to or just vibe out to can often feel like a vacation. The power sound has to move our emotions and send us to distant places is the same force that connects us all. Put together your favorite songs from the past and present and let the music move you.

These are some ways to enjoy time with yourself and reset—all without spending a dime. In the age we live in, it seems simple necessities are marketed to us. The truth is everything we need is already within.

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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