If you can quickly identify all six of these people in your life, then well done! You have built a Thrive Tribe that is on the right track! But don’t worry if not, if you feel your tribe is missing key players, you can take action today; seek out meet-up groups or online forums. Seek advice from peers, potential collaborators, and clients. Every person you meet on your journey will have something to teach you and will prove invaluable. And some will become pillars of your Thrive Tribe and support your journey to success.

Reach out to people

You can reach out to people anytime to fill roles your feel may be lacking. Bear in mind:

  1. It is a journey, not a destination. Your path is a long one and a tribe is about having truly valuable people and creating nourishing relationships in your life.
  2. Its not just about you. When you’re reaching out to others, remind yourself, “I want this person to be in my tribe because I think they will help me in my journey, but I know it’s just as important that I can provide value to them as well.”
  3. Communicate. You might use social media to connect, but an email reaching out with an opportunity or even just an old fashioned invitation for a cup of tea might work to make contact with new people. Think about how best to connect with each person.

Create and nurture a good network

Creating and nurturing a good network is essential for business and personal success. It requires focus, planning, and hard work. Encourage your friends, because life and work are hard for us all! Take a look around you at your Tribe, and ask yourself, ‘what more can I do to help them fulfill their goals?’

Source: Awaken

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