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Ministry Earth Magazine 

is a mixing bowl of compassionate thoughts about all Sentient Beings, the Planet Earth, Ecological Changes, Humane interests, and whatnots. Ministry Earth is a new publication dedicated to giving a voice to our Animal Companions and our Planet Earth. Ministry Earth is a Magazine journal that shares all the main subjects pertaining to the Natural World of Nonhuman Sentient Beings, our environment, and our Commons.

It is a publication that intends to bring the best content on animals to a broader audience and with this to better fulfill our mission of informing, educating, and inspiring others.

OMTimes Media

OMTimes Media is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. A philanthropic organization, their net proceeds are funneled to support worldwide charity initiatives via Humanity Healing International. Through their commitment to creating community and providing conscious content they aspire to uplift humanity on a global scale.

Humanity Healing

Humanity Healing International is a humanitarian, nonpolitical, nondenominational spiritual organization promoting Spiritual Activism as a means to foster Healing for communities around the world that have little or no Hope.

JF3 Business Solutions

Sociaal, duurzaam. maatschappelijk bewust, circulair ondernemen


Astrologie, tarot, sjamanisme, numerologie, bioritme, uitgebreid forum en meer.



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