22 ways to become your own best coach

(OMTimes | Crystal Presence) Being our own best coach as a way of inspiring, motivating and discovering the possibilities that would otherwise remain beyond our wildest dreams. Bringing understanding into what is required of us. Bringing clarity to what being our own best coach is and isn’t.

Be your own best coach

“The key to great coaching is in believing in the greatness of human potential”

~Jack Canfield

Being our own best coach lives in the spirit of inspiring, motivating and discovering possibilities that would otherwise remain beyond our wildest dreams. It rests on our ability to listen, embrace and love ourselves no matter what the evidence. Cultivating the willingness to explore and discover how life works. Releasing habits that hold us back. Dissolving our fears and letting go of trying to stay in control. Asking powerful questions and open into new possibilities.

Being our own best coach is NOT about trying to…

~ Fix ourselves

~ Figure things out

~ Control or manipulate

~ Judge our experiences

Being our own best coach IS about choosing to:

1. Love ourselves no matter what the evidence. Letting go of having to think, feel or do things in a certain way and allow our perfect process to unravel in the most empowering ways.

2. Ask powerful questions: What is the nature of experiencing myself as the best, safe, loving, nurturing and fun coach for realizing my dreams?

3. Embrace all our experiences. Change the idea that we have to know and understand everything, be enlightened or live in a positive state at all times. Let go of trying to get perfect, right and done. Use our experiences as vehicles for getting clear on what we want.

4. Celebrate that we are one with the greater intelligence of our source. Meditate to listen to receive the information, insights, resolutions, and maps to realizing and manifesting everything we want.

5. Spend daily time in nature. Allow the emanations of the earth to support us in aligning, connecting and experiencing the true nature of self and life.

6. Breathe, vibrate and move our bodies as we refine the vibrational frequency of our thoughts, feelings, and bodies. The frequency and consciousness that tunes us into the moment by moment experiences of our lives. Dance, walk, laugh, sing and circulate our energy as we open to new possibilities.

7. Create a safe space to discover who we are. Be kind, curious, adventurous, and respectful as we explore. Notice how we talk to ourselves. Remember that language has the power to create the realities we want.

8. Envision and cultivate the ability be in the body feeling the sense of how it will feel to be living our dreams.

9. Take ownership and full responsibility for making the choices of how we live.

10. Let go of trying to figure things out. Think about how we came into this world. Did we need to control and figure out how to manifest our physical bodies? No, of course not! Release ourselves from having to have certain techniques, systems of logic, control, manipulation or certain conditions to free ourselves.

11. Ask provocative questions such as what are we tolerating? What are we avoiding? How are we lying to ourselves?

12. Embrace the living process we are in, knowing that we are always in our perfect place, time and experience. Ann Wilson Schaef, the author of When Society Becomes an Addict and Living in Process, encourages us to stop trying to keep the fleeting moments of life static and under control. Letting them be part of the constant flow of guidance that we are being given.

13. Admit how we have been part of creating an addictive society. Be honest and engage making the shift to be “in” the culture, not “of” the culture.

14. Ask ourselves what we want and go deeper.

  • What’s under that?
  • What else?
  • What do I want?
  • What would I do if money was not a consideration?

15. Let go of comparing. There is only one you. Everyone else is taken!

16. Embrace our feelings. Let them vibrate and move through us without judgment. Discover what they want to tell us. Are we re-assembling the same feelings over and over again as a habit? Embrace any feelings of powerlessness, isolation, and abandonment. Remember that we are only one that can disempower, separate or abandon ourselves!

17. Change the belief that it is harder to hold back than to let go. Think about how much energy it takes to hold back the expansive energy beings that we are. How much energy does it take to let go?

18. Notice and listen for what inspires and motivates us. What do we love to think about, plan about?

19. Explore the wellness that comes from interacting and creating community. Try getting excited about attracting others, groups, and communities that share our same values and visions.

20. Cultivate humor about it all. Not having to take our experience so serious. Being able to laugh at ourselves.

21. Notice how we respond and react. Admit that no one can make us feel or react in any way. It is our responsibility for breaking any reactive habits.

22. Remember that life is not is always what we expect it to be, and if we let go life is better than expected!

About the author

Crystal is a certified expansion guide with the Total Integration Institute, author, multidimensional coach and facilitator for the live event called Freedom at the Core. She is the instructor and coach for her online course called Freedom From the Inside Out. She draws from her own experience and the experience of the thousands of people she has worked with over the past 35 years. Crystal is a master in how to use the fun and empowering way she supports people in bringing forth the experiences they want in their lives.

Source: OMTimes

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