7 ways to make your guardian angel’s job easier

(OMTimes | Regina Chouza) The Guardian Angels are here to ensure that our lives run smoothly. They protect, guide, encourage and heal us – the ultimate cheerleaders. Though sometimes, we ask for too much by putting ourselves in precarious situations without making full use of their angelic power. We can change that by following these seven steps to make our Guardian Angel’s job easier:

7 ways to make your Guardian angel’s job easier

Guardian Angel Tip #1 – Get to know your Angels

It seems like everyone wants to meet their angel and find out his/her name. Why wouldn’t we be excited to make their acquaintance? Not only do they have lovely ethereal energy, but they also do so much for us! By getting to know their energy, we also make it easier for their guidance to cut through the noise of our daily lives. Invite your angel over for a friendly chat, grab yourself a cup of tea and find a place where you will not be disturbed. Follow this meditation to ground yourself, clear the air and sense your angel’s beautiful energy:

~Sit down, close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat.

~Visualize a breath of fresh air sweeping through your body from head to toe and let it empty into the ground beneath your feet. Place a bubble of protective light around your body; your Guardian Angel can help with this.

~Ask Guardian Angel to make their presence known. You may sense a color, a vibration or even a scent. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your Guardian Angel’s particular vibration. Tell them what you feel. Is there something you need help with?

~Quiet your mind and pay attention to any thoughts, feelings or impressions. Thank them for this chat and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Do this every day, even if only for a few minutes, and soon you will recognize your angel’s energy when you are out and about. They may interrupt with a friendly message or a timely warning.

Guardian Angel Tip #2 – Practice Mindfulness

Guardian Angels are the kings of multi-tasking. Their most vital role is to keep us safe. This is also where they need our help. The angels do everything in their power to intervene when we find ourselves in a pickle. Unfortunately, many of us are wrapped up in a bubble of thoughts, making it hard for them to get through. We may be standing on the corner of 3rd and 59th street, but our mind is miles away. Thank God for that Earth Angel that pulls us out of the way when an SUV comes barreling around the corner. Our Guardian Angels will find this safekeeping role much easier if we are aware of our surroundings. Intuitive messages will also filter through, pointing out opportunities as much as risks.

Guardian Angel Tip #3 – Look after Yourself

You know the drill: get some sleep, eat well, exercise and have fun too! Join a dance class or go to a game with friends. Coping with the everyday pressures of life can be relatively painless if we are in good mental shape. We will also be better equipped to notice angelic guidance.

Guardian Angel Tip #4 – Listen to your Intuition

Guardian Angels are assigned to us for life and they know exactly who we are. Just like our spirit guides, Guardian Angels coach and encourage us (not quite from the sidelines), but we do have to take action when opportunity knocks. Your intuition will kick in when the moment comes, so listen and go for the gold. It can be easy to miss the signs if we are feeling stressed. Scheduling intuitive breaks during the week will give us the space to receive their guidance. At the very least, we can ask for a thumbs up to let us know that we are on the right path. Teaming up with the Guardian Angels makes for an unstoppable force, as opposed to an angelic rescue mission.

Oracle Cards can also jump start that guidance if meditation is a challenge. Join a class to make friends who can complement your intuition with messages of their own. Nothing beats having a team of Earth Angels on your side!

Guardian Angel Tip #5 – Let Go and Let God

How many of us ask the Guardian Angels for help and keep on worrying about the problem? Focusing on the issue keeps it in our corner, making it hard for the angels to do their job. We may even miss the solution when it finally appears. Let the angels run with the ball and wait for a sign on how to proceed. Ground yourself and keep your attention on the task at hand. The answer to your prayers may be a miraculous resolution or possibly an exit route that you hadn’t thought of.

Still nervous? We can also ask our Guardian Angels for a sign, letting us know the request has been heard. It might be a horn honking, a feather or even a bird at the window.

Guardian Angel Tip #6 – Upgrade Your Self-Talk

Our Guardian Angels lend their wings to give us courage when we fall down. The hardest knocks are often in our own minds: disappointment, self-doubt and fear. Most of us live with an internal dialogue. It’s time we became aware of our thoughts and redirect them when they take a wrong turn. Some of us may be Book Smart, others Heart Smart or People Smart. Turn your attention to your strengths – you are a beautiful and capable soul. Do not let your self-doubt tell you otherwise.

Guardian Angel Tip #7 – Be an Earth Angel

Everything we have discussed so far makes our own life easier. The seventh is how we pay it forward, by volunteering our services as an Earth Angel. Now that we are familiar with the Guardian Angels, passing on intuitive messages should be a piece of cake. If you sense that a friend is tired, ask them if they have a lot on their plate. If so, have they considered taking time off or rethinking their priorities? By phrasing the message as a question, we can make it less direct and more effective.

The Archangels also have special missions on Earth. We can help by volunteering for a related charity. The Archangels act through us inspiring change, but it’s up to us to make it happen. Here is a brief overview of the main Archangels and their purpose:

The Warrior of Light: Archangel Michael looks after the peacekeepers of the world, helping those who cannot defend themselves. We can support Michael’s mission by volunteering our services to humanitarian causes.

The Healer: Archangel Raphael’s missions revolve around healing. We can pitch in by comforting the sick and by teaching others how to ground and center their energy, hopefully bringing balance to the world.

The Messenger: Archangel Gabriel looks after artists, journalists, young mothers and those who lack a voice in society. We can support Gabriel’s mission by speaking up for vulnerable adults, children and animals.

The Guiding Star: Archangel Uriel works behind the scenes, sending intuitive guidance on our life path and purpose. We can support Uriel’s mission by mentoring others and by helping them through difficult times.

By helping the Guardian Angels we are ultimately helping ourselves. Follow these steps to strengthen the bond with your Guardian Angel, making your life and your Guardian Angel’s job that much easier.

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