Balancing healthy boundaries

(OMTimes | Ginger McBride) Learn how to set healthy boundaries that balance life in four easy steps to help us thrive and progress!

Do you have healthy boundaries?

Our self-care comes in many forms and shapes. On certain days it may be yoga, working out, or eating healthy; on other days it could mean resting, laughing with friends, or finding time to enjoy the good things in this life. What we define as self-care varies from person to person, making it all the more essential when we must uphold our boundaries for our own needs. We cannot expect people to read our minds. It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves, peace, and happiness first. Taking time for ourselves is not selfish and essential to thriving in a busy world.

Self-discovery is critical here

Finding what we need will be more challenging if we don’t dive in deep to discover who we are. This is just one piece of the puzzle. Even though we have been with ourselves from the first moment, we constantly discover new attributes, details, and changes within us. Life can be a rollercoaster of educational experiences. We can choose our responses to life’s stimuli, whether positive or otherwise. We often hear that we are trying to find ourselves, but we dig deep to see who we are the whole time. We may discover details such as habits, behaviors, responses, personality traits, and needs. What is it going to take for us to thrive and be happy?

Life can be demanding at times

We are constantly racing to keep up. A good bit of us is busy from when we wake up until we fall asleep. There is always something to do or needs to be done. We toss in friends, family, and relationships, and suddenly most of our time is accounted for. So when do we rest or replenish what we find essential? Through perseverance, we make it happen. We find the time for us, or more likely, we make it. We notice that we are happier, more lively, and less stressed when we do this. These are qualities that can benefit our lives in all other areas. We can not pour from an empty cup, but we can practice our self-awareness when running on empty.

Once we know what is needed for our self-care, the next step is communicating this as kindly as possible. This can be tough for some, especially those with a habit of putting everyone else first. While this is a noble idea, we might be wavering from exhaustion and stress when we continuously do this.

Healthy boundaries

This is about replenishing our needs to continue to thrive and progress in this life and not about being excessive. This is the fine line that we walk. In a few words, it is all about balance. Set aside time, whether by day, week, or month. Notice the changes that occur and what has brought them on. Then, the next time we feel stressed, we can use it as a tool for replenishment.

Healthy boundaries and a healthy balance for managing our lifestyle will always be needed. It definitely comes with its own set of challenges. We may have to decrease time in other areas to do this. But, things worth having are generally worth fighting for. So, let’s get to know ourselves and what we need, communicate this to loved ones, and practice it. It will be well worth it in the end!

About the author

Ginger McBride is a certified wellness coach, writer, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping others reach their health goals and strives to educate and motivate her clients!

Source: OMTimes

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