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(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) From small dreams to lifelong goals, ‘Scripting the Life you Wantgives you the tools to put your thoughts into action and finally close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life.


Open your eyes to a world of endless possibilities. The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries but has proved its values have been seen throughout history. ‘Scripting the Life you Want’ is a simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for manifesting what you really want out of life. ‘Scripting the life you want’ explores the science behind the method, contains all of the benefits of journaling and goal setting and takes it into a whole new realm. 


An Interview with Royce Christyn about his new book: Scripting the life you want

Esther Haasnoot: People have known for centuries that there is something else in the world affecting our lives such as the power of attraction. How did you get to know about the law of attraction and how did it work for you.

Royce Christyn: Thank you for the awesome question! You, me, and almost everyone on Earth ask themselves (at least once in their lives) a question: “Do I have power or control over my the people, places, and experiences I encounter in my life?” I was very fortunate to grow up in a household with a family who understood the power of our minds, positive thinking, and the Law of Attraction. When I was only five years old, my mother and grandmother began teaching me how to meditate and use positive thoughts to make my desires manifest into my reality.

Even though I had this incredible experience growing up, by the time I was 15 (in the year 2003), I still didn’t feel like thinking positive thoughts only was helping me create my reality. I knew that it was part of the equation, but not the whole answer. I tell the story in my book “Scripting the Life You Want” about how, at 15, I had a bad summer where I was going through a really hard time with some friends. I was stuck with my family driving four hours to our annual summer beach vacation in a small island off the coast of Virginia called Chincoteage Island. During that drive, my mom handed me a book called “Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn, which explained the principles of the Law of Attraction as taught through Jerry and Esther Hicks’ teachings of Abraham.

My whole life transformed on that drive to our little vacation spot because this book finally explained that it wasn’t just thought creating our emotions, but that our feelings and emotions were also one of our greatest tools when it came to the Law of Attraction! In this book, the author explained a process called “scripting”, which I tried out immediately, and I had absolutely perfect, incredible results! My problems with my friends vanished, my life became amazing… and I was totally scared because it was so easy and fun! This simple exercise called scripting was something I became obsessed with because even though at the time it only worked 

5-10% of the time, I knew there was something very magical to be discovered if I could figure out the correct way to use this simple tool. I ended up figuring out a few adjustments to scripting that were uniquely my own, and, by the time I was 19 years old, I used scripting to manifest becoming the lead guest star on an episode of Disney Channel’s sitcom “Wizards of Waverly Place” starring Selena Gomez, find my soulmate, and many more incredible things. That is why I wrote my book because I have always wanted to share my special version of scripting with the world!

Esther Haasnoot: Did you ever stop to think that maybe this all happened because of your talent and not your ‘manifesting’?

Royce Christyn: Of course! But I know the answer is that it did not happen because of my talent. I also talk about this in my book because this is one of the questions I used to be asked a lot. However, once people begin using my scripting process in their lives, they understand that scripting takes the talents and skills they already have to an entirely new level and creates wonderful and amazing breakthroughs in their lives! I was very fortunate to be so young and to have started acting at a very young age. When I moved to Hollywood when I was 16 years old, I was blessed with an incredible agent, manager, and team of people who sent me out on many auditions almost every single day! I would book some jobs here and there, and I had incredible acting coaches, but the thing that most people who aren’t in the entertainment industry don’t realize is that actors are sent out for many different types of roles, often on the same day.

I had days where I would audition for the lead role in a movie directed by Steven Spielberg in the morning and then I would go audition for a small role in a soap opera! In acting, the great agents and managers (like I was so blessed to have) send you on auditions for pretty much anything that is credible, and that is how actors eventually start getting the attention of casting directors and studio/network executives. Until I figured out my scripting method and how to use it for my career, my team of agents kept telling me I was doing great in their eyes! I would often audition with hundreds of other guys, and get many callbacks and screen tests.

What kept happening was that it would come down to only two people: me and one other person. This went on for years, and when I finally figured out my own special way of scripting, everything changed literally overnight! I was no longer losing roles at the last minute, and instead, I was the one chosen for the role! The best thing about scripting is that, besides it being really fun and really easy, I was able to use it in every area of my life from romance to increasing my finances! It doesn’t matter what your job is or what you do in life, as long as you like to have fun and know what you want (even if it’s a small want), you can use scripting to start making your dreams come true.

Esther Haasnoot: To what extent do self-understanding and life purpose play a role in writing and living the script of your life?

Royce Christyn: One of my favorite teachers of the Law of Attraction is Marie Diamond, who is originally from Belgium. She believes that creating our desires and using the Law of Attraction is best looked at when you think of your life in 3 parts. 

She says that 33.3% of what we get in our lives is from our environment, the second 33.3% of our lives comes from our natural-born luck, gifts and talents (some may call this our life purpose), and the final 33.3% of our lives come from using the Law of Attraction. I love this because I have found that it is true. The best thing about scripting using my method is that, whether you know your life purpose or you have no idea what your life purpose is, you can use scripting to help find your true path.

One of the things I teach people who might be unsure of their purpose is to begin using an exercise in my book called the Daily Want List to begin attracting the answer. You could write an intention in this daily list such as “I intend to easily and effortlessly know and understand my life purpose right now”. I find with the people and business teams that I teach, that if anyone is unsure of their life purpose when we start working together, once they begin using my methods, they often find their life and life’s purpose is revealed. I do believe that our life purpose is what we want it to be, ultimately! I think we are on this Earth to have fun, explore, learn, and teach one another. I love Marie Diamond’s “33.3%” example because I have found it is true, and as people reading the book will see, scripting can be used to help all three of the main areas Marie Diamond says creates our reality. 

Esther Haasnoot: Is the desire to manifest successful and satisfying to the extent that it is in harmony with your higher life purpose?

Royce Christyn: Yes. I know that it is once someone knows the things that they want. Each and every person on Earth has their own unique desires and wants which they want to manifest. If they don’t know, that is okay, too! That is why the first tool I teach in my book is called your Daily Want List. This is a simple, fast exercise that helps people know what they truly want and then use that in their scripting. Whether someone believes we all have a purpose in life or not, I have found that people want to manifest things that ultimately line up with what they know is the reason they are here on Earth – and that is very satisfying. When you are manifesting and seeing your dreams and desires become real, those manifestations are all part of you realizing your purpose right here, right now. 

Esther Haasnoot: Can you tell us more about the basics to understand how “manifesting” and the Law of Attraction works? Why does scripting work? 

Royce Christyn: I will tell you the basics as I now understand them and how you can use them to be successful. The most basic definition for The Law of Attraction is also one of the oldest: Like attracts like. What you focus on gets bigger, and what you focus on with feeling and emotion is brought into your reality. I like to say “like attracts life”, because our life is a direct result of what we choose to put our attention on. Scripting, for me, makes all of this much easier to understand, because it works so fast. I know that people have such great success using my scripting method because it is not only fun, but it is very easy to do in your daily life. I am obsessed with science, technology, and have always asked “Why?” when it comes to understanding all things in my life. My book is ten chapters long, and more than half of the chapters explore the incredibly exciting science that explains why scripting works. I wish I had enough room in this article to explain it all, but if readers are interested in understanding the Law of Attraction from a brand new, totally unique way of understanding, I hope they read my book and focus on chapters 6 and 7!

I researched for almost a decade to come to my answer to “why” scripting and all forms of creating in our reality works, and it is so exciting to finally be able to share it with the entire world! Aside from all of the science behind The Law of Attraction, you must understand that one thing that is constantly left out of many books on the Law of Attraction is the importance of your emotions and feelings. We have to understand that our emotions are a guidance system and act as fuel to bring our desires into reality. Strong emotion – whether positive or negative – means we are adding a lot of “fuel” to our manifestation “fire”! The easiest way to look at the Law of Attraction and manifesting is: our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions create our feelings, and our feelings create what we see in our reality. But, as I explain in my book, I hate it when people who teach the Law of Attraction say that we are supposed to be super happy, positive, and “up” all the time – it is unrealistic!

My method is a way to keep your feelings positive, your focus aligned with what you want in life, and it also uses science that helps you “re-wire” your brain to start noticing all of the opportunities that are already in your environment! Our brain has an incredible area called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS. I call it our “ExtraCOM” system because we can use it to give “extra communication” to our brains. The RAS or ExtraCOM system is scientifically proven to be our mind’s filter. Everything in our world (our homes, our computer screens, our wardrobe) is data and information, and our brains are constantly taking all of that data in and filtering what it believes is most important to us at any given time. Have you ever seen “11:11” or heard a word or name like “Queen Elizabeth” and then, suddenly, it seems like you see or hear “11:11” and “Queen Elizabeth” everywhere you go?! That is your brain’s Reticular Activating System at work. See, when we hear or see something like 11:11 and make a note of it, your brains RAS also takes that as an instruction to start pointing out 11:11 and Queen Elizabeth everywhere it sees it in your environment!

Your brain’s ExtraCOM/RAS is like a computer that you have the power to program. This is the same system in our brain that listens when we say “today is going to be a great day and people love me!” – our brain’s RAS/ExtraCOM system stops filtering out all of the examples of people loving you and examples throughout your day that confirms it is a good day. This is taking confirmation bias to an entirely new level! I go into detail about this and much more in my book, but the coolest thing ever is that, once you know about your ExtraCOM system, you can actually program it to show you all sorts of things that you didn’t even know were already around you! When it comes to manifesting and creating your dream life, this is an AWESOME tool to have and use! That is why manifesting using tools like I teach actually work – they utilize science and put us in control of how we operate the greatest “manifesting machine” that exists: YOU!

Esther Haasnoot: According to the Law of Attraction, if you’re constantly sending out thoughts of defeat, you will attract conditions which support the defeatist view of reality you’ve chosen. The power of attention and intention means that we are much more the creator of our destiny than we realize. What is your experience with that? 

Royce Christyn: You are 100% correct when you say we create our destiny using the power of our attention and intention! As I mentioned in the last answer, and I write in my book, this is now something we can explain a lot easier when we understand our brain’s Reticular Activating System. It applies to the idea of sending out thoughts and seeing similar feeling things play out in our reality. Have you ever said to yourself, “Today is going to be a bad day” or someone mentions something like “3:33 AM”, and then it seems as if by magic, you start seeing “3:33” or even the number 33 or 333 everywhere? I write in my book: “There are a couple of different brain processes at play here. The first is selective attention, which occurs when you are intrigued by something new and become primed (subconsciously) to keep your senses open for it; you find that it occurs more often than you would consciously expect. The second is confirmation bias, which is when you interpret your first few sightings of that new thing as confirmation that that new thing is now everywhere. So, why does this matter when we are talking about a list of intentions, desires, and beliefs? Well, our RAS is a filter that is programmed.

I like to think of our brains as a computer that can be programmed with great apps and software . . . or infected with viruses that need cleaning. The good thing is that both of these are possible: programming and cleaning. All of the exercises in this book, including my personal method of scripting, at least in part help “reprogram” our mental computer and “clean and re-focus” our brain’s filter.”

One recent example of this comes from a private workshop I was teaching to a group of successful, powerful real estate agents in Beverly Hills. One of the people in my workshop was young and very new at the Los Angeles real estate market. We worked together on her desires, and she really wanted to manifest a client into her life who had a home or piece of land to sell for ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00) or more! We started to use my process and she began using the easy scripting tools. Not very long after, she called me and was very happy! She had been out of the office getting coffee and saw that a very famous businessman who is on TV here in America was holding a book signing at the bookstore nearby. She walked over to the bookstore and, after he was done with the book-signing, my real estate agent friend introduced herself. She was a huge fan of his! They became friends, and, a few days later, he hired her to sell a huge piece of real estate valued at over ten million dollars.

My student told me that the weirdest thing to her was that she was a huge fan of this businessman, and if she had known about the book signing earlier, she would have made sure to see him. But, the “magic” here is that she later found out that there was a giant sign advertising his book signing on the sidewalk for two weeks that she walked by every single day – but she never noticed it…until she told her brain to stop filtering out opportunities! Once she started understanding scripting and her brain’s RAS/ExtraCOM system, her brain began “letting in” all of the things that could lead to opportunities – and they were already in her environment! She just had to “re-program” her brain to start showing her all of the wonderful things around her she had been missing.

Esther Haasnoot: People around the world write books, papers, and articles espousing the importance of believing. What does believing in something has to do with creating things in your reality? 

Royce Christyn: This is a fantastic question! I know for a fact that belief is one of the keys to living your dream life. I only have a few simple tools I teach, and one of them is your “Daily Belief List”. It is really simple, and there are only 2 or 3 things on your list each day. Once you have written your 3-7 “Wants” on your Daily Want List, you should choose 1 or 2 things that you believe are either very close to manifesting or you know are about to appear in your reality. Often, people don’t realize that they are manifesting everyday!

I encourage people to begin including what I call the “Magical Mundane” things in their manifesting work. This can be anything from writing down that you intend to have a smooth, comfortable dental appointment to intending to have an easy time teaching your child a new skill. When you start including things like this in your daily manifesting work using my tools, they absolutely start coming into your reality because they are “boring” and already on your schedule. This is then reinforced to your brain that everything that goes onto these simple, easy, daily lists comes into your reality! Belief is important because, as I explain in detail in my book, belief itself drives motivation and action. These are keys to making anything happen in your life because what you do determines what you create and achieve in your life.  

Esther Haasnoot: To be able to create the life that we want do we need to investigate from which consciousness (ego, subconscious or from our soul) we mostly create?

Royce Christyn: I know for myself even, sometimes it can be maddening trying to figure out if our subconscious or conscious is “in charge” of our creation. One of the most exciting discoveries in my career has been the science and study of memetics – or, as many know them, memes. I used to think that a meme was just a funny picture you would see online! Memetics is an incredible new world of scientific research that finally helped me to understand that our belief systems and cultures developed through memes.

We know genes are the biological mechanism that has allowed humans and animals to develop through history, and now science understands that memes are the “units of culture” that explain how our habits, trends, and cultures developed. Memes can be anything – a picture, song, written word – anything. They can be trends like microwave dinners or bell bottoms! The incredible thing is that we can “catch” memes from one another – these memes are spread through copying or imitation.

This is important because what science realized in the early 1990s is that, because of memes, our thoughts are not always our own! When I first read this, I was shocked. When we learn about manifesting and the Law of Attraction, we are often told: “you cannot manifest in another person’s reality”. The thing is, the study of memetics shows us that others often do create in our reality… and often these memes end up residing in our subconscious. Scripting and another process I teach in my book called the Picture Script both help you to easily “remove” any memes in your subconscious that could be causing havoc. It’s not scary, it is a lot of fun! And, not all memes are bad – many are good, as I show in my book.

Scripting and the other simple tools I teach are wonderful because you can start from anywhere and from any set of beliefs — about your ego, subconscious, or soul — and use it to find and reach the “next step” in your journey. I have had CEOs of massive companies who were very in touch with their subconscious mind who use my methods to create more wonderful things in their lives. I have also had young people in college (who did not care about which consciousness they create from) create amazing things using scripting. I go into some fun new territory about our minds and consciousness in my book, and people can hopefully gain some new insight from this, but in my experience, they don’t need to necessarily know from where they create to start creating using scripting. My book is a great starting place for people interested in what is or isn’t going on in their subconscious and conscious mind.

Esther Haasnoot: Which brain processes are at play and why does this matter when we are talking about intentions, desires, and beliefs?

Royce Christyn: When talking about intentions, desires, and beliefs, it is crucial we understand the things we have talked about so far: your brain’s ExtraCom (Reticular Activating System or RAS) and the science of memetics/memes. Our brains are truly like the most powerful computer in the world – and learning how to “program” your computer allows you to use things like the Law of Attraction to create incredible, fulfilling things in your life. There is so much we still don’t understand about the human brain, but there is so much more we are now learning. Donald Hoffman is a professor at the University of California that I talk about at length in my book. He has done, in my opinion, the best research into our mind and the concept of perception.

Understanding what the human brain perceives and how perception plays a role in our lives is crucial to learning how to manifest. Hoffman has come to an incredible conclusion after years of studying perception: when it comes to perception, evolution does not favor reality. This is a game-changing statement from a respected scientist, but those of us who study thought and manifestation have had an idea that this may be the truth for some time now. In my book, I explain how understanding this can help us live our lives in a truly exciting and wonderful new way. Right now, with so much uncertainty in the world, I have found comfort in all of the science I go over in my book and how we can use our minds to help us find relief in healthy ways during these trying times. Scripting is a tool that helps us focus all of this new information into a usable, easy daily system. 

Esther Haasnoot: Having faith in the laws of creation is all about trusting yourself and your power of creation. Is that why some people may think that the law of attraction doesn’t work for them because they don’t see the connection between their unconscious beliefs and inner processes and tangible experiences?

Royce Christyn: I think that is a fascinating point and question! I think we have the answer already when we look at our brain’s RAS/ExtraCOM system. The answer is yes for a few reasons. If we have (purposely or not) programmed our minds to find examples of the Law of Attraction not working, our brains will go to work to show us examples of this in our day-to-day life! We can create anything in our lives: even the belief that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. I love something Esther Hicks/Abraham says, which is that you are so free (to create whatever we want) that we can create “bondage” or, put another way: we are so free to create whatever we want, we can create the reality where life isn’t great and we don’t believe we can create our own reality.

Esther Haasnoot: Do you think The law of attraction is an isolated cosmic law or do you see It is one of the universal forces in a game of other universal forces that ensure that we can find and achieve our life fulfillment? 

Royce Christyn: Again, I go back to Marie Diamond’s “33.3%” analogy. I think that the Law of Attraction is a BIG part of our lives, but it is one of a few universal forces and laws at work. I have just finished writing my next two books which will be released in the next year or so, and one of them is all about how our environment (our home, bedroom, office, neighborhood, etc) really does impact what we create in our lives. Marie Diamond is a Feng Shui master who also has always understood the holographic or quantum aspects of our reality. When I began studying her and other teachers of Feng Shui, I was blown away by the fact that they have known for centuries what science is just now starting to explain when it comes to our perception and reality.

I have spent the last few years learning and testing how our home environment can have an impact on what we manifest in our lives! The good news is, you don’t have to wait for my second and third book to get started with applying this! The science in my book does go into great detail when it comes to understanding and learning how there are other forces at work when it comes to achieving our life fulfillment. I also highly recommend people check out Marie Diamond’s videos on YouTube and Instagram, as well as her books and website – she has incredible tools and tips for anyone interested in adjusting their environment so that they can live their best life!

Esther Haasnoot: We are magnificent and powerful creators who work in co-creation with the universe. The universe will do whatever it can to help us get in alignment so it can deliver what we desire. This means clearing negative belief systems, emotions, and programming that is in the way. The best way of course for the Universe to show it is to bring it right up in our face. This way we have no choice but to see it loud and clear. So is it important that you discover the hidden attitudes and beliefs in and about yourself to be able to experience that the law of attraction works for your benefit? What is your experience with this?

Royce Christyn: I used to think that a person needed to spend a long time uncovering hidden beliefs hiding in their subconscious that may be hindering their manifestations. I have learned over the years, however, that 99% of the time, all that does is put people into a bad state of mind where they are re-living many bad experiences! Doing this doesn’t help with manifesting, and can actually keep your focus on negativity – which doesn’t help anyone. The great news is that the tools I teach allow people to override and delete old beliefs without having to “go back” and dig them up. We only have our present “now” moment, and that is the place we manifest and create from. Scripting is a fun, fast, easy way to erase anything negative that may be going on in someone’s subconscious without having to dig down and relive it.

Esther Haasnoot: We know we live in a world of duality. According to the law of opposites (law of polarity), We can only experience ourselves in relation to something or someone. You can’t experience a positive without a negative. An up without a down. Good without bad. Dark without light. The ‘law of opposites’ and the ‘law of attraction’, seems to work together in some fascinating ways to influence our unique manifestation potential. Can we see this reflection as helpful to know better what we want and don’t want and what is in and out attunement with what we desire? How do you think about this?

Royce Christyn: Absolutely! One thing that I learned when I first read the book that changed my life, Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting, was that it is important to know what you don’t want. Once you know what you don’t want, you can use that to find what you do want in your life! I have refined this process a bit and I teach people that, if you don’t know what you want, then you actually do know one thing you can put on your Daily Want List as; “I intend to know what I want and what I need”. This is a simple but powerful want, that I have seen create massive success and really exciting changes in people’s lives. Just writing down “I intend to know what I want and what I need” alerts your brain that you’re ready to start seeing the wonderful, awesome things already in your reality that you want to manifest in your life! Whether you know what you want or you are just figuring it out for the first time, once you send to the Universe a message of “I’m ready to begin!”, I have seen people’s lives completely shift and transform, with all sorts of incredible things, people, and experiences manifesting in their reality… just like they scripted. 


About Christine Royce Christyn

Royce ChristynRoyce Christyn is an actor, speaker, writer, and documentary film director. He has appeared in film and television shows, including Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, and Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place with Selena Gomez. His bylines have appeared in national and international publications including Paste Magazine, In Touch, Life & Style, Closer, and others. He has appeared on BBC World News, NBC News, CBS’s The Couch, Fox’s MORE Entertainment, TMZ Live, and hundreds of radio and news shows across the globe. He lives in Los Angeles. Connect with Royce Christyn at or on Twitter @ChristynRoyce

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