(Video) a children’s show explains the chakra system

(Collective Evolution | Alanna Ketler) You may have heard people talk about chakras before. You might have heard someone say, “I have a blockage in my solar plexus” or “I want to open my third eye chakra.” Someone may have accused you of having a block in your throat chakra, perhaps even that your heart chakra is “too open.” Whatever it may have been, there is a lot of chakra talk these days, especially in the spiritual community. But what does it all mean?

If you are new to this sort of thing, you may be as confused as I was. There are seven chakras, and each has a corresponding colour that relates to various traits about each individual? Huh? It may sound like new age mumbo jumbo, but stick with me here. There is so much interesting information about the chakra system available to us, and this wisdom has been around for thousands of years — there simply must be something to it.

A kid’s show explains

Instead of boring you with a longwinded explanation about how the chakra system works, what it does, and how to activate it, I’ll simply leave it up to this kid’s show to do the explaining for me. It’s simple, easy to understand, and features cartoon graphics to help the visual learners out there.

Of course, some of this is dramatized for the sake of good television, but overall this information is fairly accurate, and it is pretty cool to see this on a kid’s cartoon. He talks about essential and difficult concepts like releasing fears, guilt, and shame, forgiving yourself, finding willpower, letting go of self-criticism and insecurity, feeling love, accepting who you are, letting go of the illusion of separation, cosmic energy, meditation, and so on — all deep concepts that even many adults have difficulty grasping. Are they important for children to know about?

This is amazing to see on a show for children

The fact that this was even made testifies to the shift that is happening in society. People are becoming increasingly interested in Eastern philosophy and incorporating it into their daily lives. Just imagine if all of the children in the world were raised with an awareness of the chakra system, the importance of health, and the power of meditation (and how to do it)? I believe if this were the case, the world would shift faster than it ever has before.

What do you think?

Do you think this type of information should be taught in schools? Is there a benefit to learning about these topics at a young age? Do you teach your own children about mediation and the chakra system? What benefits (or lack thereof) have you noticed? Or do you think that these concepts are too deep for children?

Much Love

This is a clip from the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Source: Collective Evolution

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