The 3 types of divine relationships

(OMTimes | Blanca) Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague on the subject of relationships. My colleague—a very ascended male in his own right, believes that “relationships” –as we accept them to be in our current state of consciousness—are part of the egotistic lower self. He believes that the highest practice of unconditional love is rendered when we freely engage in loving interactions with no attachments, no sense of commitment, obligations or responsibilities; just pure and unconditional love.

Divine relationships

As I contemplated the position of my colleague on relationships, I recognized that he is most likely holding a field for the relationships of the future; a further time in the earth’s ascension when the mass consciousness has grown to a level of expansion where they have mastered the gift of divine relationships on a greater scale. I presented my observation to my colleague and he quickly reminded me that all relationships are divine.

I offered clarification and resonated with him; all relationships are divine because we are all aspects of the Divine Source, no matter whether we are in engaged in a soulful relationship, a karma-tic, twin-flame, or a complimentary energy relationship. However, because the universe holds an unlimited number of fields to accommodate the many different levels of soul expansion and expression, we can clearly see there a need for a variety of relationships that encompass the representation of “divine relationships.”

In my observation as a spiritual counselor and teacher, I have identified three primary categories of divine relationships:

Soulful relationships

Soulful relationships are based on a mutual spiritual agreement for a partnership to create a foundation for learning, growth, and expansion between the two souls and the expanded soul family they will create together, (i.e., children, relatives, friends, etc). The purpose of a soulful relationship is to support each other in life experiences and soul endeavors that each partner desires to fulfill. In working together as a soulful unit, soulful relationships also assist their soul family to grow in a harmonious and secure fashion.

Karma-tic relationships

Karma-tic relationships are often challenging relationships whereby the partners are often great teachers to each other. The teachings are generally expressed through hardships in the relationships and although very taxing and exhausting on a physical and emotional level, karma-tic relationships offer souls the greatest opportunity for growth and empowerment in the area of spirituality.

Twin flame relationships

Over the last decade, Twin-flame relationships have saturated the spiritual arena. Everyone is looking for their twin-flame; classified as the other half of our soul. In truth, the soul is complete within itself. The true twin-flame aspect is our higher, divine self. There is, however, a twin-flame counterpart, if you may, that may be in physical form or in a higher realm. The primary purpose of twin-flame relationships—much like karma-tic relationships—is to help the partners release toxic patterns and beliefs and to assist each other to ascend spiritually. The primary difference between karma-tic and twin-flame relationships is founded in the twin-flame partnership; usually, one of the partners has attained a deeper spiritual awareness and is the teacher, and the other aspect of the flame is still a “little one.”

Complementary energies

Complementary partnerships are the new paradigm relationships where both partners are lovingly engaged in the evolution, participation, and upholding of spiritual expansion as a way of being and of living. Complementary relationships reflect equality and respect for each other, understanding they both are a reflection of the same Source. In a complementary relationship, there is a beautiful balance of both female and male energy that exudes sensitivity, empowerment, and fluidity for both partners at an optimal level. Because of their complimentary vibration, these divine couples can contribute expediently to the unification of all souls, through their own example of unity.

Yes. All relationships are divine. There are many fields that are held through the many interactions that we have as we continue to experience life and to grow. Each facet of relationships offers us a gift and opportunities to further unveil our true nature. Let us not forget to honor all levels of relationships but to also strive to reach the highest level of divine expression—where we no longer have to experience the anguish of growing pains but to vibrate together in an ecstatic flow of complementary energies, two, as one.

About the author

Blanca is the author of nine self-help books. She has maintained a private holistic practice for over 15 years and as a teacher, has attuned over 200 students around the world.

Source: OMTimes

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