Experiencing strange coincidences? Signs of powerful synchronicity and what it means

(Higher Perspective) If you’re reading this then the chances of synchronicity itself having led you here should be considered.

Signs you shouldn’t ignore

Synchronicity is a concept that has been studied for centuries but it was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung. He believed that events didn’t happen randomly but that what we thought of as coincidences actually had a meaningful relationship. But, synchronicities don’t happen to everyone and they often go unnoticed. It takes someone who is open to receiving them and is paying attention to notice the signs. Here’s what to look for.

Everything happens for a reason

The concept of Synchronicities implies that everything happens for a reason. You being here right now, me writing this along with everything else happening in the universe at this moment is meant to happen. Experiencing synchronicities though is being in tune with its cosmic messages, and being able to hear their truths.

On a scientific level, our brain collects trillions of pieces of information around it but only a fraction of that is actually captured and retained. We can’t pay attention to everything at once. Experiencing synchronicities happen when we notice what we are supposed to see. Our subconscious mind becomes conscious and shows us the answers we’re looking for.

People come into your life right as you think of them

This is the universe’s way of showing you that you’re on the right path and guiding you through the people with whom you share a powerful connection. Hold on to those people, they’re in your life for a reason.

Noticing re-occurring number patterns

Numbers are one of the biggest signs that your path is aligning with your purpose. Look for numbers repeating in the same pattern or showing up multiple times. Some numbers hold a special significance like 1111 is the angel number.

One easy way to notice this is by looking at the clock. Do you find yourself catching the clock at 11:11 too often? This might be a sign of synchronicity that is meant to reassure you that you’re on the right path or an attempt to deliver you a special message depending on the number.

Running into the same person over and over

This sign can happen on many levels. It can be a stranger that you keep seeing on the subway or it could be someone you know that you don’t usually cross paths with. Either way, it shows that you share a strong connection and that your paths are meant to cross for a reason. In fact, you might be aligned and after the same purpose, so it could be helpful to engage with them in some way.

You’ll be surprised at the extent of things you have in common with and the ways that you end up helping each other. Trust the universe’s guidance in pushing your connection further.

A problem is resolved on its own

Sometimes when you’re in a problem so deep you have no idea how you’re going to find your way out of it. Yet, somehow things work out and you make it past it without much effort. One thing leads to another, often randomly, and ends up aligning the pieces of the puzzle that make up the solution of the problem.

This is a powerful sign of synchronisity The universe recognizes your need and found a way to provide you with assistance. It shows that even bad things sometimes happen for a reason.

Messages are delivered to you to reflect your feelings

There will be times when without looking for anything in particular you watch something on TV or hear a lyric in a song that completely and accurately reflects your state of being. Watch out for the reoccurring messages that also come out of nowhere. You might notice the same themes popping out to you on billboards, in books, on the radio, or even while scrolling on social media. It’s a way for the universe to get your attention and give you the answers that you need.

If a certain phrase keeps coming back, pay attention to the words as they might be exactly the ones you need to hear. They might just be reassuring you or they might help you unlock a message to guide you along the way.

Thinking about something then it happens


Have you ever thought about something and then not long after it actually happened? You might be so synchronized with the universe that you’re unintentionally manifesting. This can happen on many levels such as thinking of a ring tone and then the phone rings or thinking of a promotion, then being approached by your manager.

If your manifesting powers are strong, use their vibrations to your advantage. This is a sign that you have the power to turn your visions into a reality and encourage you that your vision aligns with your purpose.

Pay attention

The most important factor with synchronicity is paying attention. You might think you’re attention but are you really paying attention? We all tend to get so caught up in technology and busy with chores that we go on autopilot and fail to notice the signs around us. Look for the signs.

Source: Higher Perspective

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