Kaypacha: Astrology for the Soul February 9, 2022

(New Paradigm Astrology) Astrology for the Soul February 9, 2022 – Pele report, astrology forecast.

Astrology forecast February 9, 2022

It’s really something because it is like Venus went up to conjunct Pluto from December 11 – 25 and turned around to go get Mars! As part of her “turn around”, she also went from being the chilled, wise woman (setting) to the warrior goddess (rising). Now that she has Mars by the hand, the two of them are dancing their way through the rubble of Capricorn (sorry, but that’s what Pluto does wherever he goes).

As part of their dance, Venus stationed direct and as of next week Mars, the slower moving of the two, will take the lead after the conjunction. They will be busting right through Pluto’s underworld with him leading until March 7th when Venus takes the lead… where? Zero degrees Aquarius! They enter Aquarius together, on the same day, and Mars bows as the goddess then takes the lead. This is such a beautiful cosmological reflection of perfect synchronicity with earthly events.

Our minds and hearts have been messed with, but now the will forces take the lead to guard our passage through to a new horizon. Let’s remember that all the planets are direct and that this month is the time to set those goals around which the remainder of the year’s activities will be focused around achieving. Aim high!

Song for this week

Won’t Back Down with Tom Petty! https://youtu.be/nvlTJrNJ5lA

The mantra for this week

I’ve got to keep my eye on the ball,
As I kick it toward the goal.
I’ve been training for this and now is the time,
To give it all I’ve got and more.


About Kaypacha

Kaypacha began studying astrology over 40 years ago. Since then, he has explored the synchronistic relationship between the cosmos and both earthly phenomena and our internal human experience of Self/Soul. His diverse background includes knowledge of Evolutionary, Shamanic, and Uranian Astrology, Cosmobiology, and Esoteric studies. He has been practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga for more than ten years and has combined his knowledge of the Sabian Symbols, Tarot, meditation, breathwork, and yoga to create his own unique, heart-centered astrological methods for healing and growth.

Source:  New Paradigm Astrology

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