Lilith, shadowing the feminine dilemma

(OMTimes | Elohim Yael) The Lilith archetype describes the untamed wife. In several traditions, she also symbolizes sensual desire and fury. It seems we must tame some inconvenient part of our inner, feminine aspect; that is, according to the patriarchal tradition. This repression led to an inner battle of the feminine and imbalance with the masculine. As Lilith connects to this, she is also essential in rebalancing the masculine and (inner) feminine. She shows us several keys to harmonize the imbalance. This sequence about the feminine and the return of the sacred wisdom of creation explains these keys.

Lilith repressed

The Sumerians linked Lilith to rituals in temples, called ‘ritual prostitution.’ Babylonian and Jewish-Christian mythology depicted Lilith as a night monster, storm demon, or goddess of wrath. However, Lilith – in balance – is, in fact, an independent power of creation capable of delimitation and deep surrender. Her energy is strong, full of fire, sensuality, and independence. Because of obligation towards the masculine, her power was hidden away for quite a while within the feminine and fell into shadow.

Being banished into shadow,’ Lilith started wandering

This presence in shadow disrupted the balance. Once the masculine and feminine ‘counterparts’ had been two equal components, but imbalance took place. The once-harmonic unity continued in disharmony, along with the ambiguity of good and bad, conscious and unconscious, visible and non-visible. In time, the ability to understand one another and get closer became difficult. Slowly, the masculine took over, as our patriarchal traditions and current mechanical systems witness.

The masculine deifying the self

The gap between the masculine and feminine originated from one of the foundations of the experience of duality: putting our [own] style on a pedestal. In placing our own style, race or color, ego-part of the self above all others and appearance above inner world, it created segregation. Meanwhile, a sort of interdependence took place.

This ‘worship’ of style led to focus on the shape and its tangibility. This masculine style of creation includes structure, fixation, differentiation, domination, and control. It has, as its feminine counterpart, natural, organic, mobility, connection, inspiration, and creativity.

The feminine retreating and escaping reality

A part of the feminine chose to support the masculine style of creation, the manifestation of ego and its adoration. At the same time, this led to the retreat of the feminine to the comfort zone of no shape at all. A zone that went along with all sides, the side that decides to keep the peace, to subordinate oneself, to leaving oneself out of account, and that adjusted to the ‘role of mother and wife.’ This going along with all sides, indicates this part of the feminine did not take responsibility for her choices, and deep inside did not agree. Thus, it led to the existence of scolding, and to denying her share in the responsibility for the removal with the masculine.

Other aspects of what Lilith represents

The other part that Lilith represents felt restrained in her freedom, and felt forced into escaping reality. This escape of the cold harsh reality of ‘design’ and feasibility led to wandering. In this way, it destroyed the wholeness of the feminine: The connection with both parts, the shared essence, and destination (of unity) was lost; the talents of each of the parts, desolated.

It resulted in an experience within the feminine of inner battle and duality. This battle, furthermore, has taken place within the masculine via fratricide; e.g. the stories of Osiris and Set, Cain and Abel, Enki and Enlil.

This is the first in a series of articles for OMTimes focusing on Lilith. The next relates to: Making Lilith and her shadow visible again.

About the author

Yael’s essence is Elohim. This essence stands for universal oneness and awareness of essence. It awakens deeper levels of connectedness, with(in) yourself and the universe. Yael enables you to connect with this potential through articles and gatherings. With her essence, she contributes greatly to the process of bringing back purity within the true meaning of light, which is universal and rises above duality.

Source: OMTimes

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