Nikki Cuthbertson: Extending love and compassion to all beings

(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) Creating a path to wholeness by weaving love and healing. An Interview with Nikki Cuthbertson about spirit and animal communication.

Soulful and spiritual beings

Our animal companions are soulful and spiritual beings abounding in generosity and love. Footage of animals learning to use tools provides evidence of this evolutionary shift happening to all of us on Earth, not just the human race, but there are other indications of intelligence as well. Like animals rescuing members of their own and other species, including humans, and interspecies friendships. We all seem to be awakening together.

“May all beings be well. May all beings be happy. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings be liberated through the unwavering knowledge of who they truly are.”

― Arjuna Ardagh


Creating a path to wholeness by weaving love and healing

After 20 years as a critical care nurse, Nikki Cuthbertson began working as a Healer and Intuitive. Her services support alignment with each individual’s growth and deepen interconnection with animals and nature. Through Soul Mapping, Reiki healing, intuitive soul support, spirit and animal communication, custom made flower essences, house blessings, wedding ceremonies, and memorial services.


An Interview with Nikki Cuthbertson

Esther Haasnoot: More and more people are becoming aware that animals are sentient beings and have their own emotional and energetic state. Do animals marvel at their surroundings, have a sense of awe when they see a rainbow or wonder where lightning comes from?

Nikki Cuthbertson: Esther I love this question so much. My experience of them is that they experience through feeling deeply and that includes awe. Anyone that has watched a sheepdog has witnessed their incredible intelligence and their ability to think for themselves and problem solve. They have deep emotional responses to their environment, their circumstances, and their people. Each animal, just like humans, embodies different levels of consciousness.

When I do my animal communication work I connect through the bridge of our hearts and that opens us up to the possibility of a shared emotional experience which later on, my brain translates. Animals, Spirits, Guides, and Angels use the language of the Soul which is energy. Our emotions are energy while thought holds magnetic properties.

Our hearts are hardwired to translate the language of energy and animals are capable of both reading and translating intention and vibration. Last month I read a beautiful German Shepard. I told her person that the dog was euphoric with the feeling of flushing out birds and watching them fly up into the sky. My nose came alive with the scent of dirt and leaves that were damp and beginning to turn. My heart was filled with excitement and vitality. My vision became heightened. My hindquarters and leg muscles felt engaged. It was a full-body experience. She told me that she had birds on her property but that her dog never chased them. I saw her 3 weeks later and she told me that before the reading her dog had stayed with friends while she was on vacation. Her friend had taken her on daily walks in which she had flushed out pheasants. So yes, they have their own experiences, including awe and wonder as well as the ones that we are privileged to share in.

Esther Haasnoot: The Buddhists and Taoists regularly call for us to be mindful of all sentient beings. You connect with the essences of human and animals, their message, their wishes, desires through clear seeing. What are the most striking features that humans and animals have in common? Are there similarities between animals and humans that they have work through in life; like abuse forgetting what they can be?

Nikki Cuthbertson: You ask the best questions. The most striking to me, and this is just my humble perspective, is the ability to love deeply, forgiveness, and Presence. The power of the pack or herd is a powerful bond and sometimes transcends what we experience with our human families. There is an innate sense of belonging that somehow feels safe when we experience it with our animals and it requires our Presence and ability to forgive. Regarding your questions about having things to work through in life, I would say yes.

In the 19 years that I have worked as an Animal Communicator, I have noticed the evolution of our domesticated animals that seem to coincide with our evolution as humans. Humans are not always kind to animals or their habitats. I think that we owe them many apologies for the many layers of cruelty that some endure due to our ignorance or woundedness. So many animals, wildlife included, still have the ability to forgive us and come into the present moment so that we can be reminded of the powerful, unifying messages of love and interconnection that they embody. On the flip side of the cruelty, there are humans and animals having AMAZING experiences!!! I am in awe of the cutting edge adventures that humans and their animals are sharing these days. As we are expanding our desires to have extraordinary relationships with our animal family members, they are rising to the occasion and making themselves available to answer the call of that magical partnership.

My sense of them is that they are Earth Angels here to have their own personal experience of being whatever animal they chose to embody as well as to be in our lives as companions, healers, and teachers. I think the most beautiful thing they offer is that they see our Essence, who we are under the noise of all of our dysfunctions and ailments – and love us as we are. To not require us to change. They teach us how to love ourselves and when we do, we can love our fellow man more fully.

Esther Haasnoot: Unconditional love and acceptance is a work in progress for many of us. Animals seem to display a loving, empathetic, forgiving, accepting, unconditional quality where we all long for and to be and to be close to. How can we learn to look through the eyes of an animal and hear their message? Is there a core message for humanity you receive from the animal kingdom?

Nikki Cuthbertson: The one thing that starts leaving us the more we practice Intuitive Communication is judgment and criticism because it is a heart-centered practice. Of course, you can download/read/receive information if you are defensive and critical but the more you engage with the language of the Soul, it doesn’t feel so good to be in those states of mind. Practicing it develops self-love. Judgment creates a filter that is divisive. The animals know that we are connected. All of Nature is. I find that animals can be opinionated but not so much judgmental. They just see things as they are. It’s not a judgment. It’s discernment. And then they choose to connect…or not…on their timeline which can teach us a thing or two about agendas and patience.

The answer to your question “How can we learn to look through the eyes of animals and hear their message” is in your question. We merge with them. We become them so that we can look through their eyes. When we join up, they become us as well. We share an energy field and they know everything about us. It is extremely intimate and transparent. Of course, they can place filters on how much they reveal. I’ve worked with many a sick animal that doesn’t want their person to know that they are sick. They don’t want to worry them or let me, a stranger, know that they are vulnerable. They will still, however, have messages for their person. A core message for humanity that I hear over and over is that death is not something to be feared. Death is a cycle of life that we move through on our way to rebirth.

We see it all the time in nature. Seeds become trees, the leaves fall off and become mulch and nutrients which then become buds, stems, and flowers once more. Our deaths leave our loved ones with the nourishment of our memories and love and we continue to live on in the Great Heart which is in each one of us.
Our loved ones, humans and animals that have passed are not separate from us. Their Essence is the same Essence in you. When one of my beloved horses passed, I felt a whoosh into my heart as he fell to the ground. I didn’t think much about it for days because I was so sad to watch him be put down. It later dawned on me that he returned home- to his state of Unity Consciousness in the Universe that is simultaneously alive in my heart space. He gave me a part of himself for safekeeping that I treasure until I see him again on the Other Side.

Esther Haasnoot: As we move through challenging times, we can lose sight of a bigger picture that all things in life are happening to support us towards a higher level of consciousness. That life helps us in the understanding of our true nature. How can we come in more alignment with each individual’s growth and deepen interconnection with animals and nature?

Nikki Cuthbertson: Two things come to mind. One is having a regular contemplative practice so that you can be in a relationship with your internal landscape and understand the terrain of your Inner Being. Your Inner Being is the most authentic, natural thing about you. The second is to spend time in nature. If you can do that with your animal Love, even better.

To come into more alignment with your individual growth and deepen your connection with animals, I would say honor all parts of yourself. Your shadow, your ego, your moods, your humanness, your ability to be compassionate, understanding, your divinity. We cycle through all of who we are and bring love to all that we feel as we experience it.

Esther Haasnoot: You describe the heart as a navigation system. And talk about transparency from the heart without filter or projections. Can you tell me something more about that?

Nikki Cuthbertson: We perceive the world through our hearts and use our minds to translate information a nanosecond later. When we need to feel more protected or right, we trust logic before what we feel. Logic and left brain reasoning are important but to me, it’s place is to work in harmony with our heart so that there is coherence between the heart ~mind.  Sometimes, our logic can demean, discount and undervalue what our heart knows.  It’s like having a parent lecture an imaginative child about what reality really is- according to their jaded state. Part of our emotional and spiritual growth is to know how to use discernment with open-mindedness.

Esther Haasnoot: I love your quote: “As spiritual and energy beings, our consciousness is eternal. This means that the connection that we share with our loved ones is also eternal. We can choose to have our relationships continue to grow and evolve if we keep ourselves open to their presence. We may have to change the way that we perceive them, but the relationship doesn’t stop unless we stop relating”. How can we consciously open the gateway of our heart we can we communicate with our animals, our guides, angels and departed loved ones?

Nikki Cuthbertson: Another amazing question dearest Esther.

Sit quietly.
I like to close my eyes.
Begin to breathe with your exhale longer than your inhalation.
As you begin to relax, create the intention that you connect with your animal, Guide, Angels or Departed Loved Ones.
If it is an animal that is living, I always ask for permission first.
I like creating the feeling of extending an invitation to the Being I am connecting with.
I feel filament of rose gold light extending from my heart.
Breathe into each of your energy centers from Root up through your Crown, making sure that your muscles and soft palate of your mouth stay soft and relaxed.
Place your attention and breath a few feet above your crown and just feel.
Allow all of your chakras to join up with your chosen Loved One.
When there is a connection, our energy field feels amplified. I usually feel waves of love moving through me or a feeling of expansion.
You can sit silently with your Loved One or begin journaling with them.
When you are done return their energy to them by simply visualizing their energy field as being separate from your own and say thank you.
Take a moment to revel in what just occurred.

Esther Haasnoot: Are there differences and similarities In the way animals and spirit speaks to us?

Nikki Cuthbertson: Not a whole lot of differences but humans and animals on the Other Side seem to be more expansive and have a more open, expansive view than when they were in a body. Many times their personalities stay very similar. Someone with a wonderful sense of humor still has it. I usually feel effervescent champagne bubbles moving through me when they are funny or giddy. Someone that was shy may take much more of my focus and concentration to make a connection.

Esther Haasnoot: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Nikki Cuthbertson: Immense gratitude for being open to my life’s work and messages and for taking the time to have made it this far through the article!!!!.

Esther Haasnoot: Thank you so much for your time and all the best in your future aspirations. It is a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Nikki Cuthbertson: Thank you so very much for the opportunity to connect with your readership and share the messages from my life experience as an Animal Communicator, Psychic and Medium.


About Nikki Cuthbertson:
Nikki Cuthbertson is an Animal Intuitive, Psychic and Medium specializing in transpersonal work using animals as a teacher for partnership, healing, and connection. She works with all animals but has a deep love of horses. She works with elite performance horses, all people that love horses and has a special fondness for working with wild mustangs off of Bureau of Land Management. She has a deep love of working with people as they move through times of transformation by bringing them messages from their Guides and their Healed Self.

Nikki spent the first 20 years of her career working as a critical care nurse, is an energy healer and has taught yoga and meditation. In her personal love affair with horses, she is exploring the parallels between body awareness, balance, partnership and moving as one. She has also been on Coast to Coast Radio.
Her website is Facebook: Nikki Cuthbertson: Intuitive Soul Support for Humans and their Animals Instagram: Nikki Cuthbertson.

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