Putting our hearts into it

(OMTimes | Jack Coleman) We all enjoy the philosophy of putting our heart and soul into it. It means we’re being present with what we’re doing. We expand our consciousness to see the details we might have missed previously. Our heart is the place where we contain such vast wells of information and energy. Otherwise, those details are left for another time.

Do we put all our hearts into what we do?

In practicing any art form, skill set, performance, study, or facet of life, progression happens by connecting with our hearts in the moment of practicing. This is how I personally excel in the things I do, which I’m positive all others do in their pursuits as well. The heart is the space that can encompass much more information and energy than any other part of body, so why not listen to it? The brain is nice for some things in life, but trying to progress with the brain is the reason why we have to cram for tests. We have to “cram” such vast amounts of information and understanding in such a “small space.” That means we aren’t being present with our current practice.

The brain is merely a link in the chain of progression, so we don’t have to put all my efforts into this part of our bodies. It’s only at the top of our heads, but our hearts are at our core and singularity. When we follow our hearts, we’re lead exactly where we need to go in life for this kind of presence to see, feel, and understand more.

Following the heart-based feelings

When I played music with my heart, I felt where I should go, and learning how to play particular music wasn’t difficult. The difficulty and progression through that difficulty was the interesting part, which allowed me to see, feel, and understand more. When I played sports, I felt where I should, which allowed me to see, feel, and understand more. When I practice spirituality, I feel where I should, and I am able to see, feel, and understand more of the world I live in.

This is why people say when learning a practice or art form in life, “It’s just one of those things you can’t really forget.” It doesn’t matter what we’re preaching about. What we’re really saying is we put our hearts into it, and that’s why we’ll never forget how to do it.

In life or in art, the best part is heart

The hardest part about learning from this state of being (exploring with the heart or cramming with the brain) is the great statement by Shakespeare, “To be or not to be.” How do we know which way to go in order to truly be present in our practice or get sucked into those situations we just don’t truly care for?

We need to stop worrying about what is good and bad for us, and just feel it. Realize there is no such thing as right or wrong until we feel it’s right or wrong. Then there’s nothing left but our hearts to guide us exactly where we need to be to experience what our souls need to feel. Then, we become present, because we understand there is purpose in going through what we are with our practices, art forms, health, relationships, and spirituality. It almost becomes difficult to not want to pay more attention and expand consciousness to see the Divine organization occurring.

This is the power of our hearts…and putting our hearts into everything we do.

About the Author

Jack is an author and spiritual explorer, constantly diving into the energy and relationships of life. Wondering about the inner-workings of life’s construct is his greatest passion. Sharing his insights to all is his service to humanity and Earth. Find more information at http://www.jackcoleman.life and

Source: OM Times

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