Shamanic Mysteries of Peru: The Heart Wisdom of the High Andes by Vera Lopez and Linda Star Wolf Ph.D. 

(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) Answer the call of your own spirit and inner shaman. An interview with Vera Lopez and Linda Star Wolf. PhD., about their new book: Shamanic Mysteries of Peru. 

Shamanic Mysteries of Peru: The Heart Wisdom of the High Andes  

Take in this medicine for the heart. The book Shamanic Mysteries of Peru by Vera Lopez and Linda Star Wolf Ph.D., guides you lovingly on a journey to sacred land, full of magic and wisdom, with lessons and experiences that open the heart and deepen the spirit. This book is easy and fascinating to read, highly recommended. May your heart be filled with the blessings of this ancient land. – Esther Haasnoot 

Shamanic Mysteries of Peru“When we examine the lives of our ancestors and recognize the vastness of their simple yet deeply profound contributions to our existence, it leaves me contemplating what we (modern-day) people are leaving behind. What legacies, what stories, what advances are we contributing to the collective growth and development of our species?” 

The Divine Feminine is calling, and the shamanic mysteries of Peru are still alive. They carry the magic of the Inca, and they hold timely medicine for our modern-day world. “When we can activate the seeds of service, love, and wisdom within ourselves and carry this medicine and awareness with us each and every day, we can anchor more love and consciousness upon our planet. By awakening and embodying these energies within ourselves, we become ambassadors of the Earth and hold the portals of transformation open for our planet and all living beings.” 

We are moving into the fifth level of consciousness, and this vein of consciousness will be collective and soul-based. We will look with the eyes of our heart and, like the hummingbird, find great joy in the diversity upon our planet. Now is the time to remember your essence – Vera Lopez 


An Interview with Vera Lopez and Linda Star Wolf, Ph.D about their new book: “Shamanic Mysteries of Peru,” by Esther Haasnoot  

Esther Haasnoot: Machu Picchu has captivated and magnetized many archaeologists, shamans, seekers, and tourists from around the world. Many people from all over the world felt called to this specific journey. This sacred place must embody something. Can you tell us about the purpose and meaning of this ancient city and its various structures, and explain why people feel called to make this journey? 

Vera Lopez: Thank you, Esther, for this question. I feel as if Machu Picchu is part of my soul, so I am always happy to talk about this sacred place and share what I know. I have been guiding sacred journeys to Machu Picchu for over 30 years. I have had amazing, mystical experiences inside this sanctuary, and yet, I do not believe anyone can really give you a full answer to your question, as a part of the magic of Machu Picchu is its timeless mystery; it is a place that must be experienced rather than explained. Sure, those that have developed a deep relationship with this sacred site can share the downloads and transmissions they have received, but nothing compares to the message that Machu Picchu has to share with all those she calls. 

As I’ve reflected, researched, and experienced over the last thirty years, I have come to know that the ancient Andean civilization was intentional and deeply connected to the realms of consciousness. For example, within the cosmology of the Andean people, there are three realms, or worlds of consciousness—the Kay Pacha (the physical world), the Hanan Pacha (the cosmic world), and the Ukhu Pacha (the underworld). Each temple and sacred site pay homage to one of these three worlds. The ancient Andean people did this as a way to remain connected with these worlds and anchor these dimensional energies within their everyday life. Not only were the ancient Andeans, or the Inca, deeply connected to these three worlds, they also understood the knowledge of energy and worked this knowledge into their sacred sites and structures.  

Machu Picchu, like all ancient Incan sites, was built with intention and proper planning. Each stone in Machu Picchu was placed for a reason and with intention, each piece functioning like a puzzle piece of the holographic whole. With all the details set in place, it forms an energetic field that can elevate one’s consciousness and foster a deep nurturing of one’s heart. The area of Machu Picchu generates the highest expression of conscious, love. To this day, this ancient structure emanates love across the planet to support in healing and raising the vibration of our world. When you visit and walk throughout Machu Picchu, it helps you remember who you truly are and awaken your sacred calling. It is a very powerful place on our planet and is much needed, especially within these times.  

Machu Picchu has been called many things. For me, I still believe the way my mentor, Chuma, the highest Priestess of Machu Picchu, referred to it as being the most appropriate and accurate. Chuma spoke of Machu Picchu as a University, a sacred gathering place for chosen women to study the highest level of spirituality. Chuma would share that Machu Picchu was intentionally built on top of a sacred mountain nestled deep within the silent jungle, so those who were called could study the magic and mysteries of the cosmos itself. Like the planets, the stars, and all those beings that interact with us from these higher levels of existence. Chuma called Machu Picchu as the place where one could study the past, present, and future science.  

As far as why do people feel called to make this journey? 

It is a very personal call. When I was first called, I did not know why; all I knew is that I had to go. The feeling was so strong that I could not understand it. The mind is the one that needs the answer to the “why,” while the heart always knows. The heart’s knowing is above words or definitions. It is that deep peace that accepts and knows we must be there for a divine reason—one that can only be experienced, and no words can describe. Over the years, as I listen to my groups from all around the world, I hear them say that Machu Picchu changes them in ways that they cannot explain, but they know deep down they will never be the same. They feel altered in some way, and report feeling their heart expand beyond what they knew was possible.  

For me, I trust the mystery of Machu Picchu. I know that it is a place of great power, and for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, this sacred sanctuary will awaken the soul in such a way that will be forever changing and transformative.  

Machu Picchu,

Esther Haasnoot: Some feel especially called staying within the city ruins of Machu Picchu, while other ones feel the drive climbing Huayna Picchu. What is the deeper meaning of the two pathways people choose from? 

Vera Lopez: Huayna Picchu is a portal to the underground realm or the great within. It is believed that true healing can only take place when we go inside ourselves and uncover what is hidden from our awareness. Huayna Picchu has this vibration—it supports us in diving deep within ourselves so that we can bring to the surface all the memories, pain, and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck or stagnated within our spiritual evolution. Once these things have come to the surface of our consciousness, Huayna Picchu supports us in transmuting them so we can open ourselves to greater possibilities and potentials.  

When one gets to the peak of Huayna Picchu, they often experience an immense liberation. For me, I experienced a sense of freedom that I have never experienced before. Once at the top, it is possible to commune with the Hanan Pacha—the Spirits of the Upperworld and Great Above. I would say Huayna Picchu is the path of healing and liberation from one’s fears.  

While Huayna Picchu is a pathway to the Great Within, Machu Picchu provides us access to all the realms, and it will gently guide us to the portal we are most ready to work with. While Huayna Picchu can be harsher or more abruptly intense, Machu Picchu is gentle. It is kind and nurturing to our bodies and spirits, much like a mother would be to her child. I would say Machu Picchu is a nurturing path where we can remember who we truly are. 

Esther Haasnoot: Ancient shamanic ancestors drew upon the natural world’s forces and used them to understand the universe. Through the synthesis of these elements and their observations gleaned from the natural world. Some shamanic traditions have the perspective that the universe is separated into three different levels of existence. What are the three worlds of the Andean cosmology and their animal totems, and what do they represent? 

Vera Lopez: The Andean Cosmology is divided into three different worlds; each world is a dimension of consciousness guided by an archetypal animal or totem. These three worlds and their totems are: The Uku Pacha and the Snake, the Kay Pacha and the Puma, and the Hanna Pacha and the Condor.  

The Ukhu Pacha is the underworld or the lower world. The archetype of the snake governs it, and it is within this world that we can journey and connect with our subconsciousness. Within the Ukhu Pacha we have the opportunity to face denser, sometimes heavier energies. The lower worlds are often darker places, but they are also places where we can find our hidden gifts and talents. As the totem of the Ukhu Pacha, the snake teaches us to move with ease, focus, and wisdom. The snake and her medicine teach us to trust our instincts and shed what is no longer serving us. The medicine of the Snake and Ukhu Pacha is rebirth and new beginnings.  

The Kay Pacha is the Middle World of the Andean Cosmology, and it is the dimension of the living. The Kay Pacha is our present-day world. It is the realm of physical reality, or the earth itself. While the Ukhu Pacha is the unconsciousness mind, the Kay Pacha is the conscious mind. The animal guardian of the Kay Pacha is the Puma. The Puma walks with strength and beauty upon the earth, and its medicine reminds us of our own inner strength as well as our own inner beauty and light. The Puma teaches us that it is important to live a life surrendered to a higher order. The Puma can offer us support to head in the right direction and to take the steps we need to move towards our destiny and highest form.  

The third world of the Andean Cosmology is the Upper Worlds or the Hanan Pacha. The Hanan Pacha is the cosmic dimension. It is the place of highest consciousness and it is here that we have the union of everything in connection with divine order. The Hanan Pacha is the realm of the Gods and the Beings of Light. We can obtain a broader vision for life—one that is connected to wisdom and knowledge. The Condor is the animal totem of the Hanan Pacha. The Condor can offer us the medicine of vision—teaching us to see the bigger picture and understanding of life. The Condor is the messenger, and it is the one that carries our prayers to the Creator to be manifested in this dimension.  


Esther Haasnoot: The Andean people built entire cities and sacred temples using these three animals as models. While the hummingbird does not personify or represent one of the three worlds within the Andean cosmology, the hummingbird does also hold deep significance within Andean culture; why is that?  

Vera Lopez:  While the Condor is considered the “king in the air” and is the totem for the Hanan Pacha, or the Upper Worlds, it still feeds on carrion. This does not make the Condor less sacred, but it does make its energy denser.  

The hummingbird also holds importance and value to the ancient Inca because it feeds solely on the nectar of joy.  A hummingbird can feed from the heart of a flower and the flower can continue to live. The hummingbird can provide itself without causing and destruction to life.  To the ancient Inca, the hummingbird is the medicine of joy. It is the bringer of new initiation, and it is directly connected to the angelic realm. Hummingbird teaches us to strive for the sweetness of life— the essence in everything—and to find the light in the heart of every living experience.  

The Incas walk through their evolution with the goal to become a hummingbird, but before one can become one with the hummingbird, the ancient Inca knew that they had to first produce within their own hearts that which a hummingbird seeks—pure, sweet joy. This is the gift of the hummingbird, and why it is sacred to the Andean people—it connects humans to the power of God—joy, and love—and it raises one’s consciousness to the fifth level of consciousness evolution.  

Esther Haasnoot: While each of these worlds can be viewed as an actual dimensional place of existence, from a modern shamanic psycho-spiritual perspective, they can also be seen as representations of certain aspects of our psyche and consciousness. How do these different worlds or levels of consciousness influence our everyday life?  

Vera Lopez:  It’s said the Incas were not only great astronomers, but they were great psychologists as well, and I have to agree. Their cosmology speaks not only to realms of realities outside of us but also to the realms within us. Using each of the three realms—the Ukhu Pacha, the Kay Pacha, and the Hanan Pacha—within our everyday life can bring a broader perspective not only to the world around us and our relationship with it but also to the worlds residing deep within us.  

In many of my own experiences navigating the Andean Cosmology’s realms, I saw myself in the different levels of my own, inner conscious. This perspective has helped me guide my groups and clients through their own healing journeys. For example, when I guide a client through the Ukhu Pacha, the Andean Underworld, I am also supporting them in exploring their own subconsciousness mind. Here they can connect to their shadows selves and heal whatever may be repressed within them. Sometimes this type of journey can be frightening, so it is helpful to introduce the Great Snake so my clients can feel safe and protected to proceed with these heavier journeys. Having an ally to make these journeys, like a Snake, a Puma, or a Condor, can be supportive in going to deeper levels of healing and awareness. Taking this deep dive, and seeing the journey through until the end, is incredibly rewarding.  

I truly believe that combining the Andes’ ancient wisdom with our modern-day consciousness provides humanity with a key to embodied wholeness. Through these different worlds and archetypes, we can harness (and explore) aspects of our own being and remember who we came here to be.  

Esther Haasnoot: In all indigenous cultures around the world, we find that within the various tribes and communities, there is always one sect or one person in the village who can read the stars. Whether they were called priests, shamans, seers, or astrologers, these wise men and women were important to the whole village’s success and life. How did these seers know how to read and follow the movement of the stars? Who showed them and nurtured them in these shamanic mysteries?  

Vera Lopez: Ah this is such a powerful question, and it leads us into the heart of the Andes people, for they believed that they were Children of the Sun. They knew they come from Hanan Pacha—the Great Above— and they knew their sacred purpose was to bring heaven onto earth. Again, the Inca were a deeply intentional society, and they were also deeply connected to the plants, the mountains, the rivers, the stars, and the planets. To them, everything embodied a life-force energy and held important wisdom.  

The planets and stars guided them on when to plant and harvest crops. The relationship between the Inca people and the cosmos was strong as their essential livelihoods deepened upon the stars and planets’ movement. Sure, the shamans were watching the stars and receiving messages from the Great Above, but this ability was not only limited to a select or special few; it was available to all the Inca because, to the Inca, they believed they were descendants or Children of the sun.  

How did they learn this? I would dare say they always knew. Perhaps it is us that has forgotten our own relationship to the natural world and marvel at ancient societies for their connections to it. If we reflect on the fact that we all come from the Great Mystery and we each carry this divine wisdom within us, then perhaps we can reawaken our own connection to the natural world and glean the wisdom that comes from those beings residing within it. Maybe in doing so, we will remember an ability so innate and natural to us. It will be like a baby just knowing how to breathe.  

Esther Haasnoot: It has been prophesied that the Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North must fly together to awaken the children of the earth. This prophecy speaks about the union of heart and mind and the awakening of the heart’s wisdom. This prophecy is not limited to those living within South America and North America; instead, it is a prophecy for everyone upon the earth. We are living in the time of the great awakening; what is your vision on that? 

Vera Lopez: It is interesting that I answer this question as we leave 2020 and enter the year 2021. 2020 was a year of initiation – one that is still being integrated and assimilated; our journey with these lessons of 2020 has only begun. For those that are more spiritually inclined or spiritually awakened, it was clear that the initiation of 2020 was teaching us that we can no longer afford to live our life with separation consciousness. We cannot continue to move in the world thinking our actions do not affect those, and the world, around us. This way of thinking—being so strongly focused on the self as opposed to the unity of the whole—is rooted within the ego-mind, and it is destroying our planet. This way of thinking has not yet surrendered to the idea of unity consciousness or oneness.  

The prophecy of the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South speaks to the union of the mind and heart—the type of consciousness needed at this time on our planet. The Eagle and the Condor are not competing with one another but rather working together in harmony and synergy. Again, this is symbolic of the mind and heart working together as one force, rather than two separate aspects of self. This prophecy speaks of unity, greater love, and greater consciousness for individuals and the world. In the prophecy, the Eagle and the Condor are not fighting or competing for space in the sky; instead, they are dancing with each other in the expanded air realm. This union of the heart and mind, the Condor and the Eagle, shows us we can change what we are creating by moving differently, by choosing from the place that is created when the heart and mind are one. This prophecy speaks of the union of the heart and mind moving together as one force, creating heaven here on earth. 


Esther Haasnoot: We know that the earth has had a long history, with many civilizations, some of them being highly advanced societies that came and went, leaving their legacy of consciousness and high technology in the form of megalithic constructions all around the world. The Celtics built Stonehenge and aligned this place to the winter and summer solstices’ energies. The ancient Egyptians built the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau and aligned these monolithic stone structures to the celestial bodies above. Monoliths appear currently throughout the world, including locations across North America, South America, Central America, and Europe. Why do they appear around the world? 

Vera Lopez:  When I go into my heart and remember all that I have learned from the Incas, the Celts, and the Egyptians, it is easy for me to trust (and know) that all of the ancient civilizations, and the creators of all of these monoliths, looked to the heavens as their guide and teacher. They paid attention to the movement of the stars and heavens. They watched the planets and watched how the sun would wax and wane during different parts of the year. They were not only closely attuned to the earth around them but also to the stars above them. 

Although each of these ancient civilizations – the Egyptians, the Celts, and the Inca – were miles apart, all of these societies looked to the stars and the heavens for guidance. They built these temples, or monoliths, to anchor the heavenly wisdom from above down onto the earth. These ancient civilizations knew the truth within the modern spiritual maxim – we are spiritual beings with a human experience. The construction of these temples and monoliths is a grounding of these higher spiritual energies that are evoked during powerful alignments of the planets and stars. They knew that bringing Heaven to Earth was a shared mission for all humanity – regardless of race, creed, or tribe, we are all spirit, and we are all one. This was the legacy each of these societies left us with these monoliths – the essence and spirit of unity and connection.

Esther Haasnoot: In Andean shamanism’s traditions, the Andes people view the world as an interconnected being of existence. They also see all life as sacred. Can you tell us more about the principle of reciprocity? 

Vera Lopez: Within the Andean tradition, there are not rigid laws, rules, or dogma. In fact, within the Andes, there’s only one governing principle or law: Ayni, the principle of reciprocity. Ayni truly reflects the beauty and heart of the Andes tradition because it encompasses the natural flow of life; it is the universal balance of giving and receiving. For the Inca, Ayni is a reflection of the world around us and our relationship with it. It shows us how all of life is interconnected, and balance can only be achieved through the dance of giving and receiving. 

Ayni is actually a Quechua word that translates to mean, “today for you, tomorrow for me.” This reciprocity spoke about the relationship between oneself and another, whether it is a community member, family member, plant, stone, animal—Ayni is all about the magic that is fostered within relationships when one openly shares from the heart. 

For those in the high Andes, Ayni is not an obligation or a duty; rather, it is ingrained in their way of life. Ayni lives within the heart of the Andes people, and you see this in their daily exchanges with one another. When one person receives a gift from another, he or she returns the favor by paying it forward. The ancient Inca knew the deep magic within reciprocity. They knew that when one gives to another, he or she also receives something as well. They knew that they touched the heart of the Divine through this dance and accessed greater levels of consciousness. 

Esther Haasnoot: The COVID-19 pandemic has put a great deal of humanity in lockdown and caused a significant amount of change. We know that many people struggle and feel confused. We also know that if we hit rock bottom, it is time to cultivate new values, reassess our priorities, and get real about what our needs really are. Can you tell us what is essential for our lives to move forward in harmony, balance, and connection? 

Vera Lopez:  Esther, I wish I had the perfect answer to this big question. I think it is important to preface my answer by sharing that I believe earth is a mystery school where souls come to learn and experience the lessons of duality. For centuries, all of humanity has been living in the tension of duality, specifically within the tension of love and fear. I feel that we have been dancing between these two poles (love and fear) for quite some time, and with a lot of intensity. We see this dance not only played out on a larger collective scene, but it is also residing deep within each and every one of us as well. Personally, I believe that love and fear are a part of our evolution—our souls intentionally came to this planet to experience the medicine of these two polarities, and to participate within this collective dance is a part of our shared sacred purpose. 

But there comes a time when we must stop moving from one polarity to the other. The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor speaks about the union of the heart and mind. I believe that the times we are currently living in are supporting us to fully integrate the polarities of love and fear. Our brain is recognizing that we cannot function from just one aspect of ourselves. We need all aspects to show up to the table in harmony and balance in order for us to be whole human beings.

This pandemic has supported us in building a new neuropathway within ourselves, where we are bridging fear with love. Through this union, we are learning how to operate within reality from a different level of perspective and awareness. We are merging logic with intuition, spirit with science, light, and dark—what were once polar opposites are now coming together as one. This is one of the highest expressions of duality—not choosing one aspect over the other but bringing them both together in sacred union to form an oneness.

While there are many causes and effects related to COVID, and many of them we have yet to comprehend, I trust that this mystery of duality is one of them. Yes, we might all be hopeful for something to solve our global problem quickly. But whether that is a vaccine or some other means, if we do not integrate and fully metabolize this collective lesson, we will never truly experience a long-lasting solution. I truly believe that humanity must come together as one force governed by harmony, balance, and connection in order to generate a more permeant cure. 

Right now, it is essential that we all truly live from our hearts. Right now, we must all reach for the light and love that resides within each and every one of us and use this force to guide our everyday life. When we live from our heart, we live from an integrated place that unifies duality. When we live from our hearts, we can experience fear and also know there is love. We can experience darkness but also hold onto the light. We can have pain but still offer compassion. This is what we need right now on our planet—the wisdom of the heart is essential. When we live from the heart, we tap into a perspective where there is only love and respect—there is a recognition of the reciprocity shared amongst all beings. 

No longer can we solely take from the world or from our neighbors; we must also give back in order to sustain harmony and balance. We must remember that we are all one with the earth and live in such a way that honors this sacred connection. 

I know it’s a long answer, and I perhaps did not even need to answer it because truly the answer is deep inside each and every one of us. We all hold the key and know what is required. The question I would ask each and every one of us is: are we willing to apply what is essential in order to live a life of harmony, balance, and connection? Are we willing to live guided by love? 

Esther Haasnoot: That is an important question, Vera. Because what we are doing in service to ourselves, our community, and the world, which is our sacred purpose, must be met and carried through our hearts. So how can we live our lives in a sacred way and work with the frequencies and energies of heaven and earth? 

Vera Lopez: The answer to this is simple yet complex. To begin living our lives in a sacred way—connected to the energies of heaven and earth—we must first remember that each and every one of us, all human beings, are descendants of the Divine. However we define or relate to the Divine, it is important to know that we are it, and our sacred purpose is to embody this divine energy into our everyday life and share it with the world around us. Our planet has never needed more of heaven’s energy more than she needs it right now. Each of us has been called forth to support the anchoring of these celestial energies onto the planet. In order to fulfill this purpose, I truly believe that we must connect back to the ancient ways. The ancient traditions speak of oneness, and they embody the ways of the heart and spirit. At this time on our planet, we must remember that we are all interconnected to one another; we are all connected to the planet, the animals, and all living beings. This connection, and being in the right relationship with this connection, is who we truly are. And, it is our mission to bring wisdom, beauty, and love of the Heavens onto Earth. 


Esther Haasnoot: You are passionate about the Ayni Project, developed from your desire to help the Andes’ poor children. Can you tell us more about this project and how they can help you support it? 

Vera Lopez: The Ayni Project has birthed out my travels to Peru. This project was inspired by the timeless gifts that my groups and I received from Peru—the people, the temples, the land, and the spirits—during our trips, we wanted to give back to Peru and show our appreciation for the blessings received while in Peru. So, I created the Ayni Project. 

The Ayni Project is a way for my groups and I to extend our own blessings to Peru’s people. The Ayni Project collects donations throughout the year, and all donations go to purchasing shoes, coats, blankets, toys, and other needed items for the harsh climates of the high Andes Mountains. When each of my groups journeyed with me to Peru, we visit a village high up in the mountains and bless them with these gifts. 

The Ayni Project has been able to provide blankets, warm clothes, socks, shoes, garden tools, and other needed items to hundreds of Peruvian children, elders in need. Many of them live high up in the mountains, where the winters can be cold and harsh. There is always a lot of need in these Peruvian villages, so the Ayni Project is always busy collecting donations to support and gift these people. Based on what the Ayni Project receives in donations factors, it can give and support each year. Many years we give gifts, and in other years we have been able to rebuild homes after devastating natural disasters. For me, the Ayni Project is an extension of my sacred purpose. I am passionate about using the funds collected to support the children and elders in need. When possible, I find ways to benefit the entire family or village by blessing them with your generosity. 

To support and donate to the Ayni Project, please send your contribution via PayPal to Spirits of the Earth by using the following email address:

In Gratitude, Vera Lopez.



Lopez_VeraVera Lopez is the founder of Spirits of the Earth, a travel company specializing in spiritual journeys to sacred sites. She is a transformation teacher, shamanic minister, and Andean priestess, who has received direct initiation from shamanic elders in several traditions, including the Q’eros of Peru. She lives in Sedona, Arizona.

Linda Star Wolf, Ph.D., is the founding director and president of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and Venus Rising University. The creator of the Shamanic Breathwork process, she has led countless workshops and certified hundreds of Shamanic Breathwork facilitators around the world. She is the author of several books, including Soul Whispering and Shamanic Breathwork. Star Wolf lives in western North Carolina.

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