The law of attraction and the ego

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The law of attraction and the ego

When the Law of Attraction surfaced in a pop culture way, it brought a lot of hope to many people that we could begin to control our circumstances. Though this is true, many of us are beginning to find that this process is not as easy as simply applying affirmations. There is also more that we can consider as “thought.” Thoughts are everywhere, after all; conscious ones, unconscious ones, personal ones, collective ones, etc. Which, all these thoughts are manifesting in direct and indirect (symbolic) ways.

Many of us also have never stopped to ask ourselves “Why do my thoughts want what they want?” or “Does what I am going for can incur other less favorable side effects for myself or for the collective (if a collective is going for the same things)?” So, while we may have part of the “Secret,” there still seems something more to learn.

Part of the problem is that when people started hearing, teaching, and promoting some of these concepts of attraction and manifestation, they got twisted in order to accommodate our present lifestyles. Thus, such metaphysical concepts came to be primarily used to serve a dysfunctional world. Why did this happen? Understandably, it happened because of the ego, and because of our need to serve our base wants, needs, fears, and desires.

Men who had not fully awakened became teachers of metaphysical concepts. They taught such concepts from a state of not fully knowing their Divine Self; other than within the mental realm. Because they did not fully know their Divine Self, they were unable to teach others how to fill an inner void with anything other than aspects of the material world. If they had first understood that such a void can only be filled with self-love and Self-understanding, things would be very different.

While my intention is not to fault others for what many of us had no way to understand, most of us were taught these metaphysical concepts from a perspective that involved listening to what our egos told us was the way for such concepts to be used: to advance in the world of form (in order to try to fill an inner void through external means).

As many of us within the new-age community began to heed these concepts taught by men who were lost, we became lost ourselves. Not that we were not lost before. It is a predominant human condition for man to be lost and seeking social, physical, and other forms of survival in ways that seem to separate him from who he truly is.

It is also easier for most of us to grasp concepts if we can relate them to our current needs, lifestyles, ways of living, and desires. This was naturally easier for us to do than to listen to those who have achieved awakening and enlightenment, but who did so by making certain sacrifices of the flesh. So, the idea that we can become enlightened without having to make any sacrifices was, naturally, a welcome idea; even though it kept us enslaved and addicted—though I trust that even our enslavement and addictions do, within a bigger picture, have a purpose as part of a divine plan.

Used as a toy for our egoic whims, the metaphysical concepts beneath the Law of Attraction end up misguidedly supporting and enhancing our preoccupation with materialism, consumerism and our flesh natures. This naturally encouraged us to further enter into duality, instead of coming out of it; to focus within the mind, instead of the heart; to control, manipulate, and focus on outcomes, as opposed to trusting, accepting and cherishing the present moment. It also served to keep us in bondage to certain manifestations and corrupt institutions that have been collectively created. (By using the term ‘corrupt,’ I mean unconscious or unenlightened).

Using the Law of Attraction to enhance and support these creations, even if indirectly or unconsciously, ends up limiting us in our very use of the Law of Attraction, because we then feel we have to manifest inside of a metaphorical box, i.e. we can only manifest in ways in which we cooperate with and adhere to all of society’s wayward definitions, systems, governments, customs, and dictates. Which, the toxic fruits of this preoccupation are becoming increasingly more evident within our natural world.

There is hope, however!

If we can begin to deprogram ourselves concerning everything that we have been taught, we can return to the wisdom of our greatest masters of the past and present who have tried to teach us a better way. Unfortunately, sometimes this wisdom becomes lost or sidelined.

Does all of this mean that we should never use the Law of Attraction to manifest into the world of form? Of course not! Jesus manifested material miracles all the time! My whole point is that a state of mind I like to call miracle-mindedness can blossom when we step outside the box and begin to manifest from being centered within our Divine Self, rather than in attempting to satisfy the whims, anxieties and fear of loss or of not being enough of our egos. There is currently a backward process that is occurring in our naive approach toward manifesting miracles, which makes our path very different from the one that Jesus took. His path stemmed from true love and a feeling of wholeness, while our approach comes from feeling incomplete, lacking, and in need of filling a void within.

So, how will we know if our desire to manifest originates from an impulse within the Divine Self or something within the ego?

We will know through whether we are obsessing upon future manifestation as opposed to finding gratitude through recognizing the sacredness and abundance within the present moment. The former approach prevents us from possessing miracle-mindedness. This is because of our obsession with the material, as well as a need for control, blocks our ability to witness the abundance and miracle within the present moment. Missing this true miracle, we can never see it as present, but only as happiness and contentment to be attained at a future time or place–since our present is not good enough or miraculous enough in itself.

Furthermore, due to our egos and our lack of ability to find wholeness and completeness within the Self, most of our current manifestation programs have to be focused on creating in-between steps and realities. For example, our manifesting money, worth, successes, or other things is an in-between step we use toward manifesting something else; whether this ‘something else’ is of material gain or is a feeling of security, happiness or ease. We think “if I had more money I could buy more of this or have more of that.”

So, what can we do?

We can begin to awaken to and to release the ego and its attachments, addictions, and anxieties. A Course in Miracles is an amazing reference for learning how to do this. While the Course says it is in “Miracles,” most of its lessons are geared towards helping us learn to release the world and its attachments; to release the need to be special; to release labels; and to recognize that most of what we strive for in the world is an illusion. So, part of this first step would be to begin to question things, such as concepts of “success” and “failure,” all the rules we obey, how we can feel enough inside, how we have been affected by social programming and media etc.

Additionally, instead of attempting to manifest more and more attachments, we could focus on manifesting within us the feeling that we are really seeking to achieve; such as a sense of security, happiness or ease that is independent of needing us to manifest money, worth, success or other things. What I have noticed is that focusing upon simply manifesting the in-between steps seems to end up ‘attracting’ an addiction to this process; and instead of manifesting from a yin state of being, we attempt to manifest from a yang state of striving and over-thinking. The pitfall to this kind of manifestation program is that our cup never becomes quite full enough; once having manifested what was wanted, it is still not enough, and there is a need to manifest something more.

All in all, manifestation can become your own individual process and journey. You can always learn through whatever you manifest whether it is “negative” or “positive” because there is always a reason for why you wanted to manifest something, or if it came from wanting to fill a place within that did not feel whole or enough. For, you are enough! We are all enough! The ego likes to trick us that we are unworthy and need more to complete ourselves, but we and everyone around us are enough just as we are!

Source: OMTimes

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