The moon inspires gentle change and growth

(OMTimes | Diane Wing) The cycles of the moon show us change and growth. The moon is ever-present, yet constantly changing. We watch its path across the sky each night and its phases taking it from dark to full, the light gradually diminishing in its waning cycle. The moon changes appearance in small increments. It moves into a new zodiac sign every two or three days.

The moon inspires

As the moon transitions across the sky and throughout the zodiac, we feel its energy shift and align with its movement consciously or unconsciously. We may start a new project during the new moon phase and complete the work during the full moon. During the waning moon, we may feel compelled to purge our belongings or clear old energies, relationships, and situations.

When the moon moves from one zodiac sign to another, its energies take on the characteristics of that sign, which we can then use to our advantage. For example, the Moon in Cancer (the Moon rules Cancer) is good to address issues of the home, while the Moon in Capricorn is a time to focus on business and organization.

The Moon represents feminine, receptive energy, calling us to be open to the energies around us and the intuitive messages available to all of us. It is symbolic of the changes we experience over time and the continuing cycle of personal growth.

the moon

The moon shows the course of gentle change

All of these shifts proceed in small stages, without effort and as a matter of course. In the same way, we shift and change, many times without realizing it. With each experience, with each new piece of information, we learn and grow. The change may not be evident until we are faced with a decision or begin discussing a situation and discover that our perspective has changed or our decision-making process has matured.

Our reaction to any given situation may differ from one day to the next, impacted by the level of stress, degree of fatigue, or circumstances at hand. Each aspect affects our perspectives, behaviors, and choices. Subtle shifts change the way we approach life. Over time, personal experiences help us grow and mature if we attend to the messages held within them. An evolution is possible when we apply the lessons these experiences afford. This process promotes a gradual understanding of ourselves, the awareness emerging slowly, gently, until we wake up one day and realize we have undergone a dramatic change.

In this way, we are called to evolve. It is natural and necessary. What is not natural is stagnation. Where there are lengthy periods of standstill, decay begins and the process breaks down. Unlike the moon, we have a choice whether or not to go through the necessary changes and move through the waxing, fulfilling, and waning periods of life, learning and growing along the way.

Those who choose to stay the same, preferring the way they were in earlier days, miss the opportunity to discover who they are at various stages of life and benefit from the revelation. Rather than resisting, it is wise to flow like the changing cycles of the Moon. By experiencing gentle change and growth, we are able to acclimate to one shift before the next occurs. This promotes balance and balance promotes health and inner peace.

the moon

What the moon teaches us about natural cycles

The Moon reminds us that nothing stays at the same energetic level, but rather begins at zero and gathers strength as we accumulate knowledge about ourselves and our place in the world. This is followed by a plateau that leads to diminished energy signaling a time for rest and rejuvenation. To contradict the natural cycle of increase and decrease is to experience burnout and fatigue.

We need to become adept at sensing our natural cycles. They occur throughout the day, as well as the longer monthly cycles. When we feel tired, rest is needed. When we are energized, we need to use the energy effectively and productively. It sounds simple, but many people push through the fatigue and continue striving when they are being called to step back and pause to catch their breath before pressing on.

So when we look up at the moon, consider where we are in the microcosm of our unique path in life. Open to the possibilities available. Be receptive to growth and change that leads to accomplishing short- and long-term goals. Sense when the time is right to pursue your dreams and when it is important to rest. Follow inner guidance in walking the path of becoming the person you are meant to be. Allow your natural cycles to gently lead you or pull you away. Exercise receptivity and accept intuitive guidance for growth.

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Diane Wing, M.A., is a tree hugger, avid reader, blockage buster, perspective changer, philosopher, creator, and pet parent to a Shih Tzu named Chrissy. She gets energized from continuous learning and strives to help her clients be happy in the present while creating their ideal future. If you’re tired of skimming the surface of what’s holding you back and are ready to see things differently.

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