We must learn that love matters.

Five hundred years ago, in the 1490s, Eagle-people became so powerful they threatened the very existence of Condor-people. This was painfully apparent in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Fortunately, the Aztecs—also Eagle-people—had the wisdom to see where their inventiveness was headed. They returned to a more sustainable, equitable way of living in smaller communities rather than hierarchical power structures.

Such clarity of purpose did not exist for the Eagle-people who colonized North America. In the subsequent 500 years—up to and including today, they repeatedly imposed their oppression and annihilation on the indigenous people and minority immigrants.

We had not yet learned that love matters.

Earthlings are at a tipping point in history. The eagle represents the mind’s intellect that exhibits masculine power and inventiveness—creative consciousness. The condor represents the heart’s wisdom that exhibits feminine power and compassion—sympathetic consciousness. These two competing forces must work together to ensure the continued, balanced existence of Pachamama.

The prophecy states that during this present 500-year period, beginning in the 1990s, the opportunity will arise for the eagle and the condor to come together, to fly peacefully and cooperatively in the same sky, to create a new level of consciousness for humanity. It is up to all people of planet Earth to make this story a reality. Pachamama (Mother Earth) has commissioned us, her Pacha-people, to create a new, sustainable consciousness for ourselves, our planet, and the universe.

Indigenous elders throughout the world bequeathed the story of “The Eagle and The Condor,” so their next seven generations of kin would remember and learn from the successes and mistakes of their ancestors.

By the turn of the 2000 millennium, the Achuar, living in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, saw the outside threat of colonization and its negative effects of logging, farming, cattle raising, and oil mining on their ancient, pristine land and life. The Achuar dreamed—initiated the possibility—that Eagle-people from the north would wake up and help them protect and reinvent Earth and recommit to its enormous potential. They asked the world to limit its ravenous global consumption of natural resources that threaten not only the Achuar’s land and culture but the health and prosperity of the entire planet.

Awakened Pacha-people banded together. The “mind” of the modern world stood with the Achuar to protect their land and culture. The “heart” of the indigenous world educated and inspired people all over the planet to embrace sustainability that promotes continuance and unity.

Pacha-people finally learned that love matters!

Pachamama can meet the diverse needs of multiple beings. In fact, diversity is key to her and our longevity. What she cannot tolerate are hoarders—those living unsustainably while consuming far more than they need with little awareness or respect for the needs of others.

Pachamama does NOT expect us to claim residence in the jungle; to become hunters and gatherers. She does, however, request that we listen to indigenous people who consult with their ancestors as they seek balance and sustainability. She insists that we pay attention to the wants and needs of all her people. She demands that we stop the mindless consumption of her limited resources.

According to the prophecy, we are at that moment in time and space and history when the eagle and the condor must come together to fly in the same sky.

The Eagle’s Mind and the heart of the condor must unite as one being to ensure the balanced continuation of all Pacha-people and the planet.

To actualize the prophesy told by our ancient ancestors, we must accept the notion that we are the people we have been waiting for. We are the keepers of the dream—the fulfillers of the prophecy. Our space and time are here and now. We are one planet and one people. Let’s get after it together, with gratitude and praise to Pachamama!

Source: OMTimes