The twin soul journey

(OMTimes | Deane Thomas) As you grow, you will recognize your twin soul is always with you in all dimensions.

The realities of a twin soul / twin flame journey

There is much information in the spiritual community regarding the twin flame/twin soul phenomena. An increasing number of individuals have awakened to the realization that a person in their life is a twin soul, and it triggers an amazing sequence of feelings and sensations. These are often inexplicable within the confines of a traditional connection or relationship, and then the search for answers begins.

What can be said of the twin soul connection is the deep feeling inside that just keeps forcing its way through to one’s conscious and unconscious mind. For those that have lived very busy and preoccupied lives, this feeling is amplified to a point of crisis. The crisis can trigger a deep realization that the connection is not ordinary. It has, in many cases, a higher purpose. At this time, you begin to seek answers. But where do you begin?

Those twin souls who have not led a very spiritual life will seek answers through counseling and/or therapy. This allows you to look at the life events that bring us to the crisis in question. Most twin souls have experienced an abusive or traumatic childhood and adopted life templates from family members, which lead to the forming of repetitive patterns. When we begin to take a look at the psychology and enter into a deeper awareness of the current life experience, it is quite clear to see the source of the problem.

Psychological needs of a twin soul

It is essential to take the brave step of examining the patterns in your life under a microscope. Begin to process and unravel the events that lead to the secrets, and the very places your psyche has blocked or denied access to. The confrontation of oneself becomes apparent; you are staring at things that have been hidden, in most cases for most of your life. Your ego will play havoc and will do everything in its power to prevent you from unraveling the truth. Ego has kept you going, living and surviving to this point, yet why are you repeating similar events?

The ego is an amazing asset, but one that needs to be tamed by its master. It is the making and breaking of humans, the very root of most of today’s social problems. Just look at the boom in the counseling, psychology, psychic and meditation businesses. This is a good indicator that there is a real demand from society to understand problems and situations as well as a desire to fix them. This is far more obvious now with the increasing number of people experiencing spiritual awakening all over the world.

When we confront our truth for this lifetime, we will begin to heal the wounds. We will forgive those we need to, disconnect from those we should, make changes in our psyche, and will begin to reprogram our thought processes. We are effectively healing our inner child and allowing him or her to grow and become a teenager.

At this point, you are in a new phase of evolution as a person. You really have to learn how to communicate or respond to situations in everyday life again. This is a difficult task, but you have a new set of tools to rely on. It is very easy for the ego to keep coming back to try to force you to revert to your old ways and methods. You are a graduate of life again, and at whatever age you are, this is all about growing up again as you are beginning a new life.

Spiritual growth of a twin soul

This psychological work will undoubtedly cleanse the emotional and physical baggage of this life experience. Then, more often than not, comes the spiritual growth and/or awakening. This is a whole new process of evolution. You ask yourself again, ‘what is happening to me?‘ This is the point you again ask questions about the person that keeps coming back into your thoughts, your dreams, and your day-to-day activity.

Some twin souls have powerful telepathic connections, while others have the ability to sense and feel, and still, others are connecting through traditional 3-D ways. Despite having gone through deep psychological purging, you are not crazy and you have proven that by dealing with the psyche. This is something far bigger than us.

One should be careful not to believe all that is written or said, as you will feel something is missing. The search for answers continues in earnest. You should look at the synchronicities you shared and what you have in common. How did you meet? What experiences did you share while you were physically together? One of the most profound sensations is the sexual connection, which is a key sign of a twin soul connection. Some describe the encounter as “out-of-body,” “the best experience,” and “multi-dimensional.”

Many twin souls have met in the strangest of situations; they have different cultural backgrounds and religions as well as big age differences, but always have the feeling of knowing each other. Each journey is unique and can never be compared to another. There are certain common attributes to twin connections, yet predominantly the validation comes from within.

The spiritual awakening is one of cleansing and purifying the very core of oneself. A purging of all ill feelings, dependencies, and habits, so you may reach a heightened awareness of the gifts you truly possess. It includes the ability to keep the ego in check and to recognize when it begins to play. Recognize your desire to drastically change your life, and accept that you do have a mission and purpose. This will allow you to grow internally with a sense of peace and harmony, refilling your life with self-love.

There comes a time when we are able to be in the zero point of consciousness. We become more in tune with what is going on around us in nature; we are in touch with who we are. As our spirituality grows, our psyche begins to intertwine. In effect, they merge and create a whole new template – the template of oneness. In the end, it defines who we are. We are truth, we are love, we are, you are, and I AM.

The twin soul reality

The twin soul/twin flame journey is not a relationship in the typical definition. It is an amazing adventure that leads us to oneness. Through healing and growth, the twin souls blossom, raise their vibrations and begin to realize their mission and purpose. It is intended for twin souls to reunite for a final incarnation. Ultimately, this is pre-agreed in the contracts between the Divine and the twin souls. It is important to continue to live life, and to grow and mature while remembering the connection is in the higher realms.

Never lose touch of who you are. As you grow, you recognize your twin soul is always with you in all dimensions. Should you have experienced a physical encounter with your twin soul and have managed to evolve yourself, or are having signs or synchronicities, it may be an idea to reach out to your beloved. If it is possible to physically meet them, do so. At that time, you will know for sure the reality of who they are.

About the author

Deane experienced a physical relationship with his twin. Spending nearly four years together, he has healed and grown spiritually, and now dedicates his time to helping, healing, and teaching others. He has launched a project to help sufferers of PTSD and transfer of trauma.

Source: OMTimes

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