Why broken promises can (and will) steal your thunder

(OMTimes | Humanity healing) Are you aware that broken promises to yourself can put you in a downward spiral and prevent you from achieving your life goals?

Broken promises can steal your thunder – 8 ways negative motivation will ruin your plans

Many of us can remember one occasion or another where we promised ourselves something.  We have promised ourselves that we will be happier when we lose weight, when we get that Job, or when we arrive at a perceived destination in life. We promise ourselves we are going to stop smoking, to start saving, to be happier. At the end of the day, many of us had only broken our personal promises to ourselves, but what could be the danger of that, if any. It Can’t be that bad, right? Wrong.

Broken promises to ourselves are single handed the most damaging behavior we can have towards ourselves, and it is also an act of negative motivation because in doing so, we stop to trust in ourselves.

Broken promises to ourselves and others function as a clog on the energy flow of your life. Just like it is difficult to heal when we are still too attached to energies of the past, the hurt caused by broken promises can compromise, the way we see ourselves, in the way we relate to ourselves, how we relate to others and our ability to trust.

To trust oneself is an essential aspect of living in alignment with our life goals, intentions, and Purpose. To succeed in life and to be able to surf all life’s ebbs, one must be self-reliant, confident and trust your own guts.  To have a negative motivation does not necessarily mean to have destructive intent.

Think with me: if you do not trust yourself, then who will?

The process of trusting oneself, in this case, must happen from the inside out and not the opposite.

Rigorous examination of our mental and emotional processes may lead us to find that to a large extent they are negatively motivated. Our Ego tends to create barriers around us to “protect “us from potential suffering and to guarantee our self -preservation. Many of these artificially created Ego devices are based on fear and discouragement., and let’s face it, negative motivations. This negative shield of suppressed emotions does not shelter you from anything, it may seem that this negative armor gives you the illusion of protection and safety, but actually, this protection only mirrors back to you everything you need to work on inside yourself.  We can name 8 consequences of this negative shield.

1. Distrust in yourself

2. Lack of focus

3. Lack of specific goals and objectives

4. Higher levels of anxiety

5. Game of comparison with other people

6. Lack of consistency

7. Susceptible to constant distractions

8. Letting yourself be influenced by pessimistic people

It is practically impossible to be positively motivated without believing in ourselves. The good news is that we can access our greater internal resources and feel self-confident in matters of moments. We have all had moments of glory in our lives. Sometimes we forget those moments and let ourselves be carried away by unbelief and unproductive thoughts.

As we have seen, we need to be aware of the negative attitudes that can wipe out our positive motivation. Self-awareness is a big necessary step not to fall into mental traps and get lost on the way.

A grand strategy to keep us always motivated is to cultivate the habit of reading. There is nothing better than nourishing our mind with content that can transform our thoughts, emotions and influence your daily actions.

If you are committed to your results, then you should always be aware of the types of habits and behaviors that can consciously or unconsciously influence in your daily life.

Source: OMTimes

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