Why is my relationship crumbling?

(OMTimes | Jill M. Jackson) Each one of us enters into soul contracts before we incarnate. However, we have also been given free will. At times during a relationship, one partner chooses a different path toward their spiritual growth, which raises their vibration. If the other partner chooses a different path leading to a different vibration, the relationship may dissolve.

 Was your relationship pre-destined?

 As time progresses and we are traveling at what feels like jet speed, more and more relationships seem to be unraveling at the seams. At times, we may even begin to question our sanity.

Many of us during our lives have experienced a sense of déjà vu, through dreams, from entering a certain physical space, or possibly through an inner knowing that we have lived in another place and time. Some of us have had past life regressions and re-lived previous lives. A certified past life regressionist can provide an opportunity to re-experience past lives, while also providing a lesson that can be helpful in our current life.

We enter into soul contracts with various people, before we incarnate each lifetime. As our souls grow and expand from a new soul to a very old soul, we have experiences and lessons we choose to learn from each lifetime, which compel us to move forward towards expanding our soul growth.

Why has my love gone?

When we experience the trauma of a relationship coming to an end, one way to begin the healing process is to think about the higher spiritual meaning to help explain the result of the breakup.

One reason a relationship crumbles is when a spouse or partner has chosen not to further his or her soul growth at the same rate as the other partner. Imagine each of us traveling together side by side for many years, with our paths advancing in parallel and in unison. We vibrate at the same frequency. Then, one partner comes to a fork in the road and realizes that to remain on the same path as his or her significant other, a certain amount of work and changes would be required.

We have been given the gift of free will, and with free will comes the ability to make life choices, even if those choices do not align with our partner’s. One partner may choose not to continue the same path as the other, therefore growing apart.

As we move towards higher dimensions, it is now almost impossible to share our space with someone who does not have the same energy vibration as we do.  In previous times, we could remain with someone who did not share our beliefs so long as they supported our choices. This option is now a more difficult path to travel.

When our lessons from a relationship are complete, many times, we are given signs to help us know it’s time to move forward. The key is to pay attention to those signs. It is hard for many of us to accept what we feel is a failure. However, if we learn to embrace the change, we will allow ourselves to release, have faith, and emerge with renewed strength to begin on our final journey towards our lives filled with peace and enlightenment!

If we have refused to acknowledge the signs even when they hit us over the head, then our partners may realize on a soul level that our time together has come to an end. They may not even realize why they have made this decision, as it does come from perhaps a subconscious knowing on a soul level that it is in both people’s highest and best good to move forward.

Is there hope for new happiness?

True growth and completion come from thanking your partner’s soul for helping you move forward with this important step. Forgiveness for the pain and hurt is also vital in making advancements to new horizons.

We will be led to like-minded people who share our beliefs, passions, and soul-centered love for all, as we spiral towards higher dimensions and frequencies. Life changing transformations are possible when we can embrace the inner realization that life is a continuous journey with twists and turns along the way. When we empower ourselves, stand tall with pride, become humble with faith, and open our hearts wide, many times the magic that unfolds is more fulfilling than we can begin to imagine!

 About the author

Jill M. Jackson is the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics. She was given the Social Activism award in 2014. Jill is an international Psychic Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Speaker. Jill is also one of the OMTimes Experts. Jill is under contract with Creative Laughter Productions for a metaphysical television show.

Source: OMTimes

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