A biophysicist discovers new life after death

(Uplift) Science meets spirituality with new frontiers in cell healing

It’s not often that science and spirituality converge, but when they do, something truly potent occurs. Joyce Hawkes, PhD is a biophysicist and cell-biologist turned healer. Her work was honored with a national achievement award and she was a Fellow in the American Association for Advancement of Science for her research work.

Joyce fell in love with an electron microscope and her love of science was born. She was passionate about her vocation, but then something else happened. After an accident when a heavy picture hit her on the head, she came face to face with the afterlife. She met her grandmother and mother, and journeyed to the most beautiful place, spending several hours in this light, before suddenly coming back.

Following the near-death experience, Joyce changed careers and embarked on an extensive exploration of indigenous spiritual and healing traditions, which she incorporated in her books: Cell-Level Healing and Resonance.

In this fascinating talk, Joyce shares her story and how she combines the scientific and spiritual dimensions of life in her work today.

Source: Uplift

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