How to launch the new era with visualization and the retrocausal attractor

(Global Heart | Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.) How to launch the new era with visualization and the retrocausal attractor by using the Jupiter-Saturn Solstice conjunction. 

The dawn of a new era

We are definitely at the dawn of a new era with the Biden-Harris new U.S. admin soon to be sworn in, after such a long time of constriction, attrition, and regular doses of forceful laughter to expel the nightmarish Trump’s tone-deaf and alternate reality (thanks to Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, and more), while we sternly waited for the vaccination phase to overcome the pandemic crisis.

All the psi signals I receive tell me that this new era will be a time of unprecedented inventiveness and blossoming not only in the US but also in all countries worldwide that had to bear the monthly, then daily, and now hourly, crunch of it all as well.

Lets not avoid the gruesome and mortifying fact that no Western world leader has been so systematically undermining democracy with the intent of installing ones own autocratic regime since WW2. And if the Supreme Court had allowed the radical Trump majority in the GOP to overturn the elections results, that would have been the end of democracy in the USA, a renewed attack on the EU democratic federation, with a dangerous ripple effect on other Trump-aligned democracies worldwide. Another Trump term would have wrecked havoc on the planet, in terms of social justice and humanistic values, freedom of the press and of dissent, scientific knowledge (versus religious bigotry), and the fight against the climate crisis.

For now, the EU has been the most resistant federation or global power in the face of Trump onslaught; in my opinion, it has been one of the essential pillars of the resistance in the States, with the Black Lives Matter movement. The fact the EU has been able to tie its enormous December xx relief bill to member countries’ adherence to the state of law, as well as France reinforcing the separation of state and religion with its laicity law, speak volumes.

Europe has shown that its EU treaties and the near totality of its constitutional governments were robust enough to constitute a firewall to any attempt at rolling back modern human rights advances, and that its separation of state and religion was an immovable and unassailable principle. We have enshrined these principles (such as womens rights, LGTB+ rights, racial equality and gender parity, and more) in our EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (CFR) (2000) enforced by the Treaty of Lisbon (2009) in a way that strongly discourages member states to circumvent them.

And this is the least that a decent 21st century democratic constitution should give to its people (supposed to participate in the governance and the decision-making), that no human rights that have been granted to them will ever be taken back from them ever. It was gut-wrenching (for you in America, and for us in Europe) to witness whole communities fearing for their rights month after month, or even the young dreamers under the threat of deportation, and Trumps sad drive at bullying them.

But as human beings, this constant assault on our lives and intelligence has made us We the People, the morally decent, the lovers of justice and equality, respectful of divergence and of the environment rise in order to reject and defeat the autocratic and despotic derive as well as the threat from White Supremacists and militia and from baseless propaganda. The impressive resistance of US officials with integrity, empathy and principles, has been awe-inspiring and bolstering the awakening of our collective intelligence.

Yet, there will never be a going back or a simple erasing of what happened, given what the Europeans learned about America that its present federal Constitution and political conducts allow for the possibility of an intentional and systematic sabotage and perversion of the ethical fabric of the alliance of Western democracies and of democratic international organizations and international treaties upholding peace. While we experience a still suspended relief, we’re now acknowledging the threat the Trump admin has posed to the world peace, to cooperation and moral decency, not even to speak about the urgently needed cooperation to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to the most vulnerable countries and for healing our planet on fire (as Naomi Klein terms it). Expect, therefore, the seat at the table the US will be offered, despite the whole-hearted display of welcome and joy at seeing America back again, will be more akin to one in a round table of allies than to the foregoing head of the table. And well not relax until we see the most dangerous loopholes being curtailed to the extent that a despot-leaning, ignorant, bigot, mercurial, self-obsessed and immoral bully wont ever again be able to take over the reins of the U.S. democracy and that powerful lobbies are disallowed to corrupt Congress and federal departments, let alone to weigh in on presidential and federal appointees candidates.

A new era of innovative collective intelligence worldwide 

Just to be honest and to allow myself to express a more personal viewpoint, these nearly 5 years have been, as for so many of us whether inside or beyond the U.S., the worst in my life and the longest, slowest-moving ones. I had a bully as a 2.5 years older sister, and an alpha-male as a 7 years older brother, who made my childhood miserable for me and pestered me in a later life period. Yet, the need to fight for my own being and identity, and even my sheer protection from the time I was five, ended up making me forcefully independent, in charge of my own life and mind, and thoroughly indifferent to, and unbudged by any gaslighting, malevolent attack, or authoritarian pressure. Apart from this destiny strengthening my character and originality early on, I always wondered why I had again to endure it to great lengths much later in life, which forced me to analyze deeper these dominator psyches distorted by hate, greed, and egotism. And when Donald Trump started making noise on the world stage as a presidential candidate and throughout his term, I couldnt help thinking that the whole of the States and the world were now confronting the same type of ordeal on a collective scale; a great deal was already deciphered for me, I more or less knew where it could go (although it did stun me repeatedly). So now is the time, with the no-deal Brexit aftermath in Europe and the lame-duck transition period in the US, to be extremely attentive to world events.

Jupiter-saturne conjunction
Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn Meet on Solstice. Rare Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Let’s not forget, however, that in this period in which were overcoming and upturning a depressed, tyrannic and low-spirited Trump era, Earth has been and is still bathing in a suite of major conjunctions having a powerful and beneficial influence. Notably, the unfolding in three phases of the 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Jupiter is prosperity and benevolent spirituality, wisdom; but it can also get astray on the self-serving autocratic and populist side (à la Trump and Johnson); and Pluto works out the transmutation of deep unconscious impulses and, with positive aspects, it can also open for us novel psi potentials. JupiterPluto is also loosely conjunct with Saturn (the ascetic and learned Shiva, the deep thinker and scholar) whose domain is the Capricorn. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happened at 24° of Capricorn (on April 4 and on June 30, 2020), and at 22° Capricorn on November 12, 2020. Thus, it has fueled and accompanied our overpowering of the Trumpian era, utterly materialistic and egoic, serving only self- and special interests. And We the People did it by tapping into our deepest Selfs knowledge and power, and by launching new spiritual and psi capacities opened by Pluto a magistral new level of collective consciousness riding Telepathic-Harmonic fields or Telhar fields (more on the subject in The Sacred Network).

The JupiterSaturn Solstice conjunction

The JupiterSaturn Solstice conjunction: Another spectacular conjunction, JupiterSaturn, will happen this December 21, the Winter Solstice 2020, at 0° Aquarius, thus launching the new era exiting Capricorn and entering Aquarius, the age of the Water-giver, the Life-nurturer, ruled and inspired by Uranus, the planet of innovation and transformation.

constellation-AquariusPluto (from early April to mid-November) has unmasked all the shortcomings of the actual governance system and the many loopholes and pitfalls of the U.S. Constitution, which have been used by corrupt individuals to keep the despot-leaning admin in power with all the special interests it served lavishly and lawlessly (most notably the fossil oil & gas companies; the guns and arms lobby; the anti-science, anti-psi, and anti-LGTB+ religious right, and more). Saturn (and the Capricorn house it rules) offers its own sharp intellect for the global reckoning of the harm done and for devising a path forward at breaking speed.

With the JupiterSaturn Solstice conjunction, the benevolent leader Jupiter will now govern with intelligence and wisdom (abetted by Saturns deep intellect). It will be with the full knowledge of U.S. democracys darkest side, which, sadly, in contrast with most EU democracies, hasnt been able to fully protect its citizens’ rights and make them guaranteed and undisputable, nor to block the dangerous rise of a would-be despot and democracydestroyer. America generally avoids comparisons with EU democracies, for fear of exposing its shortcomings in terms of universal health coverage, free schools and affordable universities, minimal wages and guaranteed monthly personal income (and, by the way, its ages we have solved the gun problem). Its a mistake. America took a nosedive, lets face it, and could need some introspection, as well as a clear-headed evaluation of more equitable and just social systems in free-thinking democracies. Democracy is a living and ongoing experiment, and both the constitutions and the economic models should adapt to new societal needs and trends especially when they cry for social and racial justice and for the relief of the 99% people paying for the offensive luxury of the 1%. As states Moody’s chief economist Mark Zandi Through the third quarter of 2020, the least wealthy 50% of Americans own just 1.9% of the nation’s net worth, while the top 1% own 30.5%. And soon well need to confront the most pressing human survival issue, for the protection of our common house, our planet Gaia. As Greta Thunberg insisted pointedly on the 5th anniversary of the Paris Accord, we have only 7 years to redress and drastically reduce the still free-wheeling fossil oil and gas extraction and use, and the lethal amounts of C02 and other greenhouse gases released, if we want to achieve the Paris Climate Agreements aim of limiting the rise in global warming to 1.5 degree.

Well certainly take quite a while to undo the unbelievable harm that Trump and its enablers have done to the American people and its land, and to the world at large. But lets do some visualization to speed up the healing and forward-going process. Through these dire crises, we have been able to leap forward to a new collective intelligence stage, a shared field of consciousness and of telepathic-harmonic worldwide communication a planetary Telhar field constantly buzzing and turning around the planet 24/7 in a string-ball way. Visualizing will strengthen our collective intelligence resolve and focus, taking our leap forward.

Let us do a collective visualization for openining the new era 

Lets try to do this visualization with a specific focus of your choice not just one time (although better once than never), but lets say one time a day in a peaceful moment. Night, with some enhancing background music, is a particularly favorable time to joining the planetary Telhar field, because the quieting of social noise makes the hearing of other consciousnesses and joining them in visualization easier. Basically, we aim at making a sort of convergence meditation, or of worldwide conjunction meditation, but on a regular basis (and why not starting a journal: noting the date of these visualization sessions, your experience of it, and then your eventual dreams related to it, great news in sync, etc.). It doesnt matter where and when you do that: its akin to a line of Tibetan pilgrims each pushing in turn the prayer drums, it keeps them rolling; in this case, it keeps the Gaia Telhar field turning. And first and foremost, we want to boost our own benevolent and empathic psi and mental capacities in order to achieve our global aim of a more socially just, life-loving, planet-loving, culture-loving, civilization.

– First, choose a specific focus or a few of them that youre going to give your energy to in this specific session (note the date and the aims in your journal). Here are some global problems or domains needing to be addressed, but add your own by any means (the more youre involved, the more potent your visualization).

– The rights of Blacks and colored people, First Nations, minorities, racial justice, addressing police brutality, finding alternative community policing as protection and care, rein in gentrification and evictions, migrants protection, dedicated NGOs,

– Women rights and equality, LGTBs rights, children rights and protection, gun control laws, dedicated NGOs and health and social justice centers, domestic abuse, human trafficking,

– The Global South and humanitarian NGOs,

– Solving the Climate emergency crisis, reappropriating community and public funds to enact local and global solutions, boosting inventiveness and good will, international cooperation

–  Protection of natural resources and ancestral land (and sacred sites), First Nations rights, fight against pollution and contamination of rivers, oceans, air, land and food, animals and flora,

– Strengthening empathy and international cooperation, democratic organizations (WHO, UN) and treaties cutting back the arms race, warranting peace and cooperation,

– Boosting inventiveness and creativity to solve crises, restoring confidence in cogent and benevolent scientific research and expertise, in climate and ecological systems science, in order to nurture a synergic world and global community

Visualization for openining the new era 

  • Find a place in your home or in nature that youre going to use for visualizing. The repeated meditations in this same place will enhance your focus, hyperdimensional connections, and state of consciousness. Play a meditative music if you care. Of course, it would help is you have in front of you an object to help focus your energy on, such as a stone, a mandala drawing, a lighted candle, a flower plant, a meditation stone You can then either look at this object or close your eyes while still feeling the object and listening to the music.
  • Sit down in a relaxed, yet concentrated posture (best is the cross-legged meditation posture), with your vertebral column and head straight and vertically aligned, with writing pad and pen next to you.
  • Do a deep belly-breathing for a few times, while keeping your back straight and voiding your mind of thoughts (focus on the music and the object only).
  • Visualize your higher Self (your soul in the hyperdimension) as a vibrant sun, 2 or 3 feet above your head (in any case under the ceiling), aligned vertically with your vertebral column (the chakras axis or kundalini) as blue (cosmic love), gold (spiritual wisdom), or green (healing energy).
  • Feel the ray of light emanating from your sunSelf as a vertical beam touching the top of the head chakra (the thousand petals lotus) and flowing through your kundalini axis to your heart chakra (above the plexus) thus illuminating your whole body and psyche.
  • Harmonize your mind with your sun-Self, creating a flow of empathy and harmony with your sun-Self. Feel ONE with your Self. (Keep your mind void of specific thoughts.)
  • Visualize your first aim in words and dynamic images, an energy that will help achieve that goal. If you have reached a fusion ego-Self, then emanate this goal toward the cosmos from your sun. If youre connected through the beam, ask your sun-Self to work on realizing that goal.
  • Get back to a pure ego-Self harmony state, with your mind void of thoughts, then visualize your second aim, etc.

Stay as long as you want in this ego-Self harmony state; you can also ask questions to your Self, ask for a meaningful dream giving you an answer, ask for some specific help for you or a loved one.

Meditation for joyning in the Gaia Telhar field 

Following this meditation, you can now endeavor to reach and participate in the planetary telepathic-harmonic field that is constantly turning around the planet in a wool-ball fashion. This field is constituted of hyperdimensional consciousness energy (or syg-energy) that maintains a permanent connection between us and the higher Self of our loved ones or of souls in harmony with us.

Harmonize your mind with your sun-Self, creating a flow of empathy and harmony with your sun-Self (through a two-way vertical beam of energy shooting upward from your top of the head chakra, and aligned with your vertebral column, aka kundalini axis). Feel ONE with your Self. (Keep your mind void of specific thoughts.)

Create a vertical beam shooting straight up from your sun-Self, skyward, reaching up a few feet above the roof of your house/building (or a dozen yards above your head or the trees if youre in a natural setting).

Open the beam in an umbrella fashion and extend your consciousness field (from that higher point)

Get in harmony with the collective Telhar field. Try to open up and sense the global platform of communication between Selfs as a vibrant and harmonized field of interacting Selfs. Now connect with people you love or admire, far away, connect with other sacred places worldwide. Feel the limitless possibilities of harmonic contact. Engage in talking to some distant friends. Feel the powerful energies of sacred places worldwide within the Earth grid. Engage in hearing and listening; in sending helpful and healing energies to distant communities. Explore your abilities and the Gaia Telhar field potentialities. Engage in collective meditation, build up collective intelligence to heal the planet and raise the global consciousness level of our societies. You can also play some music and dance and cheer in this syg-dimension. Finally, some of these souls with whom you may entertain a dialogue are the immortal souls of discarnate friends and relatives who are fully conscious minds in the hyperdimension, as I discuss it in Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension.

When youll be tuned in to the Gaia Telhar field, youll be able to connect with it in a variety of states and to remain in the collective flow state for any length of time like for the duration of a concert, or a creative artistic moment, a high state, a jam-session, a trance-dance because this Gaia field can be also enjoyed as pure bliss and enlightened dance (such as the Whirling Sufis dance, Shivas dance), or as a sacred ritual of connection, such as a sweat-lodge, Tai Chi, and the likes. Know that the more creative and upbeat you are, the more potent your visualization will be. So that the best is for you to adapt these techniques to the hopes and needs of the moment, to the synchronistic time of soul connection.

How and why visualization works – as a retrocausal attractor 

This new era of collective intelligence is also the time when we can make bold headways in a new science of (hyper) consciousness. This has been my research path all along, and, as a systems theorist and Jungian psychology researcher, I have developed a global theory of individual and collective consciousness founded on systems theory and lately as a hyperdimensional physics theory in Cosmic DNA at the Origin. Since I was a yogi and a seer long before I became a systems theorist, I was eager to explore the modelling of specific psi capacities and spiritual states (their dynamics and properties) that I had been and still was able to experience repeatedly. One of those was the technique of Visualization.

Visualization, in fact, puts into play one of the weirdest aspects of consciousnessasenergy (syg-energy), because it doesn’t solely send your (potent, generative) thoughts and goals toward a future time in which they have thus more chances to be realized. It has a retrocausal dynamics as well, meaning that the syg-energy you send into the future to feed the event/situation being visualized, this syg-energy is constantly fed back to your own mind. Why?

In General Relativity’s framework, in the ‘elsewhereoutside of Minkowskis spacetime cone Time is conceived as “space-like,” that is, spread in space, in the sense that events in the present are contiguous with future and past events.

In visualization, when the mind projects new ideas and feelings in a future time (fT), it works as an organizing force and creates a syg-field that not only embodies the ideas but also anchor them in this fT. The best part of our mind works through the soul-dimension or syg-hyperdimension (that is, outside of space-time) and can thus truly root itself in this contiguous fT. It thus creates a syg-field that is stretched in time, running twoway between the mind visualizing and the fT and future syg-field anchored in the future. It thus generates a paradoxical event-in-making reality the retrocausal attractor that blends the dynamics of hyperdimensional syg-energy (quantum retrocausality, nonlocality) with those of chaos theory (the attractor basin in the future, channeling probability lines to itself).

Each time the person visualizes, the mind injects meanings into the future syg-field, modifying its organization, while the modified organization is retrojected (fed) back to the subject; this loop lasts as long as the person continues to generate new meanings about the future event, and may start all over again the next time s/he thinks about it or make a new visualization. Thus, the future syg-field retrojects its meaning back to the meditator from some point in her/his future; it is thus appropriate to refer to this dynamic as instantiating a retroactive influence.

Thus, our projections on the future event (proactive syg-energy) create a niche in its environment in the future, while it is also reorganizing our consciousness or syg-field our present, to render it concordant and in sync with the visualized event.

Hence the main retroactive effect of visualization consists of creating a very coherent set of probability lines between the projected future event and the present. In other words, we may picture the time-stretched syg-field as a horizontal 8 or infinity sign () running between now and the future, in which there is a constant back and forth of your mind’s syg-energy between now and the future event. Each time you visualize, your mental syg-energy reinforces the probability of the event happening in the future, by adding more weight on specific trajectories; and simultaneously, your own mental state is modified so as to welcome this future event and render it possible; and thus your actions and behaviors will effortlessly be in accordance with it and also make its reality more probable.

Indeed, our intentions and goals do influence and foster the making of specific events in our life and in the collective space. However, it isnt a kind of determination by the future, as in the poor definition of life that “everything is already written but rather it is happening in an inter-influential, interactive way. Thus, visualization, as a retrocausal attractor, acts as an attractor basin in the future, which, so to speak, warps events-trajectories towards itself.

The last word

Indeed, we have to boost our own psi capacities to solve social and environmental crises and move toward a continually vibrant planetary Telhar field, a collective intelligence that brings Earth and humanity toward a planet-caring, a communityand artfriendly, a spiritual and psi-enhancing new civilization that will put the people and natural resources at a higher value than the profits of a few. Lets start the Rebuilding Better on a grand scale


Chris h. Hardyis a cognitive and systems scientist, Ph.D. in ethno-psychology and ex-researcher at Princeton’s Psychophysical Research Laboratories. Chris H. Hardy has spent the last two decades investigating nonlocal consciousness and thought-provoking mind potentials, as a theorist and as an inner path of experience. See her website ; Blog: ; Papers:

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