“Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension” by Chris H. Hardy

(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) Examine your consciousness ability to pass between dimensions, both in life and after death, and how to communicate with spirits. An interview with Chris H. Hardy about her newest book “Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension“.


When science and mystery gather, the most interesting discoveries happen. Chris H. Hardy is a brilliant researcher and mystic. Her latest book “Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension” describes fascinating phenomena and is easy to read. With remarkable experiences on both sides of the veil, including evidence of life after death, near-death and out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming and an exploration of a variety of beings – Esther Haasnoot


An Interview with Chris H. Hardy about her new book: “Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension”, by Esther Haasnoot for Global Heart.

Esther Haasnoot: For you the encounter with the mystery of death has begun at a very early age. And since then, you have had so many interactions with the spirits of the deceased. How did it change your attitude related to death? What did it mean for you?

Chris H. Hardy: Let me first explain that, apart from a strange event when I was eleven, the earliest anomalous experiences I had repeatedly, starting around fourteen years old, didn’t involve the souls of the deceased but a deep soul-communion with nature, with flowers and trees. I was getting into altered states spontaneously, and used to write poetry while I was in this deep state of communion with the soul of nature and my own soul; sometimes I would communicate with the soul of a flower or a tree – not so much in words, but rather through a consciousness state. As soon as I was alone in a natural environment, I was drawn into inner silence and contemplation, and when you reach a certain depth in those states, the exquisitely alive soul of rocks, flowers, trees, or lakes become perceptible; and these consciousnesses love to communicate. Then I also communicated with other nature spirits.

It’s only at eighteen, after I started meditating on my own, that I perceived unknown discarnate souls flying around and was able to sense and communicate with a wide variety of spirits, namely an old Chinese sage, great devas, and my house genie. And I had two spontaneous out-of-body experiences (before I mastered that skill during meditation three years later). In other words, I became aware of this other dimension of reality, the soul dimension that I now call the hyperdimension. That was the main shift in consciousness, which made the interactions with deceased spirits look quite natural when they occurred. So, of course, I don’t have the same sense of loss if I’m able to talk to my deceased father and relatives; I’m not attached to the signs and things people use to remember their loved ones. Dying is a passage into the soul dimension. Once there, we keep living on and, what’s more important for me, I know we keep on researching and learning and developing our soul and intellectual qualities. All the great minds I was able to communicate with, whether scientists or wisdom masters, were still involved themselves in that quest for knowledge. And that’s a main departure from what I call “the superlatives” in religious or even Eastern philosophy books – there are no omniscient, perfect and therefore fixated souls anywhere in that soul dimension, no more

than a state of perfect “illumination” for yogis on Earth. Each and every thing and every soul is always in a state of flow and everlasting change. There are great souls that we call immortals, ascended masters, great devas – and they are still, like all souls incarnated or not, striving for a greater knowledge of the cosmic intelligence and reality, and of their own potentials.

Esther Haasnoot: In your book, you note that “At the moment of death, there seems to be an opening between the dimensions, a sort of coming together or convergence, that allows the two-way contact and intrusion of one into the other and vice versa.” (p.20) Deathbed visitation is sometimes called hallucination by skeptics. Does deathbed visitation occur to prepare someone for their imminent transference to another level of reality?

Chris H. Hardy: Indeed, deathbed visions or visitations – in which the terminally ill see their deceased parents and relatives appear near their deathbed – happen generally between one and three days before their transference. We have thousands of cases, with interviews of witnesses, in the scientific literature (at first gathered by researchers of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in England, such as Frederic Myers.) What’s impressive in these cases is the fact that many nurses, doctors, and relatives of the patients were able to observe and witness the discarnate beings in the hospital room while they interacted with their very aware patient; or else these care-givers could not see themselves the discarnate silhouettes but witnessed the anomalous yet very coherent behavior of the patient looking at deceased parents and interacting coherently with them; for example, as in the case of my father, the deceased relatives seemed to appear one by one coming down from the ceiling, my father greeting them and discussing with them individually.

We cannot doubt the veracity of these cases, because of their great numbers since they started being recorded in the late 19th century, as well as the highly qualified observers and witnesses, and the very thorough interviewing of the latter by researchers. I share the scientifically based predicate of Myers, that these deathbed events are indeed visitations from immortal souls (taking the appearance that make them recognizable to the subject or patient), in order to facilitate their imminent transference to the soul dimension, and rooting out all fears about the process and what they are to expect there. In other words, no terrifying ordeal and stark moral judgment, but a heartfelt welcoming into an assembly of elevated and like-minded souls. Of note is the extremely low percentage of cases in which the subjects saw devilish beings, irrespectively of their religion or even atheist beliefs: Osis & Haraldson, in At the Hour of Death (1977), report on their years-long surveys in America and India with doctors and nurses; among the 558 patients who beheld visions of either human or divine beings, only three (0.33%) saw a demon. What makes these cases even more informative (and more credible) is how they depart from religious stereotypes, such as children wondering why they see angels without wings.

These cases show us a scientific path to learn more about the true reality of the other dimension, without the blinkers of specific belief-systems, especially when pooled together with other types of Near-Death-Experiences (NDEs) and with cases of Out-of-Body experiences (OBEs) in which we observe that the spirit (in its energy-body) is able to exit the body and travel as a full-blown consciousness (perception, thinking, willful action, memory) that is now autonomous from the brain and body. Something that is made plainly evident, and a rock-solid proof, when the patient was in a dead-brain state in an emergency room, and could nevertheless describe afterward anything that happened in that room and in the hospital. Then we know for sure that consciousness is not a product of the brain and, to the contrary, that it is able to function by itself in an immaterial dimension. The next scientific step is to model this soul dimension beyond matter, space, and time, in physics and cosmology terms; that is, within a holistic theory of a multi-dimensional reality of the universe, adding at last the consciousness component of reality as a dimension of the universe in itself. And one promising way to do this is to model it as a hyperdimension, because it is by definition beyond spacetime and below Planck scale – that is, before matter (the 1st quantum), space and time were born at the origin, at a scale of power minus 43 of the first second of the universe.

Esther Haasnoot: You view the universe as “a giant cosmic field of consciousness” or a complex hologram with multiple dimensions, filled with meaning, self-organizing. And you think that “if our universe is multidimensional, then in purely physics terms there ought to be some interaction between dimensions.” (p.293) Can you tell us more about these dimensions and how the universe operates?

Chris H. Hardy: All processes in natural systems show the deep synergy and interaction both within an individual system (a fish for example and the systemic components of its body) and the environment in which it lives (the lake and the woods bordering the lake). We are more and more aware of the deep interconnection of all ecological systems between them, and how the collapse of one may trigger the collapse of interconnected systems – for example, how a river poisoned by industrial or agricultural waste will not only poison the fishes, and then the birds and animals depending on it, but also sicken the human population; it will impact the whole environment along the river flow, all the way to the sea with hard-to-predict effects. This is systems science (pioneered by Von Bertalanffy in 1968, then evolving into chaos theory and complexity), and this systemic worldview and understanding is not just a series of new models, but the way the reality of the universe is organized and keeps on self-organizing in a dynamic way. And of course, it’s crucial that we start acting on these facts in order to save the environment on which we depend for our very lives. For example, the New Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) shows us how, while invisible, it spreads to the entire planet; this crisis is very acute and tangible, the rising death toll is frightening – only the fools can ignore it, right? But the poisoning of our atmosphere is an even more dangerous threat to our survival as a species, and yet it is not addressed properly because its effects are less tangible and immediate.

Indeed, this systemic interconnection is the way the whole universe is organized. In a holographic system, all parts are interconnected, and each part carries the information of the whole. For example, the DNA of each of your cells carry your entire genetic code as an individual and as a species. The fact that consciousness exists in human beings on Earth, means evolved beings endowed with consciousness exists everywhere in the universe (ontological systems-thinking); it means not only life but consciousness too, are essential parts of the universe. And we are bound to meet alien civilizations around us any time soon.

In most hyperdimensional physics theories, the 5th dimension is only a 4th dimension of space (or hyperspace) and the theories don’t address consciousness. But again, consciousness is part of the universe’s hologram and ought to be deeply interconnected with matter. In my Infinite Spiral Staircase Theory (ISST), the hyperdimension (HD) is triune, with hyperspace, hypertime, and its foundation that is hyperconsciousness – the Syg-HD. This Syg-HD is below the quantum scale and quantum fields in each particle, each cell and system, and also anterior to the Big-Bang (now identified with the inflation phase); therefore it is birthing the matter universe. In that sense, the cosmic consciousness (Syg-HD) is literally infusing and pervading each particle and living being in the material world, just as it was said of the divine, thus setting, beyond a mere interaction, a true co-evolution of the two dimensions – the matter dimension and the hyperdimension.

The hyperdimensional waves, organized as individual systems, dwell also in a sea (or HD bulk) surrounding, preceding, and surviving the matter universe, and they are filled with meaning, intent, and consciousness. Our Selfs (as immortal souls) are some of the individual systems constituting the Syg-HD, as well as the Selfs or ascended spirits of the deceased.

Esther Haasnoot: You explain that one’s immortal Self resides permanently in the hyperdimension (HD), whether or not having an ongoing incarnation on Earth. How is it possible that on the one hand there is a reincarnation of the deceased’s consciousness and on the other hand that someone could speak to or make contact with the deceased, or with a version of ourselves in a previous life? What kind of potential consciousness ability do we have to pass between dimensions, both in life and after death, and how does that work?

Chris H. Hardy: Esther, you’re raising one of the major issues here and, let me be honest, one that I’m still grappling with, and for which I don’t have a comprehensive answer yet. So let me take this interview as an opportunity to try to at least tackle some of its facets. Let me say first that, as I hope I made clear in the book, the interactions and dialogues with the deceased (mainly researchers and scientists) that I was able to have in my life, are still an ongoing spontaneous experience for me; and secondly, one’s own psi talents, when astutely harnessed and steered, are always in a flow and developing, sometimes even shifting overnight to a whole new level; and it is based on these numerous and variegated interactions, still going on at an even greater pace, that I was able to lift a bit of the veil on the dimension in which souls reside. That’s how I became convinced that, as human beings, our soul or Self is permanently residing in this hyperdimension, and that, on that layer of reality, we entertain an ongoing constant dialogue with even our closest friends and loved ones living on Earth in our vicinity, and of course with our deceased friends.

The greatest part of our consciousness-field – the Self – belongs indeed to the hyperdimension, yet, for most people, it remains hidden in the unconscious, whereas our ego (our ordinary consciousness) is just a small part of it managing our life in the world and claiming to be the only one there. So we have, on a regular basis, this paradoxical situation where we may be talking with a friend about a movie we just both watched, and meanwhile our two Selfs are conversing in the hyperdimension and exchanging information that would blow our conscious minds. Or we could imagine a person grieving the recent loss of their mother, crying alone and not aware of the said discarnate mother bending over them to console them and trying in vain to make them aware of her presence.

Now, about reincarnation, while I’m absolutely certain that souls do (re)incarnate, it appears to be a matter of decision as to how and when – a decision taken by the souls themselves, along the advices of more mature or guiding souls. As far as I could understand it, there’s no definite length of time for souls to spend in the “intermediary state” or Bardo (as the Tibetans call the state in between incarnations), because this time in the hyperdimension is not only one of great learning, but one of focused work with Earth and souls still incarnated; some ascended spirits told me they were watching and helping the great transformative events unfolding on Earth and could have more impact from the soul dimension than they did when alive. Here is an example. “I asked Pauli if he was still in contact with [psychologist Carl] Jung—that’s when he introduced Jung by pointing to him. While gesturing so, Pauli explained, ‘Of course! We’re always connected. In fact we’re working together!’” (Living Souls, p. 7)

What is absolutely certain is that there is an overall ‘spiritual aim’ for all souls to increase their consciousness potentials and to raise the collective consciousness of human beings (and other sentient beings) on Earth. This ‘spiritual aim’ is to be understood in a very broad (and non-dogmatic, non-religious) sense, with some souls working along a research and complex-thinking line, others developing their creativity and their craft, or increasing their physical and sport abilities, or else enhancing their emotional, relational, or artistic intelligence. I believe the divine is our collective soul – Gaia, or the One Field, or the Tao – and that, far from fixed and perfect, it strives to refine one’s own holistic consciousness through each and all humans and living beings on Earth. And this is just one planetary consciousness, among myriads others and myriads intelligent civilizations in the universe, either of a human species or of a non-human species – some of these alien civilizations we’re bound to meet in the open and join at some point soon.

Thus we come to view incarnations as in Eastern philosophies and religions, as a means for the souls to develop their potentials (albeit without the superlatives). Based on my experience, when a soul appears to us (especially that of a deceased loved one), they take on the appearance (silhouette, age, clothing…) that allows us to recognize them. But I’ve discussed about an hour with the physicist Wolfgang Pauli while he appeared as a blob of energy in an apple tree, or with my father just after his death, who showed up as just his head in a corner under the ceiling of his kitchen. The blob of energy (a consciousness energy-field) was certainly the nearest to their true state in their own hyperdimensional domain.

The reincarnation problem is rendered more complex by the existence of group-souls: I have had several experiences that undoubtedly revealed this reality. Each of us humans on Earth is only one among the one-hundred or so facets of a higher soul (or group-soul) who have distinctive personalities, soul-qualities and potentials. The other facets could be one of our best friends, or a renown scientist Z who lived a few centuries ago, or else a being who is living now on another planet in our future. The hyperdimension of souls is beyond time and space (of our physical plane); all these beings in our past or future are living simultaneously in the hyperdimension. So yes, because you are part of the same group-soul with Z and interact regularly with him in the hyperdimension, you may interpret the strong resonances with him as due to the fact he is your own past incarnation; yet this view is in fact quite limiting. I believe that reality is much more complex and fascinating. The group-soul, as I mentioned, could have several avatars living in physical bodies on the same planet at the same epoch, and it makes the usual understanding of reincarnation – as a linear suite of past personalities in our own physical time – totally irrelevant.

So, to finally answer your question ‘if a deceased is now reincarnated in a new body, how can we interact with his past self?’: Yes, it is possible to speak with a “past incarnation” of a sixteenth century scientist, or with the “new incarnation” of this same scientist in our present time, or even with a “past incarnation” of ourselves; but it may not be the most accurate way to understand the reality of the Self dimension. Yet, I don’t have it all elucidated. I’ve recovered some of my own past incarnations with such great detail that I can’t doubt their reality, and nevertheless I came to recognize some scientists as part of my group-soul but not as my past incarnations. So the mystery remains and there’s fortunately a lot of room left for improvement!

Esther Haasnoot: In your book, you wrote; “I’m deeply convinced that the two dimensions are progressively coming closer together, with greater intrusion of one into the other, back and forth, and the transdimensional access becoming more and more open. This is part of the key to the great transformation of our planet”. Can you tell us more about that?

Chris H. Hardy: It is my understanding that deathbed visitations, NDEs and OBEs have been on the rise in the general population precisely because our psyches are developing new talents (spiritual and psi) and we are becoming more and more in harmony with our own Selfs, exchanging and receiving direct information from himher and thus more attuned to the HD in which the Selfs dwell. (A note on himher: the Self being beyond gender and duality, you may address your own as you sense or feel it; what’s helping, though, is to view himher as a friend and ally with whom you can converse and sometimes be one with, not a divine entity on a pedestal issuing endless advices; remember your own Self is still learning too.)

Getting in sync with our own Selfs means that we are endowing ourselves with an array of new psi talents that are based on the kind of instant thought-sharing even at great distances, shared consciousness and tele-empathy – such as in the creation of collective telepathic-harmonic fields or Telhar fields. I talk about these in my book The Sacred Network in which I give lots of experiential tips and analyze these fields in depth and also in relation to the Earth grid.

In fact, I now envision the whole HD as made of the ensemble of all the Selfs of all intelligent beings and individual systems in our universe-bubble (and the greater whole they form as our collective intelligence). I postulate that, in between the death of one universe and the birth of another one, all systems have been sublimated into Syg-HD fields – pure consciousness and information fields/entities, meaning that these entities are interconnected yet still individualized. Thus, this cosmic consciousness is not exactly a “One field”, but rather a “One-Plural field.” We are definitely undergoing, as humanity, a tremendous awakening and a leap to a more harmonious collective consciousness – the planetary Telhar-field. This transformation has been predicted by many sages, among them Teilhard de Chardin with his concept of the noosphere heading toward the Omega-Point, and Carl Jung with his concept of collective unconscious.

But more to the point, this consciousness-leap of humanity is highly watched by our friendly great souls in the hyperdimension, as they work together on different aspects of this leap in our societies. It is highly probable that the wave of NDEs at the end of the 20th century and still ongoing – typically a one-time extraordinary voyage into the soul dimension and the meeting with a “being of light” – was a kind of new individual awakening triggered by these ascended souls, in accord with the Self of the experiencer (my understanding is that the being of light was their own Self). There are also collective awakenings that are greatly supported by these ascended souls. And I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is definitely of that sort – and the sea change transformations it is triggering both in our collective consciousness worldwide and in the social fabric (such as rendering the police accountable and crafting new laws) do point to that.

If indeed our individual Selfs, while we live on Earth, are dwelling in the HD where the souls of the deceased and of great sages also reside, then, when we talk about a shift in our collective consciousness, all souls are indeed participants in that transformation. In other words, the noosphere, as the dimension of all conscious souls and spirits (nóos in Greek), is a system that comprises both the people actually living in the physical plane and all souls and Selfs in the HD.

It is together that we are taking a leap – and be sure that the synergy goes both ways: they do prod us and help us through the leap; but any transformation in our worldview, in our values along our fight against inequality and systemic racism, any thrust toward a more just and environment-caring world, that we manage to make in our human collective consciousness is also having a tremendous effect on the whole of the Gaia hyperdimension. The Earth Telhar-field encompasses all the Selfs and it is together that we make the leap happen.

Esther Haasnoot: We face our individual and collective shadow. More people awaken. Psi capacities start blossoming. This often brings up a lot of fear and confusion. Some get lost in the concept of duality. People feel vulnerable or cope with ‘mental problems’. Do you have advice or techniques that will help people in their process and will protect them from unwanted energies or disturbances?

Chris H. Hardy: I’m glad that you mention that we face our collective shadow, because this is how I understand the powerful wake-up call that surged in all of us with the Black Lives Matter movement. To me, it seems we have started the leap to a more harmonized and empathic collective consciousness – because we are suddenly able to confront a massive collective shadow of White imperialism and supremacism, that derives from the shocking deeds of past generations of colonialism and slavery, and extends to the systemic racism of today. And if we are the descendants of the victims and the still current victims of rampant racism, the revolt will effect changes in our societies when the descendants of White colonialism (such as me) do acknowledge the dire problem and then start acting in sync with the first ones to co-create a solution. This is why, while the leap in consciousness emerged in the African-American community, it is nevertheless bound to further spread in a fundamental way. Also, while in the past millennia, the inner path of knowledge was mostly individual (as an initiation, or Jung’s individuation process and confronting one’s own shadow), now our path is definitely a leap in collective consciousness. And it’s heartening to see it happening so fast, so deep! In these periods of rapid profound changes in the collectivity, the awakening of psi capacities is channeled by the community, the protection comes from the shared consciousness, and the willingness to move on brushes most fears aside.

Esther Haasnoot: You had many interactions and short dialogues with a variety of beings like transdimensional beings, guides, ascended masters, or organic beings, including trees, flowers, plants, the wild ocean in the south of Morocco, the Ganges River, genies of mountains. How was that for you and how did you do that?

Chris H. Hardy: My first spiritual experience, in my early adolescence, was to be so deeply touched by the beauty of a garden bathed in the moonlight, where I had taken a walk by myself, that I got into a sort of trance. Then I would often relive this inner state of communion with the consciousness of flowers, or trees; The key to this deep communion is empathy; and to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature, of music, art or dance, is a great way to tame these states. Why we miss it so often is because we don’t allow ourselves enough time and enough inner silence to get into these communion states. When you are in a beautiful landscape, sit down and get into inner silence, listen to the beauty and take it in, one detail at a time; get into the landscape, be in sync with it; sometimes it may happen after a half hour or more, but just wait until you find yourself in communion with natural living beings, and maybe you’ll hear them. Receptivity, inner silence, empathy are the gate that opens on many psi capacities that I describe in this book, which can then evolve into interdimensional contacts and dialogues.

Esther Haasnoot: The soul dimension is entwined with the matter dimension. A new paradigm or new earth vision is based on thinking that all parts of a conscious and ecological system are deeply interconnected; they co-evolve and influence each other. Like all natural systems (including our brains and bodies), nature, living beings, spirits, animals, universe, planets, minds and societies, etc. Can you describe how this works so that people can understand what is happening to our planet?

Chris H. Hardy: There are really two main dimensions to our universe: the first one is the world of matter (in physics terms, spacetime above Planck scale), that is, all physical and biological systems – our bodies and brains, living beings, mountains, trees, etc.); and the second is a consciousness or soul dimension (in physics terms, a hyperdimension at below Planck scale) that pervades all these physical beings and systems. Of course, in different species, this consciousness layer will vary from great simplicity (proto-consciousness), to high complexity (self-reflective minds). And this soul dimension can be understood in physics terms as a hyperdimension, a 5th dimension beyond spacetime. The consciousness of a 300-year-old tree will be very complex and memory-rich; the stones of a temple may have an impressive consciousness field. Human beings have developed self-awareness and abstract thinking. But our collective consciousness field on Earth – Gaia – is immensely more complex than individual minds.

We are now entering a new stage of collective consciousness, where individuals develop a high empathy among them and with their environment. A palette of novel psi capacities are emerging from this new sensitivity; we can see, in the Black Lives Matter movement a powerful empathy with the communities who had to bear for so long the terrible calamity of systemic racism, after that of segregation and slavery – an empathy shared for the first time on that scale by white people and people of color; like a shared consciousness and sudden awareness that this cannot be allowed anymore, neither in the facts nor in the laws. And this shared consciousness is so strong as to effect immediate changes. Similarly, this same novel collective consciousness (based on deep empathy) will render us sensitive to the plight of wild animals, and of nature; I do believe that we are going to see a sea-change in our rapport to our environment and Earth. A stop to the massive destruction of our planet and resources in the name of profit for the few; a move to empathic and loving communities more in accord with nature and the soul dimension. We have to realize that it is a blessing for us to be able to participate, each one at the fullest of our capacity, in this powerful consciousness leap.


About the author

Chris-H-HardyChris H. Hardy, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in ethno-psychology. A cognitive and systems scientist and former researcher at Princeton’s Psychophysical Research Laboratories, she has spent decades investigating nonlocal consciousness, both as an inner path of knowledge and by elaborating a cognitive theory and then a cosmology theory. The author of many research papers and several books, including DNA of the Gods and The Sacred Network, she is a regular speaker at international conferences. For more information or to connect with Chris H. Hardy: chris-h-hardy.com, Facebook, Blog.

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