Sensorial perception

(Collective Evolution  | Joe Martino) On Earth we are having a sensorial experience and so our vehicles have been equipped with five sense that create our perception. Our sensory tools have done so much to allow us to have this unique experience and what a wonderful thing it is. In a way though, only allowing these sensorial tools to guide us can be a limiting choice, and there is much more to our world than what the senses can perceive.

We have, in a sense, gotten locked up in only perceiving things with our senses. We have made it a part of our belief systems that we can only believe something if it can be proven using our sensorial tools. We have lost the connection to our “sixth sense,” if you prefer to call it that. The connection to our higher levels, the ability to see and feel what cannot be seen in our 3D experience. This can be explained by how our brains are at work.

The left brain, very methodical, it interprets and compares information to files already stored; it keeps things in order and makes sense of what comes in through our senses. The right brain, the creative side, the side that is in the now, enjoying every moment, that perceives what is really there. These are both necessary parts of the brain but in a way we have become a society shifted over to the left brain, and it’s destroying us. We can attribute this to many things, mainly our education system who has put up a brick wall around the left side, locking us in. Our society has created a stigma that creativity and art is not to be as valued as things like math and science. When we hear about doctors and lawyers we immediately think “They are smart people!” And we give them so much credit and power. For what? Are they any smarter than a Janitor? An artist? A mechanic? No! This is a dangerous road we are heading on.

We need to remember, and get off the habit that we do not need to perceive everything sensorially for it to be real. Use your Heart! It is your guiding system in this experience. We have just forgotten that it’s there and how to use it. All we need to know and experience can come from the heart. It is the true thinker and a well of knowledge in our experience. We must get back in touch with our guiding systems and clear away the fog around it. This is happening already as we shift, but it can be accelerated with a conscious intention to clear away what is blocking the connection.

Bron: Collective Evolution

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