Earthship and greenhouse of the future – Francis Gendron

(Lilou Mace) It all started in March 2012 in an Earthship near Taos, in the desert of New Mexico. Many weeks had gone by since I arrived to complete the training of the Earthship Academy, a course on ecological, sustainable and autonomous houses invented by Michael Reynolds.

Earthship and greenhouse

During the lectures, I learned that Earthships did not need to be heated to maintain a stable indoor temperature yearlong despite extreme temperature variations. Often, one has to experience it to really believe it and it’s on a cold night that I got up and looked out the window, what I realized astounded me: WOW! How shocked I was when I realized it was -12 °C (10 °F) outside and inside it was 18°C (64°F)! It is important to mention that, at the time, this Earthship was: first of all, under renovation; secondly, due to the limited budget, it was poorly isolated and; finally, it had not been heated for several months! In spite of all this, we felt warm and comfortable in our Earthship. It was great! The DVD & E-book ” The greenhouse of the future” outline the design and step by step building of a radically sustainable passive solar greenhouse built from up-cycled materials (Tires – Wood – Glass bottles …) and operating using fully renewable natural energies.

By building this greenhouse with your family our your community, you will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world, reconnect with nature, save money and produce your own local organic food all year-round. Included : The film -The 200 pages eBook -The plans.

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