Courage: A Poem by Jesua

(Uplift) How can we put courage into words? A beautiful poem, shown with potent imagery, from writer and speaker, Jesua.


Courage is another word for the heart
to find it we must stop and open
to this which yearns to simply live,
to truly become,
to finally surrender it’s weary, frightened grip
within us.

We thought we wanted some
awakened luminosity,
the untethered bliss of transcendence;
some grand or private majestic escape
from the dreary weight of human existence.

We thought we craved perfection of purpose
and passion;
to be lifted and
adored in the soaring
of certain succes…

But i tell you, my love, what we truly
want is to rest, right
here, where we already are.

What we really want is to choose ourselves,
the way we have always longed to be chosen;
to belong to our very own blood and bones;
enough, just as we are.

It takes courage
to free ourselves from the stories
that have defined us;
tales of trauma
and triumph, fault and blame;
the tempting trap of pride,
the hungry ghost of shame.

What we truly ache for is to join with
something greater
to listen to what calls us, and then
rise, to be the answer!
To offer our gifts generously,
beyond the need to be safe,
or seen or loved or famed.

It takes courage to truly care, to love
like it matters,
knowing death will come for us all
and loss is interlaced with every breath.

Courage is saying yes to what’s next;
opening to life with all it’s wild uncertainty.
Yes when we wake up alone and tired, our bodies
worn and minds torn down, by everything in life.
Not being what we wanted.
Yes when we are stunned
silent in unfathomable grief
or brought to the ground in sheer defeat.

Courage is being moved by a lifting bird,
a warm sea breeze,
the blazing gold of autumn leaves;
turning to face the persistence of Grace;
choosing to be tender and real.
yielding to the vulnerability and gravity of
our intimacy.

Yes to uncontrollable pain, and to
uncontainable laughter;
these threads of human kindness weaving
everything together.

It takes courage to let life
be as it is; to let it
be horror and let it be wonder.

Finally we can simply learn in to what joins us;
let what’s infinite
meet our beating hearts,
lift our fingers to our face,
lay our footprints on the land,
and taste the rain,
Taste the rain!

Courage is another name for you,
for love,
for what we’re here to live
for allowing ourselves to be at home;
daring to receive the gift we were born to give.

Bron: Uplift

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