You tuber specialized in survival skills teaches us how to start a fire using a lemon

(Thinking Humanity) NorthSurvival is a YouTube channel ran by Andree Stedt based in the Swedish forests where he & has grown up since he was a kid. After he graduated high school, he bought a camera and started filming just for fun.

The videos he makes teach some unique survival skills. He shows various smart tricks, such as how to cook an egg in a potato over a campfire, how to bake a cake in an orange, and much more. However, whether you will use these skills to save your life out in the wild or merely for fun at home, his survival skills are certainly worth knowing.

“I think people like my videos because they’re fun and effective, without a lot of unnecessary talk in them.”

Take his “how to start a fire with a lemon” skill for instance; it has around 24 million views and got more than two million of them in just the first four days! Apparently, it has something everyone wants to know how to do.

How does it work?

Electricity is generated through oxidation-reduction, a chemical reaction that occurs when the zinc dissolves into the acid.

You can squeeze about 5 Volts out of a lemon battery.
So here’s what you’ll need:

  • A lemon
  • Zinc nails
  • Copper clips
  • Wire
  • Steel wool

*If you don’t have zinc and copper clips or nails, you can also use copper and zinc coins.


1) Begin by first inserting the copper clips or coins into the lemon in a line, leaving a one-centimeter gap between them.

2) Insert the zinc nails into the lemon in the same way you did with the copper clips.

3) Connect the first copper clip to the second zinc nail with a wire. Continue connecting each copper clip and zinc nail together in this manner all the way down the line.

4) Attach one insulated wire to the free copper fastener and one to the free zinc nail.

5) Stick the wires into some steel wool (with tissue on top) to create a short-circuit. You will notice the steel wool turning red as it heats up.

6) All you need to do now is wait for a fire to ignite the tissue from the sparks of the heated steel wool!

Watch this video for his step-by-step demonstration:

Source: Thinking Humanity

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