Morgan Freeman narrates the greatest story of our generation

(Uplift) How to create a future for humanity on earth.

Was earth in perfect balance before humans came along? Not quite. Earth has always been home to constant change and chaos. This has sometimes been a brutal process of trial and error, yet at this time in our history, earth isn’t in danger, we are. Humans are in danger because of our own actions. And our best chance of survival is to imitate nature and gain inspiration from its awesome power.

We have never faced a crisis this big but we have never had better ideas to solve it. If you’re not yet contributing to this story in some way, ask yourself:  “Why not?” This is a story for everyone. Don’t watch it from the sidelines. Don’t wait for the experts to figure it out. This six minute short film will inspire you to be part of the process of changing earth back to a place that will support us.

Source: Uplift

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