The crazy way our beliefs affect our behavior

(Educate Inspire Change) It’s crazy how our beliefs can affect our affect our behavior and ultimately determine our destiny.

Whatever you feel and believe to be true on the inside will express on the outside. 

The actions we take in life often come from how we feel – what determines how we feel is how we perceive things and how we perceive things is from our paradigm and programming of our beliefs.

For example, if you have a strong belief that life is a certain way, that luck is only for others but not for you, this will determine the results and outcome in your life, affecting your behaviour and choices, meaning because if you don’t think of yourself as someone who luck happens for, you probably won’t attempt or take steps towards something you want as you don’t believe it is possible for you.

A belief is something that has been repeated and repeated over and over until it has become truth in our mind. These beliefs can come from childhood, environment, or even a small experience that has affected us in some way.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values.’
– Ghandi

Dr Joseph Murphy in his book explains the story of a woman who owned a hair salon, she lost her business and was unable to go to work as her mother got sick. Her workers stole all her money which meant she had to close down the business. When Dr Murphy explained to her the power of her inner thinking she said stated her belief:  “Look at the facts: I lost everything, I do not pray because I have lost hope.” Dr. J. Murphy then taught her the laws of the mind and explained to her that in order to change outside conditions, she must first change the inside condition. Instead of seeing what is, focus her mind and attention on meditating on her desired outcome.

Program the new thoughts

She then followed this simple process before she would go to sleep instead of the dwelling of what is, she would focus her attention on what is to be which changed her world:

1st Step: She imagined the bank manager congratulating her for her deposition.
2nd Step: She imagined her mother congratulating her on her new position.
3rd Step: she imagined the writer was in front of her performing her wedding she imagined the man saying “I now pronounce you man and wife”

When she did this, she went to sleep feeling satisfied. Over the next 3 weeks, nothing changed things even got worse, but she kept on staying positively mentally and trusted that the outcome will get better. She focused her attention on changing her doubt to faith and thoughts of lack to a mood of prosperity and imagining her wishes goals and dreams that she wanted to express.

Then after  a month all of her conditions changed, she got married, her husband gave her a huge cheque as a gift and a ticket around the world – “she changed water into wine” because she changed her conditioning and beliefs.

Whenever you find yourself thinking of lack limitation or bad thoughts, turn your attention to the desired outcome you want to have instead.

You can change your reality by your thoughts feelings and beliefs, which is already inside of you.


Practice the discipline of the mind by recognizing when you start to focus on lack, believe in the ability of the power you have within you and constantly work on your mental image. Absorb your mind with success and peace of mind, make your mind busy with this. Whenever doubts, fear, worry creep up, say to yourself: “It’s ok because a beautiful new picture is being developed into my mind and I focus on what is to come.

See the invisible – Do the impossible

When you focus your mind on your goal and dreams you know that you are stepping closer to living that reality. Whatever the mind focuses on grows and expands it multiplies. Cleanse your mind of all false beliefs of fear and doubts that cause anxiety and start to see more than reality. Meditate and visualize on the feeling of the answered prayer. Feel at peace about it coming.

What is impressed subjectively is objected objectively. “A man is what he thinks all day long” – Emmerson.

We all have the power is within us to create our dreams, it is always there and is just waiting for our discovery. To understand this and the power of our beliefs is the first step to changing any situation to how you want it to be. Thought + feeling = destiny

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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