A random guy interrupts this ‘Jam Session’ on the train with spectacular results

(EducateInspireChange) This video has been going insanely viral on Facebook lately. It is of singers Kiddo Kat and Heidi Joubert  who decided to have an impromptu jam session on a Frankfurt train performing Prince’s hit Kiss. Their Jam was going amazing when all of a sudden a random passenger on the train decided to join in and he is the reason the video is now going so viral.

It turns out the man is an experienced Maltese singer and songwriter called Ozzy Lino.

“This is what music is all about – check it out!” Kiddo Kat wrote on Facebook.

Sometimes the universe creates amazing cosmic coincidences and in this case it brought three amazing musicians together on the train at the same time and produced a magical moment of music , and I am sure everyone who was on the train at the time will treasure this 4 minutes of musical magic for the rest of their lives. In the mean time we can all enjoy replaying it on video:

Source: EducateInspireChange

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