The amazing healing properties of rosewater for beautiful healthy skin

(Collective Evolution | Alanna Ketler) In this day and age there are thousands of different skin care products available to choose from, Americans spend around 10 Billion dollars annually on skin care products, all of which claim to provide some sort of benefit.  These products can be quite expensive and more often than not, contain harsh chemicals. Many of these chemicals are easily absorbed into the skin and have cancer-causing properties. Why not eliminate as many of these products as possible? Each one of these is designed to treat a certain ‘problem,’ while it is probably creating another in its tracks. If these products were actually made to heal or provide the benefits that they are being marketed for, these companies wouldn’t make nearly as much money. So, maybe it is time that we looked into some safer, more simple and cheaper methods of skin care, such as rosewater.

Rosewater for beautiful healthy skin

Rosewater is a concoction that is made of just that- roses and water, it is a by-product from distilling rose petals and water to make rose oil. It has been used as a beauty product for millennia. It has been found that Cleopatra enjoyed taking baths with many rose petals in the water, and making facial masks made from rose petals. Rosewater has been known for its many different healing properties for a very long time, particularly when it comes to skin care.

Rosewater helps to maintain the skins natural ph. balance, which can guard against various diseases and eczema. Rosewater is wonderful because it is very versatile and can be used to treat dry wrinkled skin to oily acne prone skin.  It prevents aging by tightening skin pores and even reducing wrinkles! Rosewater is also extremely hydrating so it works great as a moisturizer. This amazing concoction also has anti-septic properties and makes a great cleanser, removing oil, dirt and other contaminants that reside deep within the skins pores. All around this is a great all natural beauty product that can replace your cleanser, toner and moisturizer! You get all three in one. Although aside from skin care, this sweet smelling water has many other health benefits.

There are many products on the market that contain rosewater, but make sure you watch out for fake products that contain artificial rose smell that are marketed as rosewater or rose oil. Your best option is to purchase these products from a health store, and make sure to read the ingredients on the labels. It is best to get all natural, plant-based (organic if possible) products, remember, what goes on your body goes in your body. Some of the products might be quite expensive, so alternatively, you can make your own. Rosewater extract is readily available and easy to find. To make your own cleansers you can start off with a base plain unscented cleanser such as Dr. Bronner’s or something similar and just add the rose water directly to this. After I wash my face, I take an organic cotton pad and soak it in a diluted mixture of rosewater extract and wipe it over my entire face, paying close attention to my eyes, leaving it on each eye a few moments longer. I don’t even bother to use moisturizer after this because I find my skin feels very soft and hydrated after this step, because the rosewater itself is extremely moisturizing.

I should add, that rose oil is also extremely beneficial for the skin, and is most likely more potent because it is much more concentrated than rose water, however it is quite a bit more expensive and from my own personal experience the rosewater works very well anyways. I have watched many large pores and acne scars shrink, fine lines disappear and my skin becomes naturally softer and  vibrant looking. After I began using the rosewater I wondered where has this beautiful liquid been all my life? It leaves such a sweet smell behind as well.

It is no wonder that this product has been used so much over the years, and the more advanced we are becoming the more we are realizing that sometimes it is better to go back to the basics, back to our history, it’s amazing how something so simple is much more beneficial.

Learn how to make your own rosewater here


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