2 Powerful mantras to heal anger

(OMTimes | GoddessShivani)  You can use these mantras to rid yourself of anger and other negative feelings.

Mantras to heal anger

The mantra is defined as a spiritual instrument of thought. There is a lot of talk about these phrases intoned repeatedly, and that is considered extremely powerful. But what do they really represent?

The Hindu and or Buddhist hymn has its words, or seed sounds usually said repeatedly to have a positive effect, almost in a hypnotic way.

The mantra is a hymn attached to Hinduism and Buddhism and is repeatedly said, to relax and reach the state of meditation on who is singing or listening to the sound. This short and powerful spiritual formula leads to the connection with the Supreme, which can be different things to different people: You can recognize it as Truth, Love, Consciousness, Christ, Allah, Krishna, Shiva, Divine Mother or many other names.

The word Mantra is composed by the syllables MAN, that is to say, and TRA, that means delivery in Sanskrit, the old language of India, and ultimately means “that which, as, an object of meditation, brings you the liberation.”

Mantras are written in the Vedas, Indian sacred books first compiled in 3000 BC, and are metrical hymns and praises to the gods, and may be considered a prayer. The hymns gave rise to the mantras that crossed the Brahminic period and were introduced into Buddhism and later into Tibetan Buddhism.

Written thousands of years ago by gurus and masters of India, the mantras can positively influence a person’s life, whether in the financial, health or relationships.

Repetition is the key to disrupting the natural process of the mind and leading us from one idea to another without control. When we chant the mantra, we stop this mental flow, bringing our body into total relaxation, as body and mind quiet down, opening up to the subtle vibrations that amplify our perception.

Many people think that the mantra is related only to Eastern religions, but it connects to all kinds of faith. There are specific mantras for the ways of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.

Finally, it is important to note that the mantras are a ladder leading directly to the Supreme Being, for our true attainment.

Mantras for controlling anger

We continue our series of mantras to unfavorable conditions, asking such state to be sent to source in order to be purified and then returned in a form that is usable. This is extremely useful when dealing with negative energies, and it acts as a spiritual detox.

1. Mantra for controlling anger in general

The mantra is SHANTE PRACHANTE SARVA KRODA UPASHA MANI SWAHA Peace, Supreme peace. Let the anger return to its source of universal energy so that the energy is purified, returned to me and becomes usable.

2. Mantra for Controlling anger between two people

The mantra is SHANTE PRACHANTE SARVA MAHNA UPASHA MANI SWAHA Peace, Supreme peace. Let the anger between two people return to its source of universal energy so that the energy is purified, returned to me and becomes usable.

Source: OMTimes

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